Faith Who?

Faith is a sweet and cute girl. But she is deaf. She has been deaf for 4 years, and because of that, she got moved to an orphanage. Her parents didn't like the thought of a girl with problems, what are their friends going to say?
Faith gets adopted, but what happens if her real father pops up and wants her back?
Is Faith going to forgive him?
Read to find out!

(The story is better then this here /\ )
Hope you like it!


7. Good Ideas&One Our Way

I smiled and let go. 

'Don't ever think you're less worth than anybody els, please' He signed.

I nodded and looked over at the boys and smiled, which they happily returned. 

Suddenly Harry's face lit up and he ran out of the room. Some seconds later he came back, with a white board and placed it on the table. Then he walked out again and came back with a hammer. 

Niall said something to Harry and he nodded, being proud. I didn't really get the point.. Why did he need a whiteboard?

After Hary had hug the whiteboard on the wall, he took a marker and wrote.

'Now we can talk to you like this!' I gasped, and nodded with a huge smile.

*Harry! You're genuis!* I squeeled. He nodded and wrote,

'I know right?'

I laughed. Niall walked to the board and took another marker. 

'Thx 4 the food BTW' he wrote, getting comments from the other boys.

*It's nothing to worry about, I like making food.*

His eyes got big and he wrote enthusiastic 

'I like you!'

*Like you too Nialler*

'What shall we do today?' Harry wrote

*I don't know* I said.

Louis ran up to the board and wrote.

'CARNAVAL! I heard there is a carnaval in town, wanna go?'

I nodded in excitment, so did Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam.

*Thats settled!* I jelled

All the boys went up to change (they were still wearing pj's, except Harry, he wore boxers.)

I went up to change as well and found the outfit I wanted to wear. (

I took a creamy brown jumper with an owl on it, a pair of light blue skinny jeans, black hearts as earrings and a black heart bracelet. I found some black boots and topped it of with a grey beanie. There. Feeling good enough looking to be seen by poeple, I walked down. 

When I came down, everyone was dressed and ready to go.

The car ride was only 30 minutes, so I took a book and red, since I can't listen to music (which sucks!). Harry and Liam sat in the front, Louis and Zayn in the middle and me and Niall in the back. 

I started reading, untill Niall poked me. I ignored him, but he continued. 

*What is it?* I asked, giggling. He pointed at me, then at himself, then took his hand infront of him and pretended to dail on a phone. Then he held his hand out to me. I raised an eyebrow. He repeated the moves, untill I got it. He wanted my phone! I nodded and gave it to him. He dailed in somehing and handed it back. Then he took his own phone and dailed something there as well, and a few seconds later, I got a message.

From: Nialler<3

Heyy there!! 

To: Nialler<3

Looks like we have a house full of genuis people ;)

(A/N: I will do N for Niall and F for Faith :D )

N: Always been smart :D

F: Believe so ;)

N: Do you like it with us?

F: Are you kidding me? This is great! This is a dream to any girl!

N: Yeah.... But I would like if they just treated us like normal boys.. Fame hasn't changed us, so we are still those five sillly bestfriends.

F: I know.. But would you see me as a cousin or a bestfriend?


N: I don't know... What would you like?

F:  I guess friend... But I never had an uncle.. I have no idea.. Let us leave it for there..

N: Yeah. I'm hungry... Have bought any foo with us?

F:  Hahahahahahaha, I don't know, ask Liam or someone..

He stopped and yelled something at Liam.

He disapointed shook his head. 

N: We'll have to wait... :(

F: Aww... Poor Nialler :(

N: Yeah poor me :P Im not poor.. I'm one of the richest people on earth! BTW what did a buffalo say to his son when he left for collage?

F: I don't know? What is it?

N: Bison! Hahahahahahaha

F: -_-

N: Hahahahahahahahahaha

F: You cheeky little ;)

N: Not as cheeky as you!

F: I'll bet you're cheekier than me!

N: Good :D I'm Cheeky Yay! 

And we talked a while... I like Niall, I have a very good feeling I can trust him 








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