The One That Was Left Behind

Danni never knew that she would actually meet her dad after sixteen years. Her best friend, Clara was always there for her, until...


5. Chapter five

   We arrived at my house, and there was a huge crowd. News reporters, fans, and random people. We told the driver to go around the next block.
   He did what we told him to do, and he waited. We ran through my back patio door, and sprinted up to my bedroom. I grabbed three suitcases, and grabbed all the clothes, and accessories, Ashley, Kaytee, Aubrey, and I needed. 
   We grabbed some soda, water, and some food from my kitchen and ran back out the back door. I looked at my watch, and realized we had to get back to the hotel in an hour. It was an hour drive just to get back. 
   Once we got back, everyone was in the lobby with all their luggage, even Liam's. we packed it into the car, and drove off. We were heading to Glasgow, Scotland. It's about an hour away. 
   Louis and Zayn started to dance in the car, to music. It was really funny. Liam was sitting next to me, with his arm around me. Typically it would've been smart to have the girls in one car and the boys in the other car. 
   Once we arrived at the hotel, and there was a huge crowd. Liam lifted me onto his back, and piggy backed me into the hotel. There was a ton of paparazzi, and fans. A lot of flashed went off, while I was on Liam's back. 
    "Hello, hello. I know its been a while, but baby. I got something that I really want to let you know, yeah. Something that I wanna let you knoooooow," my went off.
    I grabbed it out of my bag, and answered it.
    "Hello?" I said.
    "Danni?? Danni??" A voice sounded panicked.
    "Yes?? Perrie? Where are you?"
    "At the hospital!"
    "It's your brother! Cody got hit by a car!"
    "What hospital??"
    "The one in Glasgow!"
    "I'll be there ASAP!"
    "Danni wait!"
    "Please hurry!"
    "Ok. I will! Thanks Perrie!"
    I hung up, and clutched Liam's neck. I leaned down by his ear.
   "We have to go to the hospital," I whispered. 
   "Why?" He asked.
   "It's Cody. He got hit by a car."
   Liam pulled out his phone, and we went out the back way, out of the hotel. 

There was a taxi waiting for us, in the parking stature. Liam opened the door, for me, and I hopped in.

  "Where to?" The driver asked.

  "Glasgow hospital, please," I responded.


  It took us about ten minutes to get to the hospital. Before the taxi fully stopped, I already had the door open, and had gotten out. I ran in, and saw Perrie in front, talking to the secretary.

  "What do you mean, he's not in a room?" She asked.

  "Cody Anderson hasn’t been admitted here. I’m sorry,” the receptionist said.

  “Hi, I’m Danni Anderson, Cody’s older sister. Tell me his here or else,” I said.

  “Or what? You already stole my man.”

  “What? Your @Mrs.Payne?”   

  “Yes...yes I am.”

  Then Liam appeared at my side. The receptionist stood up, and put some hair behind her ear.

  “Hi are you?” She asked.

  “Good, but I hear you were being rude to my girlfriend,” Liam responded.

  “No I didn’t, she was the one who was doing it to me.”

  “Alexandra! What are you being so rude, to this people who are trying to find a relative!?” A women asked, a little loud.

  “Mum! These girls, walked up, and started being rude to me, while I was talking to Liam Payne, from One Direction!,” Alexandra responded.

  “I watched you from the security camera’s. You go home, and sit in your bedroom, and think about what you did.”


  “No buts. Now go!”

  Alexandra walked out of the hospital without, another word.

  “Please excuse my daughter. She always thinks she can have any boy she wants in the world. So...who are you looking for?” Alexandra’s mum asked.  

  “Cody Anderson,” I told her.

  “He’s in room, 306. That’s level three, and you go right.”

  “Thanks.Your daughter wasn’t a big help.”

  “Yeah...see you later!”

  We said goodbye, and headed towards the elevator’s. Liam put his arm around me, and I put my arm around Perrie. The elevator door opened, and Danielle was standing there, crying.

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