My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



3. Chapter 3

Justin's POV

I still can't believe she's here. Two years... and she's still the same. Sparkling  Blue eyes, her long wavy light Brown hair and her cute pinky cheeks. She's good looking... wait no. She's my best friend! She gave me a chance and I can't let this chance just because... Yes well... I loved her. Everything changed since I began my carreer. And I'm now with Selena. Audrey has probably someone's now... I didn't talk to her since like... an eternity! Now I'm alone with her. I have to thanks Carly later. We need to make-up my mistakes... I hated myself since this day. I didn't forget about her... at all.

" Aud... Do you want something to drink?" I said noticing that we were still holding hands on the cough. She let go of my hand and she replied: " water please" I nodded and I ran directly in the kitchen. I prepared our drinks and when I was about to sit beside Audrey, she said:" Why did you not call? Or even texting?" I froze. I can't tell her the reasons... She will not believe me, but I have to. " I was scared..." I mumbling after a couple of minutes. I sat and I gave her her drink. " why?" She said. " I missed you... and maybe... I was scared after all we've been though, You wouldn't be friend with someone.. like me. I changed. A lot " I mumbled again. She looked at me and she was smiling. " okay" she only said. I was confused now. We were looking at each other and then her rightone 's playing. She took her phone and she answered. It was Carly. After laughing and talking, she hung up " We are invited at a party tonight. Carly wants me to meet some of her friends." She giggled. Gosh I missed her laugh!..." Okay, let's go" I said. I dropped her at her hotel and of course papz need to be everywhere I go! "I'll be there at 7 okay?" I asked her. " yeah see ya Justy!" and she's gone. Justy.. only her can call me Justy... only her.

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