Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


70. Romeo meets the gang.

Harry's P.O.V:

"DAD" Kendall shouted. I was sitting in the living room with Ed. 

"WHAT?" I shouted back. 

"WHERE ARE YOU?" She yelled. 

"THE MOON" I screamed. Ed laughed. 

"Haha" She muttered walking in. She was still in her pajamas. 

"Why aren't you ready?" I asked her. 

"What day is it today?" She asked. 

"Wednesday" I said. 

"Thanks" She said walking well running back out the living room.

"Why does she need to know the day?" Ed asked. 

"She likes to wear clothes related to the day. Like yesterday she wore some jeans and a wollie jumper. Even though it was boiling hot. I asked her why and she said 'it's Tuesday'" I said. 

"She is... different" Ed said. 

"Well" I laughed. I looked at the time. "Crap we need to take Kendall to school." I said standing up and running to the stairs. 


"What is it with the shouting between the Style's?" Louis asked walking down the stairs rubbing his eyes. 

"I have no idea mate" Ed said from behind me. Kendall came running down the stairs wearing shorts, a white vest top with 'Paris' and a blue snap back saying 'What?'. She put on her black sneakers. 

"Let's go. Wait. Cheer kit. Damn" She muttered running to the cupboard. She grabbed her bag which her kit was in and put her cheer leading jacket on. 

"Let's go" She said swinging the door open and running to the cars. 

"Which one?"She asked swinging round. 

"Range Rover" I said walking over to it. 

She hopped into the back seat while Ed and I sat in the front. 

"Come on people. I'm going to be late. Let's go" She moaned. 

"Does she not like it when she's late?" Ed asked. 

"No." I said driving down the road. We reached the school in five minutes meaning Kendall had about five minutes to hung around with friends. 

"Thanks. Bye Dad love you" She said kissing my cheek. "See ya Ed" She said ruffling his hair and hopping out the car before Ed could get her. She ran over to a group of girls with the same jacket as her. She turned round and waved at us before walking into the building with them. 


Kendall's P.O.V:

I walked into school with the cheer leading team. I found it weird that we were the only school with this stuff but I got told that the head teacher is American and likes to do everything the American way. So yeah? We all hung round by the lockers talking about Bands. 

"Oh my god Ashton Irwin. Tots him" Bella said. 

"Calum Hood" I argued. 

"Luke Hemmings" Cece said. 

"Michel Clifford." Lilly argued

"How about all four of them are hot?" I asked. 

"Deal" They all said. 

"Talking about us ladies?" We heard. We turned our heads to see Josh, Zack, Davy, and Mick walking towards us. 

"In your dreams" We all said at the same time and turned back towards each other. 

"In YOUR dreams" Davy said hugging Cece. They are going out and are the cutest couple ever. 

"In my dreams I wished I had a hotter boy friend" Cece joked. We all laughed at the look on Davy's face. 

"Well then" He said turning away. He acted all upset and we all rolled our eyes. 

"Suck it up man" Zack said. 

"Kendall. How's it going?" Josh asked putting his arm around me. 

"No" I said picking his finger up and pulling his arm away. 

"Yeah, she's Romeo's" Holly said. 

"Oh my god we are friends" I said turning to her. 

"Very very good friends" She said. 

I rolled my eyes. 

"See no answer, you totally like him" She said. 

"Oh dear lord why am I friends with you lot?" I asked.

"Cause you love us" They all chanted. I rolled my eyes again. 

It looked like one of the boys was going to say a really perverted comment but thankfully the bell rang. Praise Jesus!!

"See ya at cheer practice Kendall" They yelled and I raced up the steps with Zack to tutor. The teacher was asleep again and we joined Lillie and Jake at the back. 


****************************Skip to cheer practice********************************************************

"Okay great job guys. Since we have finished five minutes early you can hang around for a bit. See ya later" Bella said before racing towards the school gates. We shrugged and walked over to our water bottles. I put my jacket on and chugged down some water. I put the bottle down and started talking to Cece. 

