Kiss Me (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Emilie never had an easy life. Most of the time, she walked around with a smile on her face, hiding all of the pain. She was blessed when she got accepted into The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York. There, she goes through constant struggles, always trying to be her best for everybody. All of her bad habits are recurring until she meets a boy in the courtyard. Cheesy? Yes. But he changes her life in ways she never thought anyone could. And she changes his.


1. The Beginning Is Always The Worst

                Sometimes, life tends to surprise us in the most unexpected ways. It could be good, and it could definitely be bad as well. I honestly couldn't tell you what I was thinking on that breezy October day when I met Louis. Maybe he would be just a friend; or maybe I would never see him again. I wasn't expecting what actually happened. I feel like everything was such a blur before that day - like it was just a big, dark part of my life. But everything made sense and cleared up after that day. I'm getting ahead of myself though, aren't I?

            Emilie Marie Watson. Born on October 3, 1993 in Tennessee with my mother's middle name, bright blue eyes, blonde hair, and extraordinary talent - singing, that is. I've been hiding the talent for as long as I can remember, although I did occasionally perform my famous shower debuts. I finally graduated 4 agonizing years of high school - 3 in Tennessee, and my final in Colorado. My life had been plummeting at a rapid pace, and the travail was slowly killing me.

            Where do I begin? I suppose the beginning, although I'm not quite sure how much I can actually remember. I can still visually recall my first day of kindergarten. My mom walked me into my classroom where my teacher was waiting for me with an open hand and a big smile. My brother, who is 4 years my senior, shoved me into the class with a sly smirk on his face and began snickering at the runnels of tears which were running down my pale, yet rosy cheeks.

            I didn't want my mom to leave me on that day, but she did. She walked out of the door with my brother, leaving me in a class full of strangers. I knew she would be back for me, so I made a restitution to myself that I would make it through the day with a smile from ear to ear. I made friends quickly, and was automatically liked by all of the boys in my class.

            Of course, I remember the birthday parties, the injuries, and the very few vacations. The day after my 10th birthday, my grandpa passed away. That left me with no more grandparents. My dad's parents died in a car accident when he was 9, and my mom's mom died of breast cancer when I was 2. My grandpa was my best friend, aside from my mom. I used to sing to him in the hospital when he was getting treatments for his leukemia. But only a month later, he died. He left me a big chunk of money and told me to save it for when I got married, so we could afford everything and not struggle like he did.

            The same month that my grandpa was diagnosed, my mom became pregnant. We were all upset that Ashley would never know any of her grandparents, but when she arrived, it was truly a blessing. Ashley Jane Watson completed our family. At first, she wouldn't allow James anywhere near her without screaming, but she always let me carry her around and play with her. I was only 10 and I was acting like a mom - changing her diapers, making bottles, feeding her, and playing with her. But I wasn't going to argue.

            Everything seemed to be going well for a while after Ashley was born. I was focusing again, James quit smoking, and my dad stopped hitting my mom. She claimed that she loved him, even when she was covered in bruises and bloof, battered and broken. He would do it right in front of James and I, as some sort of 'punishment'. James would usually take me upstairs and tell me stories so I didn't think about what was going on, and we would clean her up once he was done with her. My loathing for him started at such a young age.

            I remember walking out of my room one night to hear my mom and dad crying at the table. They were talking about something that I, at 12, did not want to hear about. I walked over and sat on my mom’s lap, wiping her tears away with my thumbs as she braided my soft, blonde hair.

            "What the hell do you want, Emilie?” my dad asked in a deep tone, wiping his eyes dry.

            "Is it true, mommy?” I asked her with a scared look in my eyes, ignoring the presence of my dad completely.

            She nodded her head a few times, gently grabbing my hand. "Yes, Emilie. I was diagnosed this morning...” she said softly, lifting my chin up to look at her. "It's breast cancer, just like grandma."

            I knew it was bad, just from looking at how she was acting. She wasn't going to die, right? She couldn't... I would fall apart without her. I couldn't understand why my dad was even crying. He obviously hated her and everyone else in my family, so he had no right. This was for Aunt Karen, James, Ashley, and I to grieve over. Not him.

            I shook my head and got off my mom's lap, walking over to him. "You have no right to be crying after everything you've put her through," I said to him sternly, tears rolling down my cheeks.

            And apparently, it was not the right thing to say. He grabbed my hair and threw me into my room, my mom screaming and crying for him to stop. He left me bawling at his actions and at the news I had so painfully received. After 3 months of radiation, chemotherapy, and constant struggling, I lost my best friend to the worst enemy in the world.

            After that, I struggled for years. My sister moved to Colorado with my Aunt Karen; and I wish I would have gone with her from the start. High school was torture. Maybe not as a freshman, that was probably the best year. I was a cheerleader, a dancer, and was in multiple clubs. I was popular by association, and my boyfriend, Lucas, was on the football team. I guess he was my first 'love', but I had other boyfriends in middle school. I had a 4.2 GPA all year, making me one of the top in my class. Sophomore year was alright, but Lucas moved to Germany. I vowed not to have another boyfriend that year, because I was still heartbroken about Lucas.

            By the time that junior year rolled around, I started talking to a guy named Damen Russo. He was sweet, and I didn’t know – at the time – why people had told me so many awful things about him. On the night of homecoming, Damen asked me to be his girlfriend. I gladly accepted, but that was the night that everything changed.

            Things went steady for a month, and I was truly happy; aside from the bad stuff at home. It was our two month anniversary when I saw a new side of Damen. A side I never imagined I would see; the side I heard about. His parents were out of town for the evening, so we decided to stay there. I didn’t want to do anything big, so we just ordered a pizza and decided on a few movies to watch. Everything went okay for a while, until he started demanding me around… and I was confused.

            “Grab me a beer,” he ordered me.

            “What? You’re 16,” I laughed, thinking he was kidding.

            I declined as he continued to repeat what he wanted, so he kept saying it meaner and meaner, until he was yelling. As I started to yell back, his hand went right across my face, slapping it hard. I tried to leave, but he stopped me and said he was sorry. I forgave him, but it continued for weeks. He would punch me, burn me, even choke me sometimes. But he would always apologize and say that he loved me – and all I ever wanted was to be loved. So I took my chances and accepted the consequences. I never told anybody, because he would threaten to kill my friends and family. He would become more violent with every time that I saw him, and I knew that I had gotten into a ton of trouble. One day after school, he took me to his car and locked me in the trunk. When he let me out, we were at some cabin. And he raped me. I screamed, so he would hurt me. I don’t know how I was so blind to realize that he never loved me, but I finally understood what my mom went through.

            At the end of junior year, I broke it off with Damen over text. I finally told James everything, so he helped me change my number, pack my bags, and buy me a plane ticket. I moved to Colorado to stay with my aunt and Ashley. Although I was more welcomed there, I was majorly depressed and had a shell around myself. Aside from that, I got into a lot of alcohol, parties, and sex. Thankfully, I came around and was able to graduate with a 4.0 GPA and a scholarship to AMDA – The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York.

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