My Sister's Fiancé (Fanfiction) - Completed

Scarlett never expected to see Harry Styles again. Ever. It was the last thing in the world she wanted to do. But what she doesn't that her Step Sister, Amber is bringing home a big surprise for the family. And it's not one Scarlett is going to like...


27. Perfect (EPILOGUE)



Perfect (EPILOGUE)...

Scarlett's POV.

"You look AMAZING, Scar!" Madison shrieked.

I smiled to myself as I looked in the mirror. I couldn't have been any happier right at this moment. This was how it was meant to be. It was my Wedding Day after all....

I felt like I was literally going to explode with happiness but I was also a complete and utter nervous wreck.

I looked into the mirror to see someone even I didn't recognize. I was wearing a simple, laced dress that fell to the floor. My hair was curled lightly and left to flow down my sides. I didn't want to be too over the top, but I figured I should get to feel a bit like a princess for just one day. Plus, I had the goofiest smile on my face anyone could ever see.

"Awww! Look at my gorgeous baby girl." My mom started to tear up as she looked at me.

I laughed, "Don't cry, mom. You'll make me cry and then Madison will have to attack me with Makeup again."

She just sniffled and hugged me tightly to her, "I'm so happy that you're happy." she whispered.

"Me too." I smiled happily.

Suddenly the door opened and Liam came in, dressed in his best man's suit, "Wow...Scar. You look amazing." Liam explained.

I grinned, "Thanks Li Li. You just look like crap."

Madison hugged Liam to her and giggled, "No he doesn't. He looks. H. O. T."

I rolled my eyes jokingly, "If you say so..."

Madison and Liam had been together a year now and they were inseparable. I knew Liam planned to propose to her over the weekend, but I hadn't told anyone about it. I was just so happy that they were happy together.

He shook his head as he squeezed Madison to his side, "Well anyway, just letting you know you've got 5 minutes."

My mouth dropped open and I felt my chest squeeze tightly, "Oh my god..."

I leaned over with my hands on my knees and began to breathe slowly.

"Aww, not again Scar." Liam commented as he came to soothe me.

Yup, I was having a panic attack. It was kind of funny how just a year ago, I had one too but that was for a completely different reason. This was just a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

I wonder if Amber felt like this...probably not. Oh and in case you were wondering, Amber's married. To some famous footballer. Least she got what she wanted... Fame.

After a few minutes, I was back to normal and I couldn't stop myself. I started laughing hysterically, "I am such a weirdo."

Madison nodded quickly, "That you are."

Liam chuckled and held his hand out, "Shall we?" he asked.

I smiled nervously, "We shall."

Liam was going to be walking me down the aisle. My Dad was watching from above so he couldn't walk me and I felt like Liam was the closer to me than my Step-Dad. 

I wrapped my fingers around his arm and squeezed tightly. Here we go...


Harry's POV.

God, I was a nervous wreck. But I was so happy.

I didn't even have Liam here to get me through it, he was walking Scarlett so I was just stood here waddling like some weirdo in front of all of these people. The boys were trying to help but they couldn't really do much at this point.

"You look great Harry, you're gonna get married to a great lass. It's gonna all work out." Niall comforted in his perky Irish accent.

"Yeah he's right. I was like this with Perrie. Don't sweat it." Zayn agreed.

They tried they really did. I was just too nervous.

I was in a tux, my hair combed back and a a flower on my chest.

One thing I could tell you, was that it was completely different to how I felt when I was preparing for Amber. I felt nothing then. Now, my emotions were all over the place.

I bet she looked beautiful...

The church music started to begin and I felt my heart lift high into the air. It was time...

First off, her bridesmaid's (Madison, her Cousin and Eleanor) walked down the aisle in their light blue dresses. Scarlett refused for them to be pink. It's like she had an a phobia or something of the colour.

Then came Scarlett...and I'd be damned if I didn't say my mouth dropped wide open. She looked unbelievable. She was gorgeous anyway, but right now...right now, I'm sure I was the luckiest guy in the world. Her beautiful dark hair fell along her shoulders and I just wanted to pick it up and run my fingers through it. Her dress hugged her figure in all the right ways and made her look like an angel. angel. And her brown eyes were sparkling as she smiled at me shyly. I was one lucky son of a bitch.

When they say it's supposed to be one of the luckiest days of your life, right now...this was it.


Scarlett's POV.

I smiled shyly at Harry as I took him in. He looked hot. It made my whole heart just want to explode.

I let go of Liam with a small smile and joined Harry's side. He gave me a wink that made me giggle before facing the Priest.

"We are gathered here today to join Scarlett Connor and Harry Styles in holy matrimony." the Priest began.

He cracked a few jokes that made me roll my eyes and asked if anyone objected. And of course, I expected Amber to run down the aisle screaming like they would in the movies. What else could I expect? But she didn't...luckily.

"Scarlett Connor, do you take Harry Styles as your lawful wedded Husband?" the Priest asked.

I nodded and stared into Harry's eyes, trying to show how much I loved him. "I do." I said without a single doubt in my mind.

"And do you, Harry Styles take Scarlett Connor as your lawful wedded Wife?" the Priest repeated.

Harry looked lovingly at me and said, "No question about it. I do."

I smiled as tears went to my eyes.

"Then I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride..." the priest smiled as he gestured to Harry.

I immediately jumped into Harry's arms and kissed him with all my might. It was perfect, it was like we were kissing for the very first time. Only better.

"Aw, god. Get a room would ya." Liam whined.

Everyone laughed as I giggled and pulled away from Harry. He had a huge grin on his face as he let me go and we walked back down the aisle. This was perfect. Harry Styles was now officially my Husband. Not my Sister's Fiance but my husband. And that was the end of it.



Harry's POV. 

I chuckled as I tickled Carley whilst she laughed hysterically. Her dark curls were bounding around everywhere as she tried to wiggle out of my embrace.

"MOMMY HELP!" She squealed whilst laughing as I continued to tickle her.

I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to see my wife, Scarlett standing there as gorgeous as ever. 

She put her hands on her hips as she tried to hide a grin, "And what exactly is going on in here?"

"Daddy's tickling me!" Carley squealed as she tried to push me off of her.

"She's lying!" I gasped jokingly.

"Oh is he?" she raised a brow as she came to sit on the other side of her.

She smirked mischievously before saying, "What? Like this!" she laughed as she started tickling Carley too.

We both laughed and continued tickling her until we stopped and Harley ran away to go play with her toys.

Scarlett smiled at me as she wrapped herself around my side, "She's such a Daddy's girl y'know."

I smirked, "Yeah, she is. But unfortunately, I'm a mummy's boy." 

She laughed as she kissed my cheek "I love you, Mr Styles"

I grinned, "I love you too, Mrs Styles."


Scarlett's POV.

Those words brought a smile to my face, even now, 5 years later. I was still the happiest any person could ever be. Who wouldn't be with Harry Styles?

And it was just lucky for me, that I was his wife. Scarlett Styles.

On top of that, it was so much more perfect when we had one beautiful daughter called Carley who meant the world to both of us. Things were perfect. Nothing could be better and it was going to stay that way.

Just then, I thought back to all the hard times and troubles we had been through. Through it all, we were here. -In this one perfect moment. And it was…perfect.
This was the guy I loved the most…and I wasn’t faking it; not one bit. I was Harry Styles wife.
Not some soon to be Step-Sister....but his real wife. And it was going to stay that way; him, me and our baby girl. It would be just us, in this one perfect world of ours…

Well...maybe the boys would be included. Just a bit.





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