Two Diffrent People

When Kimberly moves from California to England and attends a new school she meets a boy named Marcel. He is not considered 'popular' he is considered a nerd. What happens Kimberly meets Marcel's twin brother Harry. Harry is the kind of guy who sleeps with every girl in sight and dumps them the next day. What happens when Harry developes feelings for her and Marcel becomes popular and changes his personality and looks? Will she still love Marcel that has changed or will she fall for Harry who has changed for her and will do whatever? Or will Marcel still have his nerdy side and will still love Kimberly?


7. Why?


                   Kimberly's pov

            I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I turned it off and got out of bed. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I put on some black shorts and a white shirt. I put on my converse and went to the bathroom to do my makeup. I put on some black eyeliner and some lip gloss. I went downstairs and got some cereal. My mom was still asleep so i just left her a note that i left for school. I went outside and found Marcel leaving his house. He saw me and came. " You look beautiful" he said. " You to" i said. " Is it ok if we go walking?" he said. " Yeah it's fine" i said. We walked together hand in hand, fingers entwined with each other. When we got to school we went to our lockers. I got my book out and shut the locker. I walked to Marcel's locker and saw him with Harry. Just thinking about him makes me sick. I hid behind a wall and listened to what they were saying. " Just stay away or else" Harry said. " You can't make me" Marcel said. " You will regret it" Harry said and walked off to the other direction. I walked up to Marcel who closed his locker. " What was that all about?" i asked. " Oh u-uh just the same old" he stuttered. He's hiding something i could tell because he stutters. " Are you sure?" i asked. " Y-yeah" he said. He took my hand and we went to class. What were they talking about?

               Marcel's pov

          That was close. I just want Kimberly to be happy. But nooo Harry had to come in and make a huge problem. I want her safe that's all i want for her. To be happy and safe. I listened to what the teacher was saying and took notes. After that class was over me and Kimberly went to our classes. Yes, same old stuff you expect to be taught at a school. It was lunch now so me and Kimberly went our separate ways. I got my book and shut the locker. I was about to walk away when i felt my body being pushed to the lockers. WTF???

                   Kimberly's pov

            I got to my locker and got out all the books i needed for class. I shut my locker and went to Marcel's locker. When i got their, there was Marcel....kissing a girl. WHAT!? Water started to form in my eyes. Is this really happening? I thought he loved me? Why? Tears were streaming down my face. I walked up to him and pushed the girl out of the way. I slapped Marcel right in the face. I don't care how hard i hit him but i didn't care. " MARCEL HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!! I TRUSTED YOU!! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!" i yelled at him. " Kimberly it's not what you think" he said and got my arm. I slapped it away. " You promised you'd never hurt me and you broke it, it's over" i said and walked away. " Kimberly wait!" i heard Marcel yell. I turned around " What" i said. " I love you" he said. " And i loved you to" i said and ran out of the school i didn't care if i missed any classes i just wanted to go home. I ran and ran. But i wasn't running to my house. I was walking in another direction. I stopped at a park. I saw a tree and sat down below it. I cried and cried. Why? I loved him with all my heart. " Kimberly?" said a raspy voice. I just ignored it and kept crying. I felt a body next to me. I looked up and saw Harry. Harry? " W-what are you doing here?" i asked. " I saw what Marcel did to you and i followed you" he said. " Why? So you could just sleep with me?" i asked. " No i just wanted to comfort you" he said. Since when has he been like this. I never seen this part of him but i liked it. Wait what am i saying? " Since when have you been kind?" i asked. " I-i don't know actually it just comes out" he said. " Oh" i said. " Are you ok?" he asked scooting closer and putting an arm around my back. " N-no" i said and started to cry again. Harry pulled me into his chest and i just cried. After 2 minuets i stopped crying. " I am so sorry i got your shirt wet" i said. " It's ok" he said. " Kimberly?" he said. " Yes" i said. " This is gonna sound weird but i have developed feelings for you and i know you won't like me back because of the things i have done i just wanted to let you know that i'm here and i care for you" he said. "What?" i asked. I was about to say something until i felt a pair of lips crashing into mine. What is he doing?! I tried to move but my body wouldn't let me. I kissed back. I actually kissed him back. WAIT WHAT!!! WHAT AM I DOING!!!!          

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