Truly madly deeply

Hannah malik is the sister of zayn malik. What happens when 3/5 of one direction are in love with her??who will she pick??


1. Surprise

I was sitting in my room listening to my music when I heard something hit my window I got up from my bed and went to the window I opened the blinds and saw my brother zayn with his friend niall. 

Zayn-Hannah pack your bags you're coming with us on tour!!


niall-yup we thought we should bring you to get out of the country and have fun!!

hannah-ok.but you know you could knock on the door??

zayn-no if we did mom would find out.

niall-shut up and get packing!!



when I was done packing I climbed out the window and went to the car. 

On our drive there I sat in the back while zayn and niall sat in the front. The car ride was really quiet until bse came on. 

Hannah- ew I hate this band especially those two idiots niall and zayn!!

z and n- HEY!!

we all laughed and then it went back to being silent. 

About five minutes later we made it to their flat. 

We unloaded my bag from the trunk and walked in "HANNAH!!!" Everyone yelled

"hi everybody"I said "hi hhanah"Liam stuttered "hey liam what's up?"I asked hugging him 

"nothing"he replied. 


Liams pov 

 im so happy that Hannah's here she is so beautiful and I wish she would be my girlfriend so badly. We all went into the living room and watched "finding nemo"every time Hannah watches this she always cries so I sat next to her so I could cuddle with her when she cries when the movie was over I was patting her back while she was crying. "Hey liam can I talk to you?" Zayn asked "yeah sure" we walked to the kitchen and he turned to look at me "you know that she's off limits right??"he asked me "yeah" "ok good just wanted to check. Zayn was so protective over Hannah there's no way I could make her mine. 

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