Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have just broken up, Chloe McFall has had a terrible past with bad boyfriends, she's moved away from her family and her home, she lives alone and has just gotten a new job as an assistant and stylist for only the biggest boyband on the planet, one direction, Zayn takes a liking to her, but she doesn't want to get broken so she steers clear, Zayn knows he wants her so he makes up a new identity as Veronica and becomes her friend telling Chloe good things about himself.


2. Crush

I felt bad for Veronica, I mean she was with Zayn for no more than twenty minutes and already she wanted to leave, I don't care what Zayn says I know it's his fault she left.

"Guys, Zayn's had to go home early, house troubles, he doesn't know if he'll be back later" Paul informed us all while the guys laughed again making me feel left out, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask.

"Guys what do you keep laughing at?" I asked walking over and taking a seat beside Harry

They all looked at each other not known what they should say. Until Louis spoke up.

"Well Harry here has a little crush on Veronica" he said grinning from ear to ear.

All the boys bust out laughing while Harry sent him a death glare.

"Well Veronica is actually very pretty" I said trying to cheer Harry up, that only made the boys laugh more.

Just then Veronica came into the room with a tray, a jug of water and some glasses sat on top.

"Hey Veronica" I smiled

"Hi Chloe" she smiled, all the boys laughed again "So what's everyone doing tonight?" I asked trying to be polite.

"Nothing" Veronica said looking at me

"That's great, girls night" I said, the boys bust out in hysteria laughing

"Yeah sounds like a plan" she smiled, again the boys laughed, they were getting on my last nerve so I decided to shut them up.

"Veronica, Harry has something to tell you" I smirked at Harry, his eyes grew wide

"And what's that"? she smiled

"Oh he just has a little crush" I laughed, the other boys could not contain their laughter but Harry just glared while even Veronica burst out laughing.

"Veronica, I'm going home now, I'll see you at about seven, is that ok?" I asked picking my bag up.

"Yeah sure see you then" she smiled

*Authors note*





Neext chapter should be longer

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