Can't Hold Us

Sana is 16. She is crazy in love in her ex/on-off boyfriend but when he ends it she feels like her world is crashed. But will it forever continue be crashed?
Her bestfriend invites her to a One Direction concert and let's just say that's the start of an huge adventure with heartbreaks, tour, fights, love and concerts.
And who will end by getting the girl in the end?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter Two.


I love you.” Austin whispered, kissing my forehead. I shook my head. “You love Jasmin.” I whispered and cuddled closer into him. Austin chuckled.

I want you, only you.. And you even know that.” Austin whispered and pecked my nose.


Then I woke up by the sound of my little sister crying like a baby from her room. I groaned.

It was Saturday today. Three days since Austin ended it.

“Shut the fuck up!!” I yelled from my room and sat up, then got up from the bed.

Quickly I ran to my little sisters room and stormed into it, seeing her on the floor, crying while she looked into her laptop's screen.

“What the fuck is wrong?” I asked, maybe too obvious annoyed.

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes, shaking her head before she started cry more again. Okay, this was serious.

I sat down, ignoring all the staring posters in her room. There was all from Shakira till Nicki Minaj on one wall. The rest of the walls were covered in posters of Justin Bieber.

“I-I got the tickets.” She said, crying.

Frowning, I sat up in the edge of her bed.

“Tickets to One Direction? Becca would love to go with you.” I said, lying.

I knew Becca wouldn't like it. Not because it was my sister but because she would only go with me. But it was understandable.

“I hate One Direction! It was Justin Bieber you stupid.. I'm just so happy.” She cried and sat up, looking at me. It was like she couldn't smile, she was just so happy for her tickets. I smiled a bit then stood up and left.

“Sana, when is the concert?” my mother asked as I closed the door to Emma's room.

I shrugged. I wasn't sure to be honest.

“Well, find out!” My mother groaned and walked downstairs.

I walked to my room and laid down in my bed, taking my phone from the nightstand.

To: Becca (:

When is the concert? Mummy wants to know.


It got quiet in my room and in the house, then Becca answered.


From: Becca (:

23th Feb. 2013. cnt wait anymor'! Wsh it ws 2orow.


I giggled by reading it. “23 Febuary!” I yelled to my mother.

Since I got no response I groaned and sat up. Should I yell again?

Then I decided not to. I stood up from my bed and walked over to the table with my laptop. I grabbed it, then sat back down in the bed. “Okay, let's see.”

The laptop got turned up and I clicked on “Google Chrome” then searched “One Direction.”

If I was going to the concert why not know a little about them before?

Okay, let's start with that British curly haired boy.

“Harry Styles.. Eighteen..” I mumbled then continued reading down.

This was going nowhere. I already knew the half of all this because the girls at my school. After a while reading I decided listen to some of their songs.

“YouTube.Com” I wrote in the search tab. YouTube came up on my screen and I searched “One Direction”. There came different songs up.

“What makes you beautiful.”

“Kiss You.”

“Live while we're young.”

I had heard them all before and well, some of them were actually okay.

Maybe One Direction weren't so bad as I thought?

Maybe they were good at all.


“You do really like One Direction!” Becca almost screamed of happiness.

I looked around to see if people were looking, then looked back at her.

“Well, they aren't that bad.” I mumbled, looking down.

Becca giggled. “You just corrected me while I sang 'Kiss You', Sana.” She grinned.

Oh no. I couldn't get out of that one. “Well.. Yeah. Okay.. But I've listened to them and knows some of their songs, isn't that enoguh?” I asked, sighing.

Becca shrugged it off before asking me a, well, hard question.

“Who is your favourite?”

After some seconds I answered. “Well, Harry is quite cute.”

Becca giggled, shaking her head. “Mine is Louis.”

I started chuckle. Maybe One Direction were good.

“But Zayn is actually a really cutie too.” Becca grinned.

I shook my head. Not because I didn't like Zayn, but a cutie?
“More bad boy. He is probably rough in the bed.. If you know what I mean.” I smirked. Becca giggled. “Shut up! Perrie is one lucky girl.” She sighed.

Perrie? Okay. That must probably be Zayn's fuck buddy or girlfriend. Probably girlfriend. Maybe fiancé? Okay no. He is only twenty.. Or was it nineteen?

“Yeah. How do you think Liam is in the bed?” I asked then.

Becca shrugged. “To be honest, I think he switch. Some days he is gently and.. Well. Let's just pretend this.” She said, taking a deep breath.

“You and Liam are laying in the bed.. You are just laying, looking into each other's eyes. He wraps his arm around you and pulls you close into him. He then places his hand on your cheek.. No one says anything as he starts caressing it. You look down at your bodies that are pressed together, then looks back into his eyes. Still silence. But then he pulls you a bit closer. Close enough so he can kiss you. Your lips moves in syncs.. You are both still quiet as the only sound in the room is you and him kisses. He gets on the top of you, still making the sure the kiss is gently, slow and perfect.

After a while Liam moves his hands under your dress.” Becca said, with closed eyes.

She looked so.. Concentreated. Like she had thought about it before.

“You pull away from the kiss, about to take the dress off. 'Let me do it, love.' Liam whispers as some of the first words through the whole thing. You simply nods as he pulls the dress down and then threw it down on the floor. You can't help it and starts smiling. Liam pecks your lips gently then..” Becca said, then opened her eyes. “Well, you can figure out the rest by yourself.” She grinned.

I hadn't noticed that I had held my breath while she had told me everything.

