The Styles Project

Ashton Peterson, your average sixteen year old girl, but she's moving half way across the world! She likes her new neighbor Niall, but starts falling for Harry Styles, and their worst enemy Zayn. Here's the question, will she fall in love, get hurt or will something unexplained happen?


44. The Party

(WOW! Only 5 chapter away from the end! AWE :( well, I'm already starting the sequel sooo >.< yeah, well, here's this chapter and have you heard Midnight Memories? GAWD I LOVE IT!)


Harry and I had just pulled into Louis' long drive way, and by the way there was a long line of cars, loud music, and the house shaking from the outside, you could tell there was a lot of people there. "Wow." I said under my breath.

Harry parked the car by the front of the house with an 'RSVP BIRTHDAY GIRL' sign. I laughed at it and Harry turned off the car. "Yup." he said looking at the house. Then he looked at me. "You ready to go inside sexy?"

I hit his arm playfully. "Ha, whatever, and yes. Lets go."

He got out and opened my door to grab my hand to help me out. "It's true." he said in my ear, "You do look sexy in the little black dress. It fits you in every right way." Harry wrapped his arm around my waist and squeezed my bum making me jump.

We walked into the house and music blared into my ear as the smell of sweaty body odor hit my nostrils, as did the smell of... alcohol? Hm. There was strobe lights everywhere and a disco ball, that's fucking awesome.

"Hey guys!" Slurred Louis as everybody looked at him. "Ash is here!"

Everybody turned and looked at the doorway where me and Harry where. Everything went quite, then they all put their hands in the air and screamed, "WOO-HOO!!!"

All the music went back on, and so did the people. I looked at Harry. "Damn." I whispered/yelled to him.

He smirked at me. "What'd I tell you?" he said as we started to walk into the crowd of dancing/grinding people.

That's when Louis came beside us. "Glad to see you came Ash." he slurred.

Louis almost fell but Harry caught him before he could. "Yeah, me too." I laughed.

"Yo Louis man!" a voice shouted from behind us. He came around us and held onto Louis then looked at me up and down, not checking me out, and looked back at Harry. "Yo Harry! My man! What's up bro?" Him and Harry had a handshake thing and believe it or not. This guy looked familiar. Too familiar...

"Hey nothing much. Just here with my girlfriend. Ashton, this is Taylor, Louis' cousin. Taylor this is Ashton. Ash for short." Harry said.

Taylor shook my hand. "Hi, nice to meet you Ashton."

"Yeah, you too." I said, confusion clearly in my voice. There's something about his dark, tan skin, fit body, those dark brown eyes, and short black hair that goes into some what of a quiff, reminded me of someone. And I think I know who that someone is... Oh my god no way.

"You look a little confused Ash? Do you recognize me?" Taylor said with his hands out and a small smirk planted on the side of his face.

But his accent, I thought he had an American accent like me? What is this?! "Yeah, you're... You're Taylor Lautner! Wow! You're an amazing actor!"

"Thanks." he smiled.

I couldn't help but ask... "Um, what's with the accent?"

He laughed. "Oh, yeah the whole 'American' thing is fake. But hey, I pull it off pretty well don't I?" 

I nodded. "Yes you do." Harry nudged my side as I groaned.

"Well, I gotta go find Louis. God only knows what that freak is up to." Taylor said.

Louis? Oh, he's gone. Shit. "Okay. Bye!" I said.

He smiled. "She's a keeper Harry." he told Haz and ran away to find Lou.

"What was that for?" I asked Harry as I rubbed my side.

"I saw Sophia." he stated.

"Shit." I mumbled.

"And you know what that means..."

"Yeah, he might be here. But that doesn't matter. I have you by my side." I said, pulling him in closer for a kiss but was interrupted by Liam.

"Hey lad! Oh Hey! Ash!" he hugged me and there was a faint scent of beer on him. But he wasn't drunk. At least not yet... "So glad you can make it! Oh my god, you guys are missing out on Niall!"

Harry groaned. "Not again. Is he doing it again?"

Doing what again? Wait... The story! He's probably running around naked. "Come to the back yard and see for your self, it's quite funny actually. Better than the football game."

