My Sister's Fiancé (Fanfiction) - Completed

Scarlett never expected to see Harry Styles again. Ever. It was the last thing in the world she wanted to do. But what she doesn't that her Step Sister, Amber is bringing home a big surprise for the family. And it's not one Scarlett is going to like...


14. Don't leave me


Don't leave me...

Harry’s POV.

“Come on Scar! Wake up!” I yelled at her just lying there. There was blood everywhere and the scary fact was… it was all coming from Scarlett. Her face was a portrait filled with black’s, blues and purples. It made me want to vomit. And knock Riley out-again.

When I had seen him there, beating Scarlett… Well let’s just say he’s lucky that Liam had pulled me off of him before I did some actual damage.

He was still pretty out of it though, and would be hurting bad, in the morning.

I focused my attention back on Scarlett who was just lying there motionless, whilst Liam was stroking her hair.

He was staring at her worriedly and looking at her sadly. Slowly, he leaned down towards her face as he continued to stroke her hair. When he was close enough, he put a light kiss to her lips.

What. The. Hell. I just stared at him in disbelief. Liam, my Liam- liked Scarlett. Maybe he even loved her from the way he was looking at her…no he wouldn’t do that to me.

If he was, what was he really doing to me? I was getting married. Scarlett could choose to be with him.

“You like her, don’t you?” I asked as I heard sirens coming from the distance.

Liam looked at me guiltily, “Look Harry…”

I put my hands up, “It’s totally okay. I’m engaged.” I shrugged.

He smiled, “Thanks.”

I was about to pick Scarlett up before Liam beat me to it. I envied him. But I didn’t say anything more.

“Don’t leave me.” Liam whispered as he put a light kiss on Scarlett’s forehead.

I couldn’t help but feel like that should be me. I wanted it to be me.


Scarlett’s POV.

I faded in and out of consciousness. One minute, I was still on the floor, the next I was in someone’s arms and now…well I didn't know where I was.

I opened my eyes to a harsh light coming from above me. I groaned at the sudden light as my eyes burned from the new invasion. When my eyes adjusted, I looked around the room.

I was surrounded by sterile white walls and machines. There were a few chairs beside my bed and Liam was asleep in one of them.

I realized I was in a hospital. I tried to sit up, but pain exploded all across my sides and chest.

I hissed in pain and sat back down. I couldn’t imagine how disgusting my face looked.

Liam must have heard, and his head shot up.

“You’re awake.” He smiled as he leaned forward to touch my hand.

I coughed a couple of times before I could get anything out, “I guess.”

His eyes started to fill with tears, “Scar, we thought we were going to lose you. I thought, I was going to lose you.” He choked out.

I felt tears well to my own eyes, had I really been that bad?

“And I realized, I want to tell you something even if you’re completely against the idea…” He continued.

I nodded, not knowing where this was going.

He laughed nervously, “I’ve sort of been in love with you since you walked into that studio, with Harry.”

I felt my mouth drop wide open, Liam…was in love with me? This Liam! What?

I tried to speak but no words came out.

“I’m sorry, I shoul-“he started before I stopped him.

I shook my head, “No, don’t be. I’m just a little shocked. Hid it pretty well didn’t ya?” I joked.

He smiled shyly, “I guess. I just thought you should know.”

I smiled to myself, I was still in shock. But the more I thought about the idea of Liam and me, the more I liked it. He was one of the only people I could truly trust and he practically knew everything about me. Maybe-

That thought was cut off when a squeal emanated from the door way, “SCARLETT!” I recognized the squeal instantly. It was Madison.

I gave Liam a look, telling him this conversation wasn’t over.

I grimaced in pain as Madison wrapped her arms around me tightly, “I’m so glad you’re okay, I was so worried! “She cried.

“Wow, wait. You’re crushing her. Lighten up.” Liam told Madison.

Madison just released me and glared at Liam, “Who’s this?”

I rolled my eyes, “Liam, he’s a good friend. He found me, didn’t you?” I asked Liam for confirmation.

He nodded, “Amber found Harry and I. We went straight to you.”

I nodded in understanding, but saddened at the thought of Harry.

Madison was still analyzing Liam, “Whatever, Leo.”

“It’s Liam.” He corrected.

“That’s what I said.” She snapped.

I just ignored them, “So anyone else here?” I asked in interest.

I was only interested in one person especially.

“Harry and Amber are out doing wedding stuff. And you’re parents are rushing back.” He explained.

I just nodded. I was in this state, and Harry just chose to go off and do wedding stuff! He didn’t care at all…

“Stu’s on holiday. He’s called like a bazillian times to see how you were.” She rolled her eyes.

“Is bazillian a word?” Liam quirked a brow.

“Is to me.” She glared.

Couldn’t Madison be friendly to anyone?

I just nodded, “When can I get out?”

“Doctors said a few days. So till then, you’re stuck in here.” Liam stated sadly.

I just sighed, one more question. “Where’s Riley?” I asked dreading the question.

“YEAH! Where is that mother fu-“ Madison began.

I put up a hand to stop her.

Liam looked at me nervously as he gulped.

“Liam…” I pushed.

He closed his eyes before opening his mouth, “He got away whilst we got you in the Ambulance.”



Heya! Still on holiday but managed to get a chapter up. Sorry if it sucks, my little brother was annoying me the whole time. Anyway hope you like! And wow... second row of first page! *SQUEE* Thank you guys! xo


-Will update Saturday as still on holiday! 


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