“Wow.” I breathed then looked around.

Becca pulled me down on a bench. “Enough about One sexy Diection. Tell me.. How is it going between you and Austin?” Becca asked.

I swear, I felt my heart beat stop for a minute. “He ended it.” I simply said, trying to sound cold. Not hurt. Because I wasn't hurt.. Okay, that was a totally lie.

I was hurt. Everyone in my family had noticed it.. Even my father.

They all noticed it by me eating the ice cream we had while I listened to Lana Del Rey, Dark Paradise on reply. They probably noticed it because the 'Dark Paradise' song because I usually eat much ice cream.

Ice cream is the answer why I don't look like those skinny girls like Selena Gomez or something. My mother says my body looks perfect and I have curves.

Fuck curves, I'm fat. I just wish I could be skinny.

“What? Ended it!?” Becca frowned then wrapped her arms around me, pulling me into her. “I'm so, so, so, so, so, so sorry to hear that, Sana.” She said, still holding me close. I couldn't help it but started cry slowly before hugging her tightly back.

“He is just a douche. He can suck cock.” Becca groaned as she pulled away, standing up. “I'm going to beat him up. I'm going to beat him so much up that he'll never wish he was born.” She said, crossing her arms against her flat chest.

I couldn't help it but let out with a giggle as I wiped my tears away.

“I have a better idea. What about we go to my house or yours then just fangirl over One Direction?” I suggested. To be honest, I didn't even know how to fangirl.. Or, I saw 'Never Say Never' once and there were loads of Believers.. Beliemers? Beliebers! Yes. There were loads of Beliebers, screaming and getting hurt in it. Maybe that was fangirling. I don't know.

We started walk home. Her arm around my waist, talking about One Direction ofcourse. But my thought were somewhere else.

I kept thinking about all the stuff that had happened the past few weeks. The discovery about One Direction, the.. Well, the break up between me and Austin. The concert. My sister crying 24/7 because she got no tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. (But I bought some tickets for her. She better love me then.)

I looked around, not paying any attention to what Becca was talking about. I saw people everywhere we went. Obviously since we live in London. Or I do. Not really Becca since she is older than me and live alone somewhere outside London.

But even if we didn't live close to each other we visited each other almost everyday. Becca job is right now online as some girl that helps teenagers with problems.

She wants a job in real life but how it looks right now she is planning going to almost every One Direction concert. Simply, she'll go on tour with them but by following them in different cars/busses/trains. She has asked about I want to join her but I have school. Or should I go with her? I don't know.

I mean, it's not like I'm totally in love with One Direction. Many other girl's deserve that option I'm getting from Becca.

“Are you listening to me?” Becca suddenly asked which made all my thoughts leave quickly. I cleared my throat, nodding. “Yeah, you talked about that One Direction thing..” I said, hoping I was right.

Becca smiled again, nodding. “Yes! So what do you say?” She asked.

Quickly I nodded, just hoping it was something stupid. “Oh my god, I love you forever!” She giggled, hugging me again.

I giggled. “Why?” I asked, smiling widely over seeing Becca this happy.

“Well, we are going to travel the world together just to see One Direction!” She almost screamed but quickly lowered her voice by seeing some people staring weirdly at us. Fuck. Did I just..?

“Yeah, we are.” I mumbled, smiling awkwardly. Becca kissed my cheek.

“I've already talked about it with your mother, I just needed a yes from you.” She grinned. “Seriously?!” I asked, sounding a bit too harsh.

Becca pouted. “Weren't I allowed to do that, Sana?” She asked, sounding hurt.

I sighed, shrugging. “Ofcourse you were.. It's going to be fun. But do you even have tickets to the half of the places they are going to play?” I asked, frowning.

Becca cleared her throat, lowing her voice. “I've bought tickets to all concerts in Denmark, Norway and Germany. All bought when they all got sold out. “ She whispered, grinning. I frowned. “How?” I asked quietly.

Becca just grinned more, shrugging. “And we have only one for here in England.” She said. I nodded slowly. “So.. What about hotels and all that?” I asked.

Becca chuckled. “The car I've borrowed is going to be our hotel.” She answered.

I was about to protest. A car? Really? Just to see some stupid boys singing and jump around on a stupid stage for like what. An hour? “Okay then.” I simply said after some minutes.

Becca chuckled and walked up to my house. “I know you think it sucks, but life sucks sometimes. Maybe if we are lucky we can meet the boys.” She grinned.

I shrugged. “Meet them?” I asked, sighing as I unlocked the door.

Becca opened it and walked in with me then closed the door. “Yeah. We can stalk them.” She chuckled. I shook my head, rolling my eyes.

“Yeah, then get married and fuck them.” I joked, taking my jacket off.

Becca laughed sarcaticlly. “Shut up.” She then said as she stopped laugh.

I giggled and took my shoes off as Becca took her jacket off.

“We'll have fun and you'll be a Directioner before you know it.” Becca huffed, taking her shoes off. I shrugged and walked to the stairs. “Or maybe I'll be a not Directioner. Maybe I won't even like them, who knows?” I asked, chuckling.

Becca rolled her eyes and walked over to me. “If you won't even like them, then it's your problem. You are going to travel the world with me whetever you like it or not.” She smiled then walked upstairs. I giggled, following her as she lead us to my room. Becca quickly closed the door then pushed me over in my bed, grabbing my laptop from the floor where I had left it before leaving the house.

We sat up in my bed with it, then putted on some music.

This was one of the best moments in my life. I could only enjoy it.

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