The Styles Project

Ashton Peterson, your average sixteen year old girl, but she's moving half way across the world! She likes her new neighbor Niall, but starts falling for Harry Styles, and their worst enemy Zayn. Here's the question, will she fall in love, get hurt or will something unexplained happen?


16. The Date

Ashton's P.O.V.


I had just got done getting dressed and redid my makeup. Harry left about half an hour ago. It was almost 7. Zayn was gonna be here in another half hour. I decided to curl my hair which took about 20 minutes with the wand. I put on my heels and there was a knock on my door. "Come in!" I said.

My mom appeared in my door way and walked in. "Wow! You look very nice!" She complimented.

"Thanks." I said getting up and almost tripping. Me and my mom both went down the stairs and when we were about to walk into the kitchen, we heard the door bell ring. My mom looked at me and smiled. She walked over and opened the door.

Zayn was holding a bouquet of flowers and was wearing a suit. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and checked me out up and down. "You look- just. Amazing. Very beautiful." He said with a side smirk. My mom looked at me and smiled.

"Thanks, " I said, " You don't look half bad yourself." I smiled at him and he smiled back at me.

"Well you must be Zayn!" My mom said with her hand out. "I'm Mrs. Peterson."

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Peterson." He said shaking her hand. "Shall we?" He was looking at me now.

"Sure." I said and I grabbed the flowers and gave them to my mom. She smiled. We waved good bye and got in the car while Zayn opened my door, started the car, and we left.



~  .  ~


Once we got there Zayn helped me out and we walked inside. "Reservation for two. Malik." he said.

That was all he said when the girl replied, "Right this way." We followed and once we got there she held out her hand, gave us the menus, then walked away. Zayn pulled my chair out for me then sat down across from me.

He sighed and asked me, " Soooo.. How was school?"

I laughed, "Good mom thanks for asking."

We laughed, " Well that's good." He was about to reach over for my hand but the waiter came.

"Hi guys I'll be your waiter for today. What would you guys like?" He said looking at us with an annoyed look on his face.

"I will have the Alfredo with a coke to drink." Said Zayn while he gave his menu back after looking at it.

"Okay... and for you?"

"Same thing. Make that two." I said handing him my menu.

"Alrighty, thanks." He turned around and quickly walked off.

Zayn and I didn't talk about anything really until the food came. We both ate and Zayn went to go eat a noodle and it flung up then hit him in the face with sauce flying everywhere all over his face. I couldn't help but laugh. He tensed up but then he couldn't help but laugh to. We talked about football and just random stuff. "Well that was good." Zayn said.

"I agree." I smiled at him.

He sighed. "You wanna go?"

"Sure." And just like that we left. We got in his car and made it to my house at around 9:30. "Thanks Zayn. For everything."

"No problem." He leaned in and that's when I got a text.



~  .  ~


Harry's P.O.V.


I've been in the hospital for a two and a half hours. One of my knuckles were broken and my whole hand was swollen. I had Louis and Liam come over to see me. Liam just got off the phone and was walking toward me. I was in the hospital bed with my hand wrapped up. "How are you doing Haz?"

"I'm doing fine." I said back.

"How'd this happen anyway?" asked Lou.

"Long story.." I looked at Liam who had a sad face. "What's wrong?"

Liam sighed and swallowed. "I told the coach what happened and.. he's freakin out Harry. He doesn't now if we can go to nationals with out you."

"I'll be better before then. Even if it's still broken I'll try my best to play. Just... Just text Ashton on my phone or something and tell her I'm really sorry." I said with tears in my eyes.

"Ok, but Haz what's wrong? What happened?" Li asked.

"I'll tell you later.. Just text her please." I said with tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Okay we will Haz." Lou said and texted her. I laid my head back and looked up at the ceiling.



~  .  ~


Ashton's P.O.V.


I got a message and Zayn pulled in close to me, we were about to touch lips when I read the message:


Harry's in the hospital.

What? Harry's in the hospital? What'd he do! Did he overdose? Did he try to committee suicide because of me? "I have to go." I said as I pushed open the door and ran out of the car. "Thanks Zayn!" I yelled behind my shoulder and ran inside. I took off my heels and put them in my hand. Grabbing the car keys off the table my mom called after me.

"Where are you going?" She called behind me.

"The hospital! I've gotta see Harry!"

"The hospital? Wait. Who's Harry?" She yelled as I closed the door.




~  .  ~


I sped all the way there and ran inside. "How can I help you ma'am?" said the lady at the front desk.

"Room number for Harry Styles?"

"Uh.. 402."

"Thanks!" I said running down the hall. There was a long line at the elevator so I found the stairs and ran up the stairs as fast as I could. I was breathing heavy when I got all the way up there. I saw Liam and Louis they ran over to me. I was really dizzy and light headed. "Where- Where's Harry?" I asked.

"You don't look so good. You need to sit down." Liam said holding onto me with Louis next to me.

"NO!" I screamed and shook them off of me and ran there almost falling. I looked up and turned the knob.

"Ashton! Sit down before you fall!" shouted Liam.

I looked up at Harry laying in the bed. "Ashton? Are you ok?"

"Harry? I-I thought..." I moaned. " I don't feel so go-" and I dropped and everything went black.




(A/N---Oh no! Wonder what happened? I don't know. I'll update tomorrow. Like and Favorite! Read my new fan fic called Reunited! It has Harry Styles in it! ;) xx)

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