Kiss Me (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Emilie never had an easy life. Most of the time, she walked around with a smile on her face, hiding all of the pain. She was blessed when she got accepted into The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York. There, she goes through constant struggles, always trying to be her best for everybody. All of her bad habits are recurring until she meets a boy in the courtyard. Cheesy? Yes. But he changes her life in ways she never thought anyone could. And she changes his.


6. Lost

        When I woke up the next morning, I was alone in bed. I grabbed my robe and put it on, then slid on my slippers and walked into the kitchen where I found Louis making coffee and opening a box of donuts. I smiled, walking over to him. I kissed his cheek softly and took my coffee, then walked to the couch and sat down. I drank my coffee and turned on the TV, but ended up closing my eyes for a few minutes to relax. After a few minutes, Lou joined me and we spent the whole day watching movies and cuddling. We laughed and joked around, and he had a new habit of tickling me. He would leave me in fits of laughter, causing me to almost pee my pants. I couldn’t keep my hands off of him, and it was easy to say that I was attached to him. I was completely whipped, but it was okay. Because he was too.

            After those days passed, weeks followed. Then a month came along. Nina was always there with me, helping me calm my nerves. I was only 19, and certainly not ready to be a mom. It was a mistake, but I was keeping my baby. Louis and I would love the child until the day we both died, and we agreed on that. It was almost my birthday, and I was pregnant. I couldn’t go out with friends to have a good time, I would have to stay in and do something productive. I was always going through mood changes, thinking about whether or not I wanted the baby, but I knew that I did. I was always staying at Lou’s, because he took me to appointments and made sure that I was keeping healthy. One night that I was staying there, I was awoken.

            “Em, there’s blood everywhere,” said Louis, and I jumped out of the bed, noticing that it came from me. I began hyperventilating, and tears came pooling out. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I knew that it was bad. “Shit,” he muttered, picking me up bridal style.

            Everything after that was mostly a blackout. I was in Lou’s arms, then in the car, then in a hospital bed. I frantically looked around, shaking like crazy. I hated hospitals, I always had. I was confused when I saw Louis asleep in a chair next to me, but I flickered my eyes up to a doctor standing over me. He explained to me that I had an altercation with my pregnancy, and that I lost my baby. I was still confused, scared, and half asleep. The doctor gave me a cup of water and some type of pill, so I took it. I laid there motionless until Louis woke up. He saw that I was awake, so walked over to me and took my hand, pressing a gentle kiss against my knuckles.

            “How do you feel?” he asked me, kneeling so we were at eye level.

            I rubbed my eyes, trying to focus in on what happened. “Confused… but relieved,” I whispered, massaging my temples gently.

            Louis furrowed his eyebrows and stood up, looking down at me. “How the hell can you be relieved about this? A child… our child is dead, and you’re relieved? Are you heartless?!” he asked in a fury, walking away from me as he paced around the room.

            I looked up at him, sitting myself up. “We weren’t ready for a baby! This is the proof!” I exclaimed, then looked away. “If you’re going to be a jerk, you can leave. My head hurts,” I spoke quieter,  playing with the loose threads of my blanket.

            He let out a fake laugh, nodding his head. “If I leave, I’m not coming back. So think about what you’re requesting for me to do,” he replied, leaning up against a wall.

            “I said leave!” I yelled, and with that, the door opened, shut, and he was gone. I was all alone. I suddenly burst into tears, reaching for my phone. I called Nina, explaining everything that happened. She promised to be there in a matter of minutes.

            The door to my room opened, and Nina walked in with a cup of Starbucks. She smiled and handed it to me, sitting in the chair next to me. “I’m sorry, Emilie,” she whispered, tucking a strand of her dark brown hair behind her ear.

            The thing about Nina is that she was my best friend through everything. I didn’t like her until we started talking, and we realized how much we had in common. She had her family issues. Both of her parents died in a horrible car accident, and her brother drowned. She would have as well, but a boy saved her. He ended up being another Damen, but she still feels like she owes him for saving her. Nina was beautiful, with big brown eyes, a perfect smile, and the perfect brown hair. She had a perfect personality and appearance, but not a beautiful life. That is, until Jack came in. And I no longer felt rage towards her.

            I took the coffee, smiling with feign up at her. “Thanks. And… it’s fine. I’ll live,” I whispered, tying my hair up into a ponytail.

            “Emilie, you just lost a baby and your boyfriend. It’s okay to admit that you’re not okay, you can’t live behind a mask,” she explained with a soft voice, sighing softly. “But don’t worry about Louis, okay? He’s the one who called me telling me exactly what coffee to bring you. You’re both just stressed, he’ll show up again eventually. Just relax,” she said sweetly, smiling at me.

            I nodded a few times, letting a tear drop roll down my cheek. “I’m not relieved that I lost the baby, I don’t even know why I said that… I just wasn’t ready, but I could’ve been. I don’t know if Louis will ever be able to forgive me for saying what I said,” I mumbled, taking a sip of my coffee and wiping my tear away.

            After relaxing enough, Nina helped check me out. She took me home and gave me a hug, helping me into bed. I didn’t want to be babied, but it was happening anyways. I watched TV for a while, and made myself some soup. Louis’ sweatshirt was at the end of my bed, and I slid it over my head. I got my phone and called him 3 times, but they rang a few times and went to voicemail. I needed to talk to him, but he didn’t want to talk to me. 

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