A Hidden Angel

Lilian has been a model for years and was very confident with where her career was going. One day she was called to her bosses office, and wasn't expecting to see Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sitting across from him. Lilian wasn't a big fan but she was a little starstruck. "Lilian meet your new best friend" her boss said with a grin. She wasn't looking forward to this, but Justin looked like he was.


9. Confessions & Confusion

Lilian's POV

I must've fallen asleep on the couch because when I woke up, it wasn't my room that I saw. It was Justin's perfect face.

I didn't want to move, but I had to. Today was the first day that I have to officially train Selena for modelling and tell her what Mr.Sandler was expecting in his models.

I tried so hard to get out of Justin's grip, but he just wouldn't let me move. The harder I tried the tighter Justin's grip got on me.

After a while of struggling in Justin's arms, his eyes opened and met mine.

"Where do you think you're going missy?" Justin asked in his sexy morning voice.

"Actually I have to go to work and train your girlfriend to become a model." I said slipping out of his grasp and skipped upstairs. Weirdly I was in a good mood, but I knew that it wouldn't last very long.

"What are you training today?" I heard Justin say behind me.

"Well first I'm teaching your girlfriend how to walk down the runway, and then I'm teaching her how to do photoshoots. Although I assume that she already knows how to since ya know she's Selena Gomez" I said sarcastically emphasizing the 'Selena Gomez' part.

Justin laughed at me while I changed. To be honest I didn't have a lot to hide. It's not that I'm a slut or anything. I'm a model and I have to love my body and be able to be confident with it. Besides it's not like he hasn't seen this before. I model a lot of different types of clothes ranging from a lot of winter clothes with several layers, to striping down right to my bra and underwear.

Justin turned around and went downstairs while I walked towards my closet, trying to find something decent to wear. I finally decided on wearing dark denim shorts with a purple crop top that said 'Werk it' and my purple Allstars.

After putting those on I made my way to my washroom. I grabbed my curling wand and quickly curled my hair. I burned myself a few times, but hey who doesn't?

I checked the time to see that it was 11 o'clock. Shoot I needed to be there at 12!

I quickly did my makeup and and grabbed my purse, running down the stairs. As I reached the bottom I saw Justin there in his jacket and supras, jingling my keys in his face.

"Give me my keys!" I shout at him playfully.

"After you promise me you'll let me come with you and watch you train Selena." He replied.

"I don't know Justin, she'll get distracted and I think it'll be a little awkward, ya know you showing up with me at the companies building." I said looking at my feet.

"We'll just say that I asked you to pick me up because I was out with Ryan and Chaz." Justin tried to come up with a believable lie.

I thought about this for a good ten minutes. It was really hard to say no to Justin, but I have to think about the consequences. Like the paparazzi could see us and then take pictures of us and say something stupid like 'Bieber cheating on Selena with a VS model'.

I suddenly remembered what was happening around me. I checked the clock and saw that it was now 11:30.

"AHHH fine c'mon we have to hurry!" I said and reached for my keys.

"Yes! Leggo shawty!" He jumped and ran outside to the car.

I made sure my house was securely locked down from the inside before I went outside and locked the front door. I walked casually to my car like any other day, ignoring the paparazzi screaming at me.

As I got in Justin was on his phone, I assuming texting Selena, telling her that I "picked him up from Ryan's". I didn't mind that he was coming, but what I do mind is that he's going to see Selena in a lot of different outfits and fall harder for her. Which will most likely make him forget that I confessed to him that I love him.

I started the car and headed off to the office. On the way I decided to turn on the radio, and Demi Lovatos song 'I Hate You, Don't Leave Me Was On'. Since I love Demi I decided to sing along

"Hey, yeah yeah

I hate you, don’t leave me

I feel like I can’t breathe

Just hold me, don’t touch me

And I want you to love me

But I need you to trust me

Stay with me, set me free

But I can’t back down

No, I can’t deny

That I’m staying now

‘Cause I can’t decide

Confused and scared

I am terrified of you

I admit I’m in and out of my head

Don’t listen to a single word I’ve said

Just hear me out before you run away

‘Cause I can’t take this pain

I hate you, don’t leave me"

When I was about half way through the song I turned to Justin and he was looking at me like he just saw a ghost.

"What? Oh...yeah I'm pretty bad eh? I don't know why I even try to sing" I said looking back at the road blushing a little.

