Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


30. Photoshoot

Kendall's P.O.V:

"Boys, please stand still. Zayn, your hair is fine. HARRY stay still. Okay do you know what take a break." The photographer yelled. The boys ran over to the snack table. I was sitting on the sofa with my phone texting Lilly. Zac sat down next to me and put my feet on his lap. He leaned his head over my phone so he was reading it upside down. 

"Who you texting?" He asked trying to read it. 

"Lilly" I said mimicking his tone of  voice. He glared at me then took my phone. He ran off with it. 

"ZAC!" I yelled running after him.


Photographer's P.O.V:

The boys just wouldn't stand still so I had to give them a break. 

"ZAC!" I heard. I saw Kendall I think it was running after someone. She jumped onto his back and they both started laughing. He wrapped his hands around her thighs. I quickly took a picture. Perfect.


Zac's PO.V:

"Zac!" Uncle Si yelled. I looked at him. "Put Kendall down now!" 

"Fine!" I turned my head so I could look at Kendall."Your feet are tiny" I said. What he said put her down. She smacked the back of my head and I dropped her. I rubbed my head walking away. She stuck her tongue out at me. 


Kendall's P.O.V:

"Okay for this Harry I need you and Kendall!" The photographer yelled. Harry came behind me and the photographer started taking pictures. He got mad because we kept moving. It's hard to stay still. 

"Please you two. This is for a magazine. You need to stay still" Simon begged. 

"You're right Simon. Come on Harry keep it together." I joked. He laughed at me. 


I looked at the photographer and he was looking down at his camera. 

"perfect. Zayn, Kendall, your go" He said waving Zayn on. These two people came and handed us big signs. Zayn's one had an arrow pointing at me saying 'she is NOT a charity case'. Mine had an arrow pointing at Zayn saying 'he is NOT a terrorist.' 

"Okay you too. I want your heads down, signs up. Zayn just tilt your's down a bit. Lower, Lower. Perfect. Stay still now" 

We both had our heads down while holding our signs up. It was hard as we got told to hold hands. 


"Great you two. I might need you two back at the end to do this again." He said fiddling with his computer. I looked down at the sign I was holding and then the sign he was holding. 

"It's true. You know. You're not a charity case." He said looking down at me. I looked at him and smiled. 

"I know. I am way to adorable to be a charity case.. Duhh" I said flipping my hair. 

1 hour later

We had finished with the photo-shoot and Zac and I were being driven to school for the 4th and 5th (last) period. 

We got to school and we ran into the reception. We both signed in and got told we were meant to be in PE. We got dressed quickly and made our way to the running tracks. 

"Cowell, Get over here. And who are you?" The teacher said looking up from his clipboard as we made our way over. 

"Kendall Styles." I said. 

"Ahh the runner. as Lillie and Jake tell me. " He smiled. "Cowell, 4th heat. Styles 3rd heat." 

I ran to Lilly's heat since she was in third and we got in to running positions. 

"On your marks" The teacher yelled "Get set! GO!!!!!!" We all ran off. Me taking the lead and crossing the finish line. Soon after so did everyone else. 100 metres and they were all panting. 

"Styles." I looked at the coach. "Straight to the final race. Go stand over there." He said pointing to a bunch of boys on benches. I raised my eyebrows and Zac and he shrugged before getting in position to start racing. 20 seconds later he too crossed the finish line. The coach pointed to the bench and he joined me and the sweaty boys who were staring at me. I looked at them and then looked away again. Boys.

"Hey. I had no idea you were so fast." Zac said. Hugging me. 

"Ditto." I replied. 

"Barker, Smith, Wills, Styles and Cowell. You're up." 

We all got into the starting position. 

"Bet you five bucks, the girl cries cause she breaks a nail." I heard someone say. I turned my head to the boy next to me. He was smiling at the boy the other side of me. 

"And I bet YOU ten that I beat you're sorry ass!" I shot back. 

"Deal" He smirked. I smiled back at him while Zac chuckled. 

"On your marks!" "Get set" "GO" With that we took off. Zac and I taking the lead. Neck and neck we managed to cross the finish line ahead of even one else. 

"Oh" I turned to the boy who was lying on the ground panting. He looked up at me "Keep your ten bucks." I said winking before joining Lilly. 


"Okay everyone. That's the bell you can go. Cowell, Styles stay here for a minute. " Coach said. 

Lilly and Jake left to get dressed. 

"okay you two. You are both really fast so I want you both to take part in the races coming up on Thursday." The coach said. He picked up his equipment before walking off. It had just started to rain. 

"WAIT!" I yelled. He turned around. "We can't. Zac has a football game and I have to be there. I'm a cheerleader." 

"When does it start?" 

"4.30" Zac said

"How about you do it before then. If you are willing to do it I can re-arrange the races to during the morning. That way you can do both and still have time to re-lax before." He said shrugging. 

"Fine." Zac said. "We'll  do it" 

"Good. Now go get dressed." He said jogging to the P.E office. 

*Lunch Time*

"I still can't believe that you just said. Just like that" I said to Zac as we joined Lilly and Jake at our lunch table. 

"What did you expect me to say? I'm sorry but I prefer to do maths and geography then do something that I actually enjoy?" He shot back. 

"I never said you couldn't do it. But you said yes for me too. Maybe I don't want to do it. Did you even think about that?" I retorted. 

"Why don't you want to do it? You won't be doing anything anyway."

"Yes I will" I said so quietly he probably couldn't hear it.

"What? What are you doing?" He questioned. "Because you always seem to have everything going-" 

"I HAVE JAIME'S FUNERAL OKAY!!!!!!" I  shouted cutting him off. He sat there gobsmacked and every one was staring at us. I could feel the tears slipping down my face. I stood up and slung my bag round my shoulder. I quickly ran out the room wiping the tears as I went. I grabbed my phone and dialed a number I knew I could trust. 


"Nathan? I know you probably hate me but I really need your, h-help right no-now." I chocked out. 

"Kendall? What's wrong?" He asked. I could hear the concern in his voice.

"Jaime passed away a week ago and I just." I paused sliding down my locker. "I just need some one to talk to. Please come get me. I need you right now" I mumbled. 

"Okay where are you?" He said. I told him where I was and signed out at the reception before waiting outside the building for him. He pulled up and got out the car. I was still crying. He saw me and engulfed me in a hug. 

"Ice-cream?" He asked and I nodded. We both got in his car and drove off. 












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