Two Diffrent People

When Kimberly moves from California to England and attends a new school she meets a boy named Marcel. He is not considered 'popular' he is considered a nerd. What happens Kimberly meets Marcel's twin brother Harry. Harry is the kind of guy who sleeps with every girl in sight and dumps them the next day. What happens when Harry developes feelings for her and Marcel becomes popular and changes his personality and looks? Will she still love Marcel that has changed or will she fall for Harry who has changed for her and will do whatever? Or will Marcel still have his nerdy side and will still love Kimberly?


15. I'm Ok

  Marcel's pov

            I looked at Kimberly, her head was bandaged because of her cut and her leg was broken.I sat in the hospital seat next to Kimberly's bedside holding her hand waiting for her to open her eyes and just hear her voice. I thought about what just happened all i could hear was the machine's beeping sound. I looked down and cried. This must have been so horrible for her. She almost got kidnapped and if i wasn't there she would've been raped or even dead. "Marcel?" i heard a voice say. I looked up and saw Kimberly,awake. "Kimberly!Your awake thank goodness" i said and hugged her. She hugged back.I sat down back again."Where's harry?"she asked.I frowned,"I called him but he wouldn't answer i called him about 20 times" i said. "Oh Thank you Marcel for saving me i would never forget" she said. She opened her arms for me to hug her. I smiled and got up and hugged her. It was a warm hug that i missed so much, we stopped and looked at each other still in the hug position and our faces were close to each other. I looked her right in the eye and she also did. I looked at her lips and back to her eyes. She did a little nod and i leaned in and kissed her. Her lips felt so soft she grabbed my neck and kissed me back but she kissed me back with love and passion. We both heard a fake cough. We both looked up and there we saw Harry looking at both of us. Oh shit.


              Kimberly's pov

      "What are you doing?!" he said. "U-uh nothing i-i" Marcel stuttered. Harry charged at him and grabbed him by the collar. "Did you kiss her?"he asked. "Y-yes" he said closing his eyes waiting for the punch to hit him. "STOP!" i yelled. Harry let go of Marcel and Marcel went to the other side of the bed holding my shoulder. " Harry you have it wrong he didn't kiss me i kissed him first" i said. Harry looked angry and clenched his fists. "You cheating bitch!" he said and grabbed my good hand and grabbed it very hard. "Stop let go!" i yelled at him. "Let her go!" Marcel said and smacked Harry's hand. "Don't you see it Harry you weren't their when i was in danger Marcel was, boyfriends are suppose to be there for their girlfriends! Why weren't you there when you said you would be there huh? Where were you when i needed you?" i asked. He stayed silent. "Where were you" i asked a bit louder. "I-i was at a party" he said. "With who?" i asked. He stayed silent again. "With who!" i demanded. "Ashley" he said looking down. "So i'm not the only one who was cheating huh? And you decided to only get mad at me when your doing it to me! This is bullshit i should've never trusted you it's over now leave before i call the nurses in!" i yelled at him. He looked at me with a shocked expression and then looked at Marcel he walked to the door and closed it. A tear slipped out and went to my cheek.

                Marcel's pov

       I looked at Kimberly and she had a tear on her cheek. I wiped it off and sat next to her. "Don't cry you had enough of all of this I'll help you Kimberly ok? It's gonna be alright" i said and kissed her cheek. She grabbed my hand and entwined it with hers. I smiled and so did she. "Kimberly!" a shout came from the door and we both looked. It was Kimberly's mom. "Sweety it's ok everything's gonna be alright ok? " Janet said and kissed Kimberly on the cheek. "Thank you Marcel for contacting me" she said. "No problem" i said. "No it's not alright how could i ever repay you?" Kimberly said. "Being my girlfriend again and i promise i won't break it this time" i said looking at Kimberly with pleading eyes. She smiled and nodded. I hugged her and she hugged me back. "I'll go and sign the papers to take you out of the hospital" Janet said and left. I looked back at Kimberly and she had a smile on her face. I leaned in and kissed her lips. "You don't know how long I've been dying to do that" i said between the kiss and Kimberly giggled.

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