Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


39. Time table confusion.

Kendall's P.O.V:

"Wake up. Kendall wake up. KENDALL" Someone screamed in my ear. 

"Oh my god shut up PEASANT" I screamed back. 

"Wake up or I'll throw you in the pool" 

"You wouldn't dare." I said shuffling trying to get comfortable again. Suddenly I was picked up. 

I shot up and started hitting the person's arm. 

"Put me down!" I shouted looking at the person who was carrying me. Brooklyn. "Brooklyn if you do not put me down I will make sure you can make no babies." I threatened. He stopped and looked at me, scared. You could just read it on his face.

"How?" He asked. 

"You don't want to know" I warned. He softly put me back on the car and laughed nervously before sprinting into the kitchen. I smiled and walked into the kitchen. Every one was already in there eating fruit or cereals. I jumped on the counter and looked at Brooklyn. He was sitting on the edge of his seat looking at me. 

"Brooklyn will you do me a favor and pass me an apple please?" I asked sweetly. He picked one up and slowly made his way towards me. He held it out and winched when I picked it up. He then sped walked towards his seat again. 

"What's going on?" Chloe asked. 

"You're boyfriends a wimp." I stated. 

"She threatened to make sure I can't make babies" He said quickly. I burst out laughing and so did Romeo. Brooklyn glared at him. 

"That's no-not umm hmm Funny." He said clearing his throat but smiling as he said it. 

I was still laughing so hard. 

"Kendall, I swear if you want to live to see your dad I would stop right now." Brooklyn warned. 

"You wouldn't hurt me" I said raising my eyebrows. 

"Try me" He said standing up. So I walked towards him and held out my wrist. 

"Pinch me" I said. He stared at me then glared at me and sat back down. I smiled and laughed. 

"I'm going to get dressed." I said still chuckling. 

"Haha funny." He shouted as I left making me burst out laughing. 

I walked into my room and threw the closet doors open. I walked in and looked through all the new clothes. Eventually I picked out some black shorts and a white top with black writing saying:


Over that I pulled on a red zip up hoodie and a white snap-back with a purple rim.  I put on some spanking new white high-tops and a load of bracelets. I put my phone in my pocket and jogged down the stairs. 

"Woah" Cruz said as I walked down the stairs. "Kendall is really pretty" He said pointing at me. 

"Thank you Cruz. You are very handsome." I said tickling his neck. 


"COMING" I yelled. I rushed to the door and flung it open to see Lou with Lux. 

"KEN KEN!" She cheered. I laughed and plunked her off the ground. 

"Hey. Lou come in" I said stepping out the way and letting her walk in. 

"Thank you Kendall." She said walking into the living room. I walked behind her and saw the boys having a pillow fight. 

"Hey why don't you wait in the kitchen?" I said handing her Lux and she made her way with Chloe. I put my fingers in my mouth and whistled. They shot up and looked at me. I raised my eyebrows. 

"Brooklyn put a shirt on. Cruz there's a little girl in the kitchen can you play with her please?" I asked he nodded and skipped into the kitchen. "Romeo" I said looking at him. 

"Now. This wasn't my fault. But look, shiny." He said trying to distract me. I stared at him my lips pursed. He stopped and hung his head. 

"Just, be good" I said shrugging walking into the kitchen. 

"Kendall. I got told to give you this, it's your dance time table. Keep it safe." Lou said handing it to me. I looked at it. 

"Lou. There's no free time on this. I still have the classes to teach plus a dance tournament coming up that i HAVE to do. I can't do it all." i said glancing at her. 

"That is something you need to talk to Simon about. | need to get Lux home and bathed. We are meeting you in Hollywood in a week for an award ceremony. All your clothes should be sent to you. Do not wear them until the day you leave for Hollywood. Oh and you have an appearance on the Ellen show on the Tuesday that you come. Don't worry you won't miss school. The school have a half term." She said standing up. I nodded and we said goodbye before she walked out. I pulled at my hair and whipped my phone out. 

"Simon. I need to talk to you about the time table" I said. 

"I am on my way." He said before hanging up. 

He walked in two minutes later. 

"What seems to be the problem." He said sitting down on a chair. 

"There is no time on this what so ever. No time for the under 11's or 12's or that massive dance tournament in a week that I HAVE to be at. I can't spend all my time teaching the boys. They never do any dancing in their video's anyway. Plus we still have the funeral on Thursday and you have me booked for 2,3,4,5,6. 6 dance rehearsals that day. There's no way I can cope with this." I told him. 

"Sorry Kendall. I can change Thursday but the other days you have to attend. Unless you talk to your dance teacher. Maybe she can help. Plus we talked and she said that you have some extra weight you need to pay off. So and eight tonight meet me at the gym. Got it?" He said standing up. 

"Got it." I said weakly. He nodded then walked out. I groaned and threw my head into my arms. Tonight is going to be torture.

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