Different from the rest - Titanic - Jack Dawson - Love story

Beth Hockley is Rose's fiancé Cal's sister, but she is the complete opposite of her brother, she is kind and generous and thinks that all first class people are stuck up and rude. This is Beth's story of how she found love on the Titanic.


3. Bad News And Meeting Jack

I got dressed in this: http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_92/set?id=92649335 and went to dinner. I took a seat next to Rose and i chatted with her for a few minutes then Cal told me that he needed to talk to me, so we walked outside on the deck "Beth before we left mother told me to tell you that when we arrive in New York you are going to get married to a gentlemen named Noah Watters you wedding is already planned you are getting married 2 day after arriving in New York then you and Mr. Watters will be moving to Italy because Mr. Watters will be taking over his family's business and its located in Italy. I know this isn't what you want but you dont have a choice I tried to talk mother out of forcing you to do this but I couldn't convince her" My eyes widened and I gasped I was was going to get married to some random guy I haven't even met in 7 days then I had to move to Italy and away from everything I know! I didn't know what to say or do, it was like I was in a nightmare I turned and ran, I didnt know were was going all I knew was that I wanted out! I kept running, I bumped in to a few people but I didnt stop until I reached the end of the ship. I looked over at the water, I climbed over the rail and held on for a few seconds before I heard someone say "Dont do it, just give me you hand I'll help you over" I looked over my shoulder and saw a man with blond hair and greyish blue eyes, he was quite handsom, "Dont come any closer! I'll let go! Go away!" I said he threw his cigarette in to the water "I can't I'm involved now, if you jump in I'm gonna have to jump in after you" then he took off his jacket and started to un tie his boots "thats absurd! You'll be killed!" I said "I'm a good swimmer" he responded "the fall alone would kill you!" I reasoned "it would hurt I'm not saying it wouldn't, but to tell you the truth I'm alot more worried about that water being so cold" he said removing his boots, I looked down at the water "how cold?" I asked "freezing, maybe a few  degrees over. Have you ever been to Wisconsin?" He asked "What?" I asked "They have some of the coldest winter around there, one day me and my dad went ice fishing, ice fishing is when-" "I know what ice fishing is!" I snapped "Sorry you just seemed like kind of an indoor girl. Anyway while I was ice fishing I fell through some thin ice and water that cold like right down there" he pointed to the water "it hits you like a thousand knifes stabbing you all over your body, you cant breath, you cant think, at least not about anything but the pain. Witch is why I'm looking forward to jumping in there after you, like I said I dont have a choice" he took off his vest "come on you dont want to do this just give me your hand" he held out his hand I grasped his hand "I'm Jack, Jack Dawson" "I'm Beth Hockley" and as I was climbing over I slipped, I screamed and held on to Jacks hand as tight as I could and he pulled me up but we both ended up falling on to the floor, then a bunch of the ships staff came running over to us then they started yelling at Jack to get his hands of me then Cal shwed up he ran over to Jack and yelled "What on earth made you think that you could put your hand on my sister!" Then I said "Thats not what happened I was leaning over to see the propellers and I slipped but Mr. Dawson saved me" They started to call Jack a hero then Cal invited Jack to dinner in first class I waved to Jack and went to my room and fell asleep     

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