Liam started to go towards the back and we followed him through the crowded hallways, filled with people who were sweaty, making out, and drinking.

Once we got to the back yard, I saw Tabi recording something with Peyton and Sian and laughter was everywhere. But what I saw was, terrifying, yet hilarious. Niall was swinging on a tire swing in the back yard... Nude. I covered my mouth to stop laughing, but Harry and Liam let it all out. Some things were seen that were probably meant to be unseen. "I CAME IN LIKE A WREAKING BALL!" Niall screamed at the top of his lungs while flailing his head back to make the tire go in circles. "YEAH I JUST CLOSED MY EYES AND SWUNG!" he yelled as he swung his arm around to punch the air, but by how drunk he was, he failed and fell off the swing with his willy sticking up in the air. Harry covered my eyes.

I laughed and tried to swat his hands away. "Harry! Stop it!"

"Well I don't want you to see his willy!" he shrieked in a high pitched voice and laughed.

"I already saw it when he was swinging anyway!" and I did. It's actually kind of big for his size. Wait. Why am I talking about this? He's my neighbor anyway. Ugh.

Harry and Liam ran over to help him up. Well, this isn't my exact idea of the first five-ten minutes of being here but hey, it's been a blast so far! Liam picked up Niall as Harry covered up Niall's willy with Niall's clothes he had sitting by Tabi. "Alright, let's go get you dressed-" Liam was cut off by Niall puking in the grass. "And cleaned up." Liam said, clearly discussed.

Harry wiped Niall's mouth with his shirt that he had. "Awe man! Not my good shirt!" slurred Niall. Harry ignored him as they walked by me, and Niall caught my eye. He wiggled out of their grip and came over to me with open arms. "Ash!" he said, bringing me into a hug. "I'm so glad you're here." Then I felt something warm on my leg, and I knew exactly what it was too.

"Alright, yeah yeah, you can see her later Ni. Let's go upstairs now." Harry told him, then looked at me. "Will you be okay down here all by yourself?" he asked with a concerned look.

I nodded. "Yeah, I'll be fine."

Harry nodded and went inside with Niall and Liam. I turned around to see Tabi laughing as she was staggering over towards me. "Ash! Did you see that?" she breathed on me. I guess she's been drinking too...

"Yes I did." I say trying to keep her up.

"Ah ha! Well," she wiped her mouth. "Let's go back inside."

"That's a good idea Tabi." I told her.


~  .  ~


It's been about 20 minutes since Harry and Liam went to help Niall. Tabi and I have been on the dance floor for a bit when I felt hands wrap around my waist. "There you are baby." said a voice behind me.

I turned around and couldn't tell who it was because of how dark it was. "Harry?" I asked.

"Yes baby, it's me." he said.

"Oh, how's Niall?" I shouted over the music.

"Good, here. Take a drink!"

I looked at it and smelled it. Beer. Eh, why not a sip. I'm thirsty anyway. I chugged that stuff down like nothing. There was a bitter, sour taste to it but, I guess that's what it taste like.

"You good?" Harry asked.

"Ugh, yeah!" I shook my head from the taste.

He pulled me in closer to him and started to grind on me, so I did it back. But something felt different... but familiar. Oh my head. I started to get dizzy and light headed like I was going to pass out. "Aye baby, you alright?"

"Uh, huh. Just a little dizzy." I told him. Something's not right.

"Aye, how about we get a room upstairs? Just us." he said as he pulled me closer to him. I could feel something bulge through his pants. Harry never says that stuff or does this. And he's not drunk or smells like beer... Wait. Oh Shit it's-

"Ash? What are you- Get away from her!" yelled Harry from a couple feet away and hit Zayn right in the jaw, knocking him down. Shit I was grinding on Zayn.

My vision went blurry and the music echoed in my ears. I covered them up with my hands. "Ash,sh" it echoed, "You okay?kay?" Harry asked as he was in front of me now and Zayn laying on the ground still, passed the fuck out.

"Uh," I said about to fall down, but Harry caught me. "Yeah, just dizzy."

"Ash, that's not good. We should go." He said dragging me towards the door.

That's what did it for me. "I-"

"Shit Ash!" Harry yelled as he tried catching me, but I blacked out.


~  .  ~


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