"Heyo" The boys cheered walking over to us. Davy wrapped his arms around Cece's waist from behind. 

"Hey. How was practice?" Cece asked putting her hands over his and turning her head to look at her. 

"Good. Coach is really worked up about Cornwall though." He said sighing. My phone buzzed from my bag. I sat down on a chair and unlocked it. 

Romeo xxx:

Hey. What you doing????


Just finished cheer practice. You?

Romeo xxx:

With Dylan and his girlfriend at the park. Bored though. Why don't you come? Bring your friends too!

"Hey guys, want to meet Romeo?" I yelled over to them. 

"YES" The girls shouted. I laughed and texted him back saying that we are on our way. 

"Let's go" I said throwing my bag on my shoulder. 

"Where are we meeting him?" Josh asked. 

"Park" I said. We started walking and joking around about pretty much everything. We reached the park and we saw three people sitting on the swings. Dylan and a girl laughing and talking while Romeo's eyes were wide, his hands squashing his cheeks staring at the ground. His elbows on his knees. I couldn't help but laugh at the way he was looking.


Romeo's P.O.V:

I groaned in my head. For the past hour they have been acting all lovey dovey and it is killing me. My face was all squashed up and my hands were tugging at my hair. I will jump off a cliff if they carry on talking. I heard laughter and I looked up. Kendall stood there laughing at me. Behind her stood about 12 people. 2 of them holding hands. I stuck my tongue out at her making her do the same. She ran up to me and threw me into a hug. 

"Hey Beckham" She mumbled. 

"How's it going Styles?" I said pulling away. 

"Good. Oh yeah Romeo, meet Cece, her boyfriend Davy, Mick, Holly, Josh, you know Zack, Betty, Katy, Holly, Hope, Aaliyah, Jade and Tori" She said pointing to each one. 

"Guys. This is Romeo, Dylan and sorry I don't know you" She said pointing to us. 

"Hey I'm Natalie. But people call me Nat" Nat introduced herself. 

"Hey" They all said. 

"So why exactly are we here?" Cece asked. Yes I got that right! Get in there!!!

"Dylan and Nat have been all lovey and it is sickening so I thought we would get ice cream or just hang out so I am not third wheeling" I explained. 

"hey" Dylan and Nat said at the same time. Dylan hit me round the back of my head. 

"Ow. Fine i'm sorry" I mumbled rubbing the spot where he hit me. 

"So ice cream?" Cece and Kendall said at the same time. 

"Ice cream" We all agreed. I stood up and picked up my football. 

"You play?" I think Josh said. 

"Yeah. You?" I asked. 

"Who doesn't play football?" He asked. 

"Great question" I said. We laughed and ended up running around in front of everyone kicking the ball around. I kicked it towards Josh (yes I learnt his name!). But it hit a bump and hit Kendall on the hip. She stared open mouthed at me. Everyone stopped. While I whinced (not because I was in pain) they all 'oohed'. 

"Romeo" She gritted through her teeth. 

"Yeah?" I asked. 

"Why did you do that?" She asked stepping towards me. With every step she took forwards I took backwards. 

"I didn't?" I said though it came out more of a question than a statement. 

"Mate, if I were you I would run" Davy said. I did just that and took off in a run back towards the park. 

"Thanks Davy that really helps" I heard and then Kendall was hot on my heels. me being me I tripped falling on the floor. 

Kendall snorted at me. I turned round so I was on my back looking up at her. 

"This is not funny" I muttered. 

"Yeah it is" She said. I put my hands over my eyebrows blocking out the sun. 

"How is it funny?" I asked. 

"Well for one, we got you on video" She said pointing at Hope who had her phone out pointing it at us. 

"Oh god" I muttered covering my eyes. 

