Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


68. School

Kendall's P.O.V:

"Kendall. You ready for school?" Dad asked knocking on my door. 

"Yeah, You can come in" I said. I shoved some books into my bag and then raced to get my shoes on. I was wearing some dark washed jeans with my black '5 seconds of summer' tee shirt. Over that I was wearing my cheer leading jacket since it was quite cold. I put on some socks with my white high tops. I put my pencil case in my bag and put my hair in a ponytail. 

"So this is your first full day of school. Excited?" Dad asked sitting up on my bed. 

"Yeah. But I am so tired from yesterday" I said putting my bag on my shoulder. 

"You will be. You got back at 11 last night. Don't worry when you get back home you can rest. We have nothing going on today" He said standing up. I followed him downstairs. 

"Bye guys" We yelled and jumped into the car. 

"How did the photo shoot go?" Dad asked turning the corner. 

"Good. The pictures should be sent over either today or tomorrow" I said.

"Simon told me that they are really good. You two were well behaved and professional in front of everyone according to him" He laughed focusing on the road. 

"Hey. I am professional" I argued. 

"I'm just messing with you" He said. 

The radio started playing 'Big Girls Don't Cry' by Fergie. I love this song. Dad and I started singing along with a few dance moves as well. We pulled up at the school. Some people were already outside. 

"Bye Baby Girl. Have a good day" Dad said kissing my forehead. 

"Bye Dad. See you at home." I said getting out the car. I turned round facing the car and bent down. "Oh and tell Niall not to eat all the chocolate. I want some when I get home" I warned. 

"Will do" He chuckled. 

"Bye" i said shutting the door and waving as he drove away. I walked into the building towards my locker. 

"Kendall" Bella shouted from across the hallway. I laughed at the way she was waving. I waved back and she jumped up and down turning to her friend. I laughed and went to my locker. I opened it and pulled out my Biology book, I need for 4th period. I stuffed it in my bag and then shut my locker. I turned round to see Lillie. 

"Hey Lillie" I said as we gave each other a hug. 

"Hey Kendall. I heard you went to LA yesterday. How was it? You went with Romeo didn't you? Oh my god what did you guys do? Did you go to the beach? Did you get a tan? Oh my god tell me everything." She bombarded me with questions.

"Lillie. Calm down. Yes I went to LA. Yes I went with Romeo. We went to a photo shoot. No we did not go to the beach sadly. No I did not get a tan. That is it" I said laughing a little. 

"Okay. I'm sorry. It's just that a few people posted on instagram pictures of both of you. It was so cute." She squealed. Jake came up with Zack. 

"Kendall. How was LA?" Jake asked. 

"Good. How are you guys?" I asked. 

"Great. Marie left school for good!" Jake yelled. 

"Oh my god. When, why and how?" I asked smiling. 

"Friday, everyone hated but one person and she got expelled." He cheered. 

"Thank god" I said. 

"Why do you hate her?" Zack asked out of the blue. Jake and I looked at each other. 

"I um, she. I'm not ready to talk about it" I mumbled looking at my shoes. He stayed quiet. 

"How was the photo shoot?" Lillie asked changing the topic. Thank you Lillie!!!!

"Oh my god it was great. The photographer was really weird and then he told Romeo and I off because he moved making me fall on the floor. It was so funny. His accent made it harder for us to understand him. He also swore at us in another language." I said. 

"What language?" She asked.

"I think it was Indian." I said. "How was your weekend?" I asked. 

"Good. I went to Brighton. God it's freezing over there. But the pier is awesome." She said. 

The bell rang. We started walking to tutor. We went up the 50 billion steps. 

"God. Who ever designed this building is burning in hell" Zack mumbled. I chuckled at that. We reached the room just in time. All four of us sat at the back. The teacher took the register and then told us to talk for the rest of the half hour. He then fell asleep. I sat on the table leaning against the wall. Jake started playing with the laces on my shoes. Zack was on his phone texting someone. Everyone else was talking about something. Lillie and I started talking about 5 seconds of summer. 

"Have you heard 'Amnesia'?" I asked. 

"No." Lillie said. I got out my phone and headphones. I put on in my ear and gave one to Lillie who joined me on the table. I put the song on you tube. 

"Oh my god that is so sad" She gasped as it finished. We put on the funny moments from the band and laughed really hard. 

The bell rang meaning maths. Ugh. What a bad start to the day. 



"Okay. For home work I need you to write about the best holiday that you have had. Use the tricks we learnt today to give it a twist." Mr Barson said. He is the best English teacher ever. He goes off topic a lot. I'm surprised we even learnt anything today. The bell rang and we put everything away. 

"Kendall can I speak to you for a minute?" Mr Barson said. Everyone else piled out of the room. I walked over to the desk. 

"Now. I know who your dad is. So instead of writing about the holidays or trips that you have been on with him, can you write about the holiday you had always wanted to go on when you lived in the care home please?" he asked. 

