In This Beautiful World

A book about life and all the ways of the world. This is a book searching for and showing the deepness of life.
Written in a way of feelings and notes.


2. Beautiful Birth around the world

The moments tick by,

The world holds it's breath,

Waiting for that little twinkle of a cry,

Pray no silence appears.



In Scotland a mother sighs in relief,

As her new-born son gives a cry of life,

She holds him close,

He's so warm and small.


In Paris a first time mother gives a joyful sob,

Her daughter is handed to her in a cloth,

Such small little eyes that gaze up at her,

Nothing else will harm this mother.


In Madrid the teenage girl stares at the nurse,

The still baby doesn't cry,

The nurse shakes her head,

The girl begins to cry.


The world hopes no silence falls.





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