"Come on whiny. I want ice cream" Kendall said bending down and tugging at my hands. I let her pull me up before engulfing her in a hug. 

"Now your front is dirty" I whispered in her ear before taking off again. 

"Ew" She whined. I laughed and lent against the wall by the ice cream shop. The others caught up with me and laughed as Kendall glared at me while walking past. I smirked at her as I sat down next to her. 

"You know you love me" I started mumbling in her ear. She tried to hide her smile. 

"I know you care" I sang Justin Bieber in her ear. She couldn't help it and started smiling. 

"So shout when ever. And I'll be there" I sang in her. She burst out laughing. I chuckled and lent back in my seat playing around with my phone. 

"Why is she laughing?" Josh asked. I chuckled shaking my head. 

"She's just weird" I said. 

"Hey" She said hitting my shoulder. I hit her's back looking down at my phone. She hit me, i hit her, she hit me and so on until I looked up and hit her. We ended up in a shoulder hitting fight. 

"Okay that's it. Romeo switch seats with me" Holly said standing up. 

"But I didn't do anything" I whined like a kid. 

"Hey, you did too" Kendall said. 

"No I didn't" 

"Yes you did"

"That's enough. You are acting like a pair of five year old. "Holly warned. 

"She started it" I muttered. 

"Did not" She argued. 

"Did too"

"Romeo. Move now" She warned. I moaned and stood up. I walked over to the other side of the table and sat between Hope and Cece. 

"Now be good" Holly said sitting next to Kendall. 

"Yeah Romeo" Kendall muttered. 

"Kendall" Holly warned. I laughed. 

"Romeo" Holly snapped.  Kendall laughed. 

"Sorry" I muttered. 

"This is so embarrassing" Davy said into his hands. 

"Baby" Kendall and I muttered. 

"Hey" He said shooting his head up. 

"Hello. What can I get you?" A waitress walked over. 

We all ordered and she walked away. We all started talking about football or cheer leading. I looked over at Kendall. She was drinking water. I pulled a funny face at her and she started choking on it. She stopped choking and started glaring at me. I lent back in my seat clutching my stomach laughing. 

The waitress walked back over balancing all fifteen of our ice creams. She has skills. We each took our ice creams and payed for them. We took a plastic spoon and started digging. 

"Oh my god this is amazing" Nat said. 

"I know right?" Josh said. 


****************************************************half an hour later**********************************

Romeo's P.O.V:

"Please stop going on about that!" Kendall said throwing her head in her hands. 

"Not my fault you had a crush on Jacob!" Jake said. We all burst out laughing. 

"I was FIVE! Anyone that said my hat was nice was bam my friend. It didn't help that he was cute when he was five but still" She mumbled the last bit. I laughed with the others. She glared at us all. 

"Don't make me bring up Nancy" She threatened. Jake stopped laughing. 

"You don't know what happened." He said. 

"When we were eight we went to the year three school disco and halfway through Jake disappeared." She started. We all stopped laughing and looked at her. Jake was mouthing 'stop it' over and over again. "Let's just say that he was snogging with Nancy Back on top of the climbing frame." She finished. We all started laughing at that. 

"Why? Why did you do that?" Jake asked. 

"You brought up Jacob" She said. 

He glared at her. She laughed and my phone buzzed. I pulled it out. 


Can you baby sit tonight?


Sure. Why?


Your mother and I need to meet her boss. You can get Kendall to come over as well if you want but Harper and Cruz need to be in bed by nine. 


Okay. I'll be home in a minute. 

I put my phone away. 

"You want to meet Harper?" I asked Kendall. 

"Yeah. When, where and why?" She asked. 

"Tonight. My house. I need to baby sit" I explained. 

"Sure" She said. 

"Great" I smiled. 

"Hey I gotta go. Nice meeting you guys." I said standing up. 

"See you tonight" Kendall said. I nodded and gave a kiss on the cheek quickly. I waved goodbye and ran the five minute walk back home. 

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