My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



18. He's in love

Audrey's POV

"1,2,3 smile!" I was at Effel Tower with Harry and the boys, full of smiling for a picture. "beautiful" I giggled and looked all around me. Even if papzs were there, we were having a great time. Some of the times, I was with Harry, taking pictures,sharing our laughings... and Liam who was very sad cause... I don't even know why. At lunch time, we went for eat. I was hungry. Then, Harry wanted to go for shopping but I was too tired to do everything, since my enormous lunch shared with Niall. Louis, Zayn and Harry goined him and Liam was still with me. Good time for a talk. 

"Liam? what's wrong?" We sat on the cough, watching tv. "nothing why asked?" He looked confused. "just... you seemed sad later today. " He sighed and looked at me. " I just don't want you sad because you're with Harry. He could be a charming boy but..." "but??" I cut him off surprised of his words. "but He's not like me" I looked over him and gave him a hug. "Lili I'm not quite sure we are a thing. I'm still pissed with Jus.." Now he cut me " Justin?, but you weren't dating... " I rolled my eyes and said " well yeah but I couldn't stop thinking about his words..."


"WE ARE HOME!" We got up and saw them with bags. alot. I laughed then I walked back to the cough. Tmz was on and all I could saw was Justin's face and a video with him, running crying. but before He was at my mom's home... I thought he wouldn't want to see my face again. Why he was crying? " Justin has been missing since he was at his home for a quite time. No clue where he was now. (...) Oh! we know now that he quit to the Airport and.." I shouted the tv off.


Why he was crying?




" I think someone's in love with you" Niall mumbled.




"He's in love."

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