Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


79. Watching.

Romeo's P.O.V:

The lights turned off and everybody stopped talking. We all turned to the screen and saw the opening credits come up. Then the title film thing came on. Everyone had like thirty seconds on the screen and then it was partners or groups. Everyone awed with the boys and their girlfriends and then we all burst out laughing when it was Jane, Dylan, Kendall and I's thing. They decided to show the part where we were all throwing each other on the sofa. Then it changed to all the where everyone was trying to get a smart picture but Kendall and Louis kept messing everything up. We all laughed when Kendall tackled Louis to the ground. Then the screen read all our names when it was just us messing around on the screen with each other. Finally the official thing started. 

This should be good. 

*   *   *

"That was awesome!" Jane and Dylan cheered as we walked outside into the cold. I laughed at them. They had never been to anything like this before. Kendall laughed along with me. We reached the car and Kendall unlocked it using the keys that Louis gave her. They had all gone to the after party that was somewhere here so they could walk back to get the cars. We each got our bags with the extra clothes in and then locked the car again. Dylan and I went to the boys toilets to get dressed while Kendall and Jane walked in to the girls. I went into a cubicle and got out the clothes. There were some black jeans and a white tee shirt. I slipped them on along with the red high tops and the black beanie. I walked out and stuffed the clothes I was wearing a second ago in to the bag. Dylan walked out wearing blue jeans with a black tee shirt and a white snap back and some vans. 

"You look like a skater" Dylan said as he too stuffed his clothes in his bag. I shook my head. 

"You don't look to bad yourself" I said. He chuckled and we walked out. We sat on the steps waiting for Kendall and Jane. Brooke and Kelly walked out of the cinema. They had changed. Brooke was now wearing really short shorts and a belly top. More like a bra. Kelly was wearing a hoodie and jeans. Kelly was actually really nice, it's Brooke that's the problem. I looked away. 

"How long does it take?" I groaned pulling out my phone. 

"Hey they're girls" Dylan shrugged. 

"Hey Romeo!" I heard. I mentally groaned and turned my head up. There Brooke stood a little too close for comfort. 

"Brooke" I nodded. She seemed a bit disappointed at my greet. I looked over at the girl toilet door hoping Kendall would save me. I think Brooke was talking but I really wasn't paying any attention. Suddenly Kendall and Jane walked out the toilets laughing their heads off. Jane stopped laughing when she saw Brooke and then so did Kendall. Mentally I thanked them. I stood up. 

"Where are you going?" Brooke asked. 

"I'm spending time with Kendall" I said. Her face was suddenly filled with anger. I shrugged it off and ran over to the girls. 

"Thank god." I muttered as I hugged Kendall. 

"What?" She asked. 

"She is so..." I struggled to find a word for her. "ugh" I finished. Kendall giggled. 

"Kendall right?" Kelly's voice said. 

"Yeah. Kelly?" She replied pulling away from the hug. 

"Yeah. I'm Brooke's step sister. I just wanted to say that she's mad for some reason and she is coming over in a second. I'm just here to say sorry in advance" Kelly said shyly. 

"Thanks" She said. At that point Brooke stormed over. 

"Romeo! I wanted to ask you a question" Brooke said. 

"Okay what is it?" I asked. Brooke glanced at Kendall and then my hand that was holding hers. 

"Could we do it in private?" She asked. 

"I've really got no time." I said. Lies. I have all night but I would rather be locked in a room with spiders then talk to her by myself. 

"Oh um. Okay. er" Brooke said. I could tell she didn't want to do it. 

"My parents were wondering if you were free this weekend." She finally said. 

"No they weren't" Kelly said. GOD BLESS YOU KELLY!

"Yes they were. Remember!" Brooke hissed. 

"No, we are visiting Dan this weekend in Brooklyn." Kelly said with a smug look on her face. 

"Oh forget it!" Brooke shouted wobbling away in heels. Kelly let out a little laugh. 

"Thank you so much Kelly" I said. 

"Hey, I don't want a boy being tortured by Brooke." She said. She turned round and took a step away. She then turned round again. "She might be stalking your instagram and twitter. So post lots of tweets and pictures tonight" Kelly laughed. 

"Will do" We laughed. Kelly smiled and climbed into a car. 

"Let's go" I said. We put our bags into the car again and then walked towards the arcade. Kendall was still holding my hand as we all joked around. 

"I love your top by the way" Dylan said. I looked at what she was wearing. She was wearing some black skinny jeans and a grey top with the words: 'If you think I'm cute. Then you are right!'. Along with a black beanie and white high tops.

I laughed at it.

"Thank you very much" She smiled. "We're here" She said and started dragging me to the racing games. It was made for two but there was another one next to us. Kendall and I sat down at one and started the game as Jane and Dylan sat at the other one. Kendall ended up winning. 

"Yes" She cheered standing up.

"No fair. You rammed me into the fence and made me stop" I whined.

"To bad sucker" She laughed. I groaned. She laughed and pulled me up. Dylan and Jane stood up to and we walked around. Kendall and Jane spotted something and ran off. Dylan started smirking at me like a pedo. 

"What?" I asked moving away a bit since he was creeping me out. He just continued smirking at me. God this is weird. 

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