"Sure" I said. 

"Thank you" He said. 

"Bye sir" I said walking out the room. I ran out the building so I could get home. I started walking when it started tipping it down. 

"Stupid rain" I muttered. I started running home but by the time I reached the gates I was soaked and shivering. My reflection in the windows, showed that my lips were purple. I knocked on the door since I forgot my key. The door opened to Perrie. 

"Oh my god Kendall. Quick get in" She said ushering me in and into the living room. About five people were in there who I had never met before. "Go get changed. Have a shower" Perrie said giving me a warm towel. 

"Where's my dad?" I asked looking up at her. 

"He needed to pick Ed up from the airport. He should be back in about five minutes." She explained. 

"Okay. Thanks" I said. I ran up the stairs picking my bag up from the front door. I walked into my room and flung my bag across it. I ran into the bathroom and took my clothes off. I turned the hot water on and jumped in. I felt so much better. I cleaned myself and my hair before jumping out and drying myself. I put on some woolie pj bottoms and then a hoodie. I blow dried my hair and put it in a bun on the top of my head. The front door opened and closed meaning Dad was back. I put on some fluffy socks and went down stairs with my laptop. I walked into the living room to see that all those people were still here along with my dad and Ed Sheeran. 

"Hey Baby Girl. How was school?" Dad asked patting the space next to him which I jumped into. 

"Good. Marie got expelled" I said smiling. 

"Why what did she do?" He asked amused. 

"I don't know. It was on Friday when I had that cheer leading practice. Jake told me it had something to do with punching a teacher and then bullying." I said. 

"She is messed up" he laughed. 

"Who is?" Louis asked walking in. 

"Marie" I said. 

"Who's Marie?" Perrie asked. 

"I wouldn't go there if I were you" Niall said also walking in the room with Liam and Zayn. 

"Have you had the tablets today?" Dad asked. 

"You have them" I said. 

"On my desk" He said. 

"Thanks" I said before getting up and placing my laptop where I was sitting. I ran up the stairs and into Dad's room. I looked on the desk and saw lyric sheets everywhere. I chuckled and got the orange bottle. I ran back down the stairs and into the living room. 

"Can you open them" I asked him. He chuckled and took the pills from me. He opened it and gave me two before placing the box on the table. 

"Thanks" I said and walked into the kitchen. I got a glass and poured some water in. I ate the tablets with the water. I scrunched my face up from the taste. 

"Don't like it?" Some one asked from the door. I turned to see Ed. 

"No" I said cleaning the glass, drying it and putting it away. 

"Why do you need tablets?" He asked getting an apple. 

I lifted my top up slightly so he could see the cut. 

"Ouch" He said. 

"it's fine. It doesn't hurt." I shrugged and pulled my top down again. I heard laughing from the living room and then Liam saying 'She's going to kill you'. 

I walked into the living room and saw the boys on my laptop and Liam on the arm chair shaking his head. 

"What are you doing with my laptop?" I asked making them jump. 

"Nothing" Louis said slamming the screen down

"Dad" I said turning to him. He avoided my gaze. 

"Harold Edward Styles tell me before I get Niall to tell me" I said. 

"I didn't do it" He said quickly. 

"Niall" I said turning to him. 

"Louis did it" He said. I sighed. 

"Louis" I said sternly. 

"Yes?" He asked like a little girl. 

"What did you do?" I asked. 

"Nothing" He laughed. 

"Louis William Tomlinson" Someone shouted from the door way. We looked at the front door to see El. 

"What?" He asked. 

"What did you tell Kendall. And why is it all over twitter?" She asked. My eyes turned wide and I ran over to my laptop. I flipped the lid up to see twitter up. 

@KendallStylesOfficail: I know everything @EleanorOfficail and @LouisTomlinson.

"What. What do I know?" I asked lifting my head. 

"Nothing. You know nothing" Louis said.

"Well that's just rude" i said. Everyone snickered. 

"Not in that way. El, baby, she doesn't know anything that's going on. Okay. Trust me" He said. 

"I don't trust him anymore" I mumbled. Dad laughed making Louis glare at him. I smiled sweetly at Louis making him glare at me too. I burst out laughing. 

"Kendall. Get out. You to Harry" He said pointing to the door. 

"No. No I am *Coughs* I'm good" I said clearing my throat. 

"You better" He warned. I smiled trying not to laugh. Zayn nudged my hip making me laugh. I clamped my hands over my mouth. 

"I, um, I'm just gonna go get my phone" I said standing up. The minute I walked out of the living room I burst out laughing. 

"SHUT IT" Louis yelled. I laughed harder trying to get up the stairs. I got to my room. By that time I was just chuckling. I got my phone off of charge and walked back down stairs. I sat on the sofa. All the other people had gone. The TV was on playing 'Friends'. 

I yawned and lent back. I closed my eyes and welcomed sleep.

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