Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


53. The best friend tag.

Kendall's P.O.V:

The light by my web cam turned on meaning the twit cam had started. 

"Hey guys" I said waving to the camera. "So since I have gotten home some of you have asked why I was in the hospital this morning, then this afternoon, and just now. However I'm actually not aloud to tell you because Simon told me a whole bunch of things I didn't listen to. So um, yeah." I chuckled a little nervously. "So. Um this isn't actually a proper twit cam, I am actually doing 'the best friend tag', but my so called best friend is stuffing his face with food so we have to wait for a bit" I explained. People started asking who my friend was and what is the best friend tag and stuff like that. All of a sudden Romeo came barging into my room and face fast threw him self on the bed. 

"And here's my so called best friend" I said patting his head. "So, you don't know how to do the best friend tag do you?" I asked Romeo. 

"Nope" He said sitting up and playing with the side of my belt. 

"So pretty much the best friend tag is people ask us questions and we need to answer them for each other. So I would answer for you and you would answer for me. Got it?" I said. 

"Yeah" He said. 

"Great. So all you watching tweet your questions using #AskKandR right now, and we all answer as many as we can" I said pointing my fingers down and Romeo copied my actions. We smiled and then our phones buzzed with questions. "Before we start I need my snap back" I said jumping off the bed and running across the room. I picked my limited edition 'Never land' snap back Lou gave me in Miami and then jumped back on the bed next to Romeo. 

"Okay first question" Romeo said scrolling through the hash tag page. "If you could go any where in the world, where would it be and why? Um, Kendall would want to go to Barbados because of the great dancing studio's and dancers there" He said proudly. 

"Correct. How did you know that?" I said. 

"Answer the question" He smirked. 

"Um, Romeo would want to go to Spain to meet the Real Madrid football team and hopefully pick up a few tricks and tips?" I said unsure but I knew it was something along those lines. 

"DING DING DING we have a winner" He said. 

"Okay. Question 2, what is the one thing you can't live with out? Romeo can't live without me" I said nodding. 

"Since when?" He asked. 

"Since last week" I said smiling. 

"Try again."

"Okay fine. He can't live with out his football boots" I said. 

"Correct" He said. He put his thinking face on. "Kendall can't live without her dancing" He said. 

"True dat" I said. 

We carried on like this for a while and we only got a few wrong. Now we were just messing around with the camera. 

"Will you stop going on about that?" I said hiding my head in my hands. 

"Sorry. But your face was so funny" He chuckled. I groaned in my hands. "Aw. Some one's embarrassed" He said hugging my waist. 

"Yes. Because you are so annoying that I can't wait till you go home and annoy some one else for a change" I mumbled. 

"Kendall Smith Styles I am offended" He said in a fake hurt tone and putting a hand over his heart. 

"Aw I'm sowwy" I said in a baby voice. 

"Not good enough" He said. I laughed and lent on his back with my head on his shoulder. 

"You know you love me" I started singing Justin Bieber. "I know you care" I sand. 

"Shut up" He mumbled in his hands. 

"So shout when ever" I sang loudly in his ear. 

"SHUT UP" He joked raising his head. 

"And I'll be there" I mumbled under my breath. He tackled me onto the bed and tickled me. 

"Stop it" I said. He stopped and sat up smirking. 

"So we have to go because we have been doing this twit cam for about two hours and I am surprised Romeo hasn't killed me yet" I said. 

"BYE" We both waved to the camera. I switched the camera off and then went onto face book. 

"Oi" Romeo said poking my side. "Oi" 

"What?" I asked putting the lid down. 

"My friend and his girlfriend are at the park and they want to meet you" He said. 

"Why?" I asked un sure. 

"No reason. They just want to meet and I quote 'the girl who is making me want to shoot Romeo if he doesn't stop going on about her'" He said then covered his mouth with his hands after he reliesed what he said. I laughed at his face. "Haha funny, come on lets go" He said standing up and pulling my hands. I stopped laughing and stood up. 

"Let me get my jacket" I said. I walked into the closet with Romeo hot on my trail. Since I wasn't changing it was fine. I got my red hoodie that Zac gave me. I put it on and turned to see Romeo was no longer here. I walked to my room and saw him looking at the wall with all my pictures on. It was completely covered. 

"I like these" He said pointing to the ones in the middle. I walked closer and saw the pictures. It was Romeo and I when we were taking selfies in the park. Then the one that a fan toke with my on Romeo's lap and my head on his shoulder. There were loads of us two but he was pointing to one in particular. I looked at the one he was pointing at and it was when we were eating sweets. I was standing up and Romeo was sitting down hugging my waist. I smiled at that. 

"My favorites this one" I said walking over to the framed pictures on the other wall. I pointed to one. It was us at the fair grounds, him hugging me in the hall of mirrors. 

"That was today" He said. 

"Zayn printed a bunch out and gave them to me. I liked this one the best so I framed it" I said shrugging. Romeo pulled me in for a hug which I gladly returned. 

"So are we going to meet your friends are stand here hugging?" I asked. 

"Both" He stated. 

"No. Come on lets go" I said walking out the room. 

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