The One That Was Left Behind

Danni never knew that she would actually meet her dad after sixteen years. Her best friend, Clara was always there for her, until...


13. Chapter 12

We arrived at the airport, and there were a bunch of fans. Paul, and the other security guards made a path. A bunch of girls tried to take the boys with them. Liam clutched my hand, and push through the fans. One girl shoved her phone number in Liam's pants. 
   "You shouldn't even be dating Liam," the girl who just shoved her phone number in Liam's pant said to me. "You're as ugly as a pig! Liam deserves better!"
   Liam stopped, and put me behind him. He glared at the girl, and took her number out of his pants pocket. He put it in her hand.
   "Don't ever talk to Danni like that again!" Liam told her with a harsh tone.
   He walked away, and took me with him. Paul led us to the airplane, and made sure everyone was loaded on. I say down by the window, and Liam my lightly moving his thumb back and forth across my hand. I stared out the window, and thought about Cody.
                            A hour and half later... 
   We landed in London, and we were driven to a hotel. Paul put Aubrey, and I in one room, and the boys on three others. Aubrey and I carefully took our dresses out of our suitcases. I took Aubrey's dress and hung them in the bathroom. I plugged in my curling iron, and pulled out my makeup bag, from my suitcase. 
   "Are you curlying your hair right now?" Aubrey asked.
   "No! You can though! I'm doing my makeup!" I responded. 
   We only have four hours to get ready. Zayn, and Harry are going solo. Niall asked Aubrey to go as a friend, and Liam and I are going as a couple. 
   I brushed out my foundation, and added my consilier. I mixed my foundation and consilier, and started adding bronzer. Aubrey stood next to me, curlying her thick hair. Half of her bottom layer was done. I continued my make up, and I got to my mascara, when there was a knock at the door. 
   "I've got it, Aubrey."
   I walked to the door, and Paul was standing there. I let him in.
   "Ladies! We are leaving I about three in a half, maybe less hours! We don't want to hit the fan traffic! So please be ready by-" Paul was saying, as he looked at his watch. "4:30! Okay?"
   "Yes!" Aubrey and I both said. 
   "Okay. Have a good rest of the day!"
   Paul left, and Aubrey, and I both got back to work. 
               Three hours and 15 minutes later...
   Aubrey, and I were adding the finishing touches, when Paul knocked on the door. We both opened it at the same exact time. He led us to the lobby, where everyone was waiting. Everyone's heads turned, even Louis, and Eleanor. 
   "Wow!" Liam said as I approached him. 
   "Thanks." I responded. 
   Liam put his arm around me, and walked me to the car. In the car Liam, and I sat in, were the couples. So it was just Liam, Louis, Eleanor, and I. Eleanor and I were chatting about shopping again. While Liam and Louis were talking about soccer. 

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