Emma lives in California, she moved out there from Canada to pursue her modeling career, she just turned 18 three months ago, She has just suffer abuse from her recent boyfriend. Her mom, sister, and her move back to Canada, just to get away and pursue her career more there. Will Emma find a bump in the road with an old friend back in Canada...?! (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


11. Perfect day

Emmas Pov:

The kiss ended, Justin scooped me up and started twirling both of us around.

E: hahahaha

He put me down and placed his arms around my waist he pulled my hips close to his and we both rested our foreheads on each other.

J: Thank you.

E: For what?!

J: Giving me a chance....

E: Justin...Ive been waiting for you to ask me about 2 weeks now...

J: Well ive liked you forever...So I win there

E: Whatever *I giggle and give him a short snarl and then smile*

Justin places his hands around my face and pulls me in for another kiss...

J: God, why did I leave...*He mumbled*

E: What?

J: Nothing I was just thinking why did I leave for all that fame and crap when I had you here all this time...You could have been mine, like 3 years ago! I still hate myself everyday beca-

E:Shh dont hate your self, because of me, by no means DONT! You went to follow your dreams, And now your the big famous Justin Bieber! Im glad you followed your dream, Justin dont ever hate yourself because of that! I might not have been yours then but Im yours now! 

I smiled and stood on my tippy toes and give him a peck on the lips, he scared me when he picked me up from the waist and starting spinning me around...Let alone I totally forgot we were on the beach and there was probably a dozen people watching and probably taking pictures. Justin put me down. 

J: Here smile!

E: Wha-


E: Urgh okay

We smiled and toke the picture....then we packed up and Justin drove home! We decided to tell my mom what was going on between us first before the media really finds out officially, instead of the rumors.

~1 later~

Justin left and my mom was extremely happy about us dating...And somehow she said she knew...I just got out the shower to get the seawater and stuff off and my hair is toweled up...I flopped on my bed and went on my twitter and everyone was going crazy, but about what? I went on Justins twitter and he posted the picture of us at the beach "Happy". I smiled...Luckly they havent found my twitter yet....I dont know when we...or I guess Justins gonna tell the world about us...But until then im perfectly find being the mystery girl... 


A/N Hope you liked...I have sooo much homework..but I thought id get this little chapter up! (: More comments and likes influence me more to write....Hope you enjoyed this chapter, ill try to update 2 chapters tomorrow! (: -Blair

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