Expect the unexpected

Bella and Allie plan a summers trip together that seemed to turn things around. Bella made this trip just to get away from the parents and spend it with her best friend. This all changes when she falls in love with Harry Styles. Just to find out he has another girl besides her. Can she forgive him? or just leave after everything they have been through?

"I love you..." He said as he runs his thumb across my cheek
"What about her?... "
"She means nothing to me "
This is when it was hard to see if he was acting or if he was telling the truth. Only time will tell.


1. This is only the beginning

Bella's POV

“Flight 8 to New York will be leaving in 10 minutes. Can all passengers please make their way to Gate 3”


My thoughts have been interrupted by the flight attendant. I still cannot believe that our parents would let me and Allie go to England for the first time. Not for me of course but for Aly yes. It has been her first time and we were both excited to be spending the summer together.

“Where is she ?” I say to my mother as I paced around. “She is never late”

“She might just be caught in traffic” My mother grabbed her phone and dialed a number.

My stomach started to make grumbling sounds and I make my way to grab some tea.

“Excuse me” I hear a thick British accent and I turn around

“me?” I reply starring into his green eyes. This boy is absolutely gorgeous. Curly dark brown hair, that charm boy grin and those deep dimples.

“You dropped this.” He held a plane ticket in his hand and smirked

“Wow! Thank you I would have died without that” I took the plane ticket and smiled

“So your going to England! I’m actually on my way home going to work.”

“oh! Did you enjoy your time in New York?”

“Yes it was quite interesting actually. The company is always extrodianary”

With that he grabbed his beverage smiled that dimple smile and said “I’ll be seeing you around then” and walked away.


“hm?” I turned around to see Allie and ran to hug her.

“Who was the hottie ??”

“I don’t know..”

“WHAT!! You always get the details!”

I started to laugh and looked at him walking off thinking where I had seen him before. Then it hit me, he is Harry Styles from One Direction. I just shrugged off the thought and said  “oh come on lets go get some tea and sort things out with our parents.”

We made our way to see our parents.

“Mom I love you. I promise to call every Friday to show you im alive”

“that isn’t funny bella”

I smirk “mom” we both start laughing and I hug her tight. “im going to miss you”

“Yes mom ill be careful. I know mom… okay mom.. alright… MOM.”

I giggle lowly and I link my arm with Allie’s “I will keep her save Mrs. O’Brian”

We grab our suitcases and head our way to our adventure.


*A couple hours later on the plane*

“Bella… Bella...” I felt someone shook me as I slowly woke up. I groaned sitting up and rubbing my eyes.

“Yeah? What is it? Have we landed?” I looked out the window and disappointed to see that we were still flying.

Allie shook her head “No it’s just time for dinner”

I must have made a disgusting face because Allie giggled and said “It’s better then nothing, I’ll be right back I am going to wash up”

I nod and see the food in front of me and gag. “Oh gosh. My moms meat loaf doesn’t look so bad right about now”

I heard laughter “I bet anything would be better then airplane food” I recognize that deep British accent. I look up smiling to see it’s the same curly haired boy from the airport.


I smirk “Stalking me?”

He smiled sitting beside me acting shocked. “Me? I’d never.”

I lift an eyebrow “Hm really? Then what are you doing here sitting in my friends seat.”

His eyes go wide “oh... I…”

“Didn’t know?” I giggled

He smiles “I never caught your name.”

“That’s because I never gave it to you. It’s Bella” I offered my hand

“Harry. Harry Styles”

I nodded “I know who you are Mr. Styles”


I start to laugh and replied looking at Harry “She is a fan”

He looks at me “And you aren’t ?”

I shrugged “I don’t know I guess you’ll have to find out.”

He gets up and smiles wide “I will defiantly see you around so I’ll know for sure.” He winked and walked back to his seat.

My heart was pounding but I did not dare let him know that.

Allie sat down and looked at me.

“What?!” I said laughing

“Why are you not freaking you?! That was Harry from One Direction and he was flirting with you!”

Shakes my head “That’s probably how he acts with every girl. We won’t meet ever again.”

The plane flight was long and dreadful. As soon as we got down we were looking for our driver.

“Bella it’s right here!” She says as she points outside

I follow Allie to our car and put our suitcases in the back. We get into the car and make our way to the house we are renting for the summer.

“This is going to be the best summer ever!” Allie smiles while looking out the window

I nod and giggle “The absolute best!”

When we get into the house we start to get settled in. “I’m starved” I say as I hear my stomach grumble. I walk downstairs to the fridge and open it to find nothing inside but a few water bottles.

“Are you kidding me?! Looks like I have to go into town and grab some groceries. Want to come Allie?” I called her from downstairs

“No! I’m really tired I think I will nap and then meet you for dinner okay?”

“Okay I’m heading out now!”

I grab the keys to the car we are renting and make my way into town and part the car near a market. I go inside and grab some fruits to put into my cart.

“Don’t like your vegetables?”

I smile and turn around “Harry.”

“Bella.” He smirks while leaning against the vegetable stand. “What do you have against good vegetables.”

“Oh nothing but the fact they keep showing up everywhere" I grab some carrots from behind him. He grabs his chest as if i hurt him

"Ouch and here I am thinking you actually like me." 

"What made you think that?"

"Maybe the fact that your blushing everytime i get close to you" He takes a step closer to me 

"I... " I look at his green eyes and down to his lips. Then step back quickly. "I should get going"

"Cooking for anyone special?" Looking at my cart following me 

"Special meaning my best friend. yes "  I get to the cash register and put my purchases on the counter

"You know I am an amazing cook"

"Are you?"

"You should let me help you."

I look at him shocked at what he just said. "Are you inviting yourself to dinner?"

"Yes i am" He smiles and helps me with my bags. "I'll follow you in my car."

Harry's POV

I was watching her put the chicken in the oven. Something about her was different from all the girls i've dated. Something i can't put my finger on. With the others i didn't take an interest on learning anything about them. But her. I wanted to know her. 'what are you doing Harry? You can't get involved with her'. This is so wrong but it feels right. I keep doing spontaneous things with her.

"I could use some of your help" I was day dreaming and i looked at her standing there with her hands on her hips.

"Do you? With what? Everything seems to look perfect."

She smiles wide looking at the food. "Really ?" Her eyes shone as she spoke.

"wow everything smells gr- oh my god it's you again" I turn around to see her friend standing there

"Harry my best friend Allie. Allie Harry. Anyway excuse me I need to freshen up" She walks upstairs and i watch her go

"You like her don't you?" Allie says as she sets the table.

I grab the utensils and helps her lay them beside the plates.

"I barley know her"

"I know but you want too"

I nod "Your good at this"

"it's a girl thing"

I hear Bella come downstairs and come to sit down with Allie and me. We all start to eat.

"Wow this chicken is amazing. Who made this?"

"I did" Me and Bella say at the same time. I looked at her smiling and i look back at Allie

"We did."

"Anyway Harry what is a star like you doing back in London alone ?"

"Seeing some family and the boys and i needed a break so why not come somewhere familiar?"

"Niall too?"

I shake my head "no Niall is back with his Mum before he comes here"

They both nod and continue eating. After we were done Bella escorted me outside to the door. 

"I had fun tonight love thank you. " I smile standing at the door way facing her

"Don't thank me. You invited yourself" I see a smirk form on her lips. I do something I never thought i would tonight. I grabbed her face in my hands and put my lips against hers. Kissing her slowly and softly closing my eyes. I pull away slowly smiling looking at her face. I run my thumb across her cheek.

"Wow..." That was all she had to say 

I smiled and kissed her nose. "Till next time love"







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