Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


41. Peasants and Interviews.

Louis' P.O.V:

"Kendall wake up" we all sang. We were jumping on her bed singing the wake up song. She threw a pillow at us and covered her head. 

"WAKE UP!" Harry yelled jumping next to her making her body fly up and land on the floor. 

"Peasants. The lot of you" She mumbled. "What do you want?" She asked standing up.  We all smirked at her. 

"We're going to Hollywood Today!" We cheered. She laughed. 


"2 hours." Zayn said. Then his eyes went wide and he ran out the door. We looked at each other then stood up. As we were walking past her, I ruffled her hair as she swatted me away. Niall tickled her neck then her stomach. Liam patted her shoulder and Harry kissed her forehead. We left her to get ready and we all rushed down stairs to make pancakes. 


Kendall's P.O.V:

They left and I put on some Hollister high rise shorts with a white harley top with black poka dots. I then put on my Jack Wills jumper that was a smaller version of Harry's. I slipped on a pair of pure white socks and some red sneakers with white laces. Then a white beanie. I took a quick selfie. I posted it on Instagram captioned

#Holly-wood!!!! Who's going to greet me? xxx

Instantly I got likes and comments most of them saying that they will be outside the airport while others saying that they will be at the studio either outside or in the crowd. I smiled. I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed my suitcase that has all my clothes already packed. I put my sunglasses in my carry on bag along with my phone, a book, my laptop, and my ear phones. I walked downstairs and left my bags by the door with the boy's ones. Then walked into the living room where the boys were already sitting down eating pancakes. I sat on my armchair and Louis passed me some pancakes. We sat talking about the interview and where we will be staying. 

"Management booked us into a studio apartment for three weeks in Hollywood then a week in Miami. Kendall there will be a tutor there so you won't miss school. Okay?" Harry said. I swallowed my pancakes. 

"Yeah" I said. 

"Good. We have about five minutes till the cars come. You got everything you need?" Liam asked. 

"just need to brush my teeth and hair" I said jumping up and racing to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and shrilled the mouth wash around my mouth before rinsing. I brushed my hair and put it on a high ponytail. I smiled and checked my teeth. White. I put my tooth brush and mouth wash, and brush in my bag and joined the boys. 

"Kendall. Can you check that all the balcony doors are locked upstairs please?" Zayn said. I nodded and ran up the stairs. I locked all the ones that weren't already locked and quickly cleaned my room up a bit. I don't want it in a mess when I get back. I took a quick look at the windows too and grabbed my school stuff. I stuffed them in my carry on so I can catch up on the plane. I waited at the door. 


I flung open the door and saw Johnny. 

"JOHNNY" I said. 

"KENDALL" He cheered. "I am here to drive ma'dam to the airport along with Mr. Styles, Payne, Malik, Horan and Tomlinson." He said in his most poshest voice. 

"Why thank you kind sir. I shall help you with the bags." I said. 

"It's okay. You don't have to" He started. 

"No no I want to" I said. He smiled. 

"Thank you" He said. I helped him stuff the bags in the back of the mini van. It was like paying Tetris. 

"That's the last of it." I said. The boys came out and locked the door. We all piled into the van. 

"HOLLY WOOD HERE WE COME!" Louis shouted. I laughed and cheered along with Niall. We got to the air port. We helped Johnny put all the bags onto three trolleys. 

"Bye Johnny." I said hugging him. He seemed taken a back but hugged me back any way. 

"Have fun Kiddo." He said. I smiled and joined the boys. There were some fans that laughed at Harry's and I's jumpers since we were wearing pretty much the same thing but his was red instead of his pink one. I took pictures with them and signed stuff for them as well. I heard a queit vioce say my name. I turned to see a kid in a wheel chair. When she saw me looking at her she smiled making me smile too. I walked over to her and bent down to her level. My legs were getting dirty but I didn't care. 

"Hello. What's your name?" I asked smiling at her. 

"Nat-Natalie." She stuttered. I smiled and gave her hug.

"She can't say a lot of things. And if she does it takes her months to get it perfect." A girl beside her said. "Hey. I'm Jade. Her older sister" She