My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



27. I would catch him

Audrey's POV

"I SWEAR BABY I DID NOTHING!" I'm so angry! I wanted to cry earlier but now, imagine a person who has no emotion on the first side, but... so terribly angry on the other! 

"Justin, it's ok! but.. we are..." He grabbed my arm strongly and put my chin up for looking in his beautiful eyes... Audrey he cheated, don't let this chance for him now... too easy.

"AUDREY LOOK IN MY EYES! YOU HAVE TO TRUST ME BABY, YOU'RE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! I CAN'T LET YOU GO FOR A THING THAT DIDN'T DO!" he screamed at me. He was red and so angry... more than me I think... yes he is. 

"Justin... " He cut me off by his tears on my face when he kissed me. I pushed him off and looked in his eyes... God.

"Can we sit? Tell me." I'm the kind of person that wants to know the thoughts ( in this case it's Justin) before draw conclusions too quickly. He didn't let go of my arm and sat beside me. 

"The pic you see, it's Jaenay, one of my dancers. This pic it's from stage baby, she was dancing around me from ALAYLM and Yeah I was looking at her but she's nothing Audrey, I swear the god and you know that me and god it's important not to lie. And you , I wouldn't lie to you. I didn't lie on you since I met you kid. We are BFF too babe. That's all. But if you don't believed me, I couldn't but... For you..." He stopped his words and got up. He started to cry again and walked off.

"Justin!!!" But he was already gone. I started to search for him but no clue where he went. It's true... Justin never lied to me even if it was bad , he always said the truth. I believe m=him but where he went????


* 2 hours later* 

"No sigh of Justin and I was so worried. I tried to reach him by texts and calls but nothing... 

But... wait a minute.... I have an idea.  I think I know where he went.  Our place. For our real first date like a couple, we went to the park, who nobody was there. Cute place. With a little lake and a bench to sit on the view. Beautiful. 





I would catch him. 



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