"Pretty bad?! No! Lil, that was outstanding! I think you're a better singer than me!" Justin said with his mouth still open.

When Justin said that I blushed even more. Why is this guy so effective on me?

"You really should try and do more covers of songs or something." Justin said looking out his window.

"I don't think I'm good with covers. I do however have a little notebook back at my place I usually write down silly lyrics in." I confessed.

"Why are you hiding such a beautiful talent Lil?" Justin asked sounding a little disappointed.

"I just figured there was no point in doing it, I'm already a model, the only reason why most people like me is because I'm considered 'pretty'" Gosh Lil stop taking to him all you're doing is confessing things and telling him how you feel!! The little voice inside me nagged.

"Lil you need to sing somewhere! Even if it's not a busy place, you should really consider a singing career. Heck, maybe even come and open for me at some of my concerts!" Justin said touching my thigh.

I shuttered at his touch, and when he noticed he slowly moved his hand away.

"Hey look we're here!" I said parking the car and jumping out of it.

Justin followed behind me into the large building. As we made our way up to my floor, I saw that Justin looked hurt and upset.

"Hey...are you alright?" I asked him.

He looked up from the floor and smiled.

"I'm perfect" he said with one of the worst fake smiles I've ever seen.

Justin's POV:

"I'm perfect" I lied. I was the opposite. I want to tell Lilian how I feel about her, but then things will have to end with Selena and I.

Lilian could tell that my smile was fake because after I told her I was fine, she placed her hand on my shoulder and tried to comfort me.

"Justin whatever's bothering you, you can tell me, I promise to keep it just between us." She smiled that perfect smile of hers.

"Let's just talk about it later, okay?" I said smiling at her.

"Alright, ready to go in pop star?" She giggled and put the keys in her purse.

"Yes ma'am" I nodded.

"Okay, one, two, three." After three she jumped into the elevator, I must say I'm stunned by of and even though I hate elevators this one was real snazzy.

I saw her open twitter and as I looked over her shoulder I saw that she had a lot of hate...Sadly I'm the reason why she's getting all these hateful questions and comments thrown at her and all the side snares and dirty looks. I walked out behind her with my hood up and head hanging.

"Hello Lilian, Selena is in the back with Amy." The lady at the front desk said.

As we made our way to the back of the building I couldn't help but think if Selena has seen or heard of any rumours about me hanging out at Lilian's house.

"Lilly!!" I heard Selena screech from across the room.

"Hey Selena! How are you?" Lil asked in return.

"I'm fine, these clothes are a little tight though." Selena complained.

"Don't worry Sel you'll get used to it soon."

"Okay ladies it's time to go through the ropes of modelling" Mr. Sandler said.

"Lilian, show her how it's done, I put an outfit backstage for you" Mr. Sandler said.

I watched as Lilian went backstage. When the curtain closed I saw Selena making her way over to me.

"Hey baby, I'm so glad you could make it!" Selena said trying to kiss me.

I knew she wanted to get some lip lock action but something inside me didn't want that, so I dodged the kiss and her lips softly pecked my check.

"I'll be over there with Mr.Sandler" Selena said while looking at the ground and making her way over to him.

I'm not going to lie I felt bad because I am her boyfriend and everything, but lately I've felt like we are slowly drifting apart, ever since I've been hanging out with Lil. Gosh I'm so stupid!

I was making my way to one of the chairs by the stage when I peeked behind the curtain and saw that Lilian was struggling with her zipper on her outfit.

"Oh, Umm I'm sorry lil"

"No wait! Justin, could you help me with the zipper, it's stuck in this stupid fabric" Lilian said holding up her top.

"What is this anyways?" I asked fixing her zipper.

"Oh this? It's just an old piece of clothing I've had since my first day." She was fixing her torso as she turned around and made eye contact with me.

"Well you look stunning, and I can't wait to see you teach Sel and work your magic!" I gave her a quick hug, but she seemed kind of awkward. Yeah I know I'm being a little too straight forward but she seems so stressed about everything. That's why when she's done with today's lesson I'm taking her out, for a nice relaxing night.

"Let the training begin!" Lilian said walking out to Selena and their boss.

To be honest...I am a little confused with my relationship between Selena and I, and then my relationship between Lil and I.

I'm lost.

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