Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


97. The End

So guys, I have decided that after 96 chapters of 'Adopted by... them!?!?!' it is time to leave it where it is. I've tried to write the scene where Kendall returns but no matter what way I write it or who's 'P.O.V' it's in it just won't work. 


I will put up a sequel for those of you that want to carry on reading! 

Before I upload the last update (what you're reading now) I just want to thank everyone who's reading this. I know since I've started it I've been thanking you lot but I don't really think you know just how much I love every single one of you. 

I started this fan fiction as something for me, to get my One Direction feels out into the open and I didn't expect anyone to read it. Then the first person commented on it and I freaked out. I carried on writing such cheesy and cringe worthy chapters but you guys stuck through it, you have no idea how much that means to me. The past year (plus a couple months) I've been writing it and I never thought that this one little fan fiction would become such a big part of my life, so when I look back on this when I'm an adult... yeah I'll cringe and laugh at how cheesy I was back then-but I'll smile and cry at the amount of people who WANTED to read it and WANTED an update. You guys have impacted my life so much, and you guys will always be in the best memories I have of my teenage years. God I must sound so cheesy right now so here's a little something to make take attention from me:

My brother also wants to thank you, so here's his little passage that he wrote himself:

I know it's not my story and I only uploaded already drafted chapters, but I want to thank the people who have read my sister's story. Everyday she comes on this site and reads through stories, comments and anything that you guys have written. When she was in the hospital and physically incapable of moving she was so upset and angry with herself because you guys wanted a new chapter, she wanted to give you guys a new chapter but she wasn't able to drink without assistants. You guys may have only commented on the story when you found out but she knew you guys loved the book so much, so she tried her hardest to fight whatever she had. She got better quicker than the doctors expected and she did it all for you. So thank you so much for making my little sister's life so much happier. ~Connor 

Isn't he a little sweetie? P.S he's older by five minutes, just saying. 

The sequel will be uploaded in the next couple days, so for one last time on 'Adopted by... them!?!?!' 

....Thank You. 

    KeepCalmAndEatNando's xxxx

~I love you guys so much, you'll always in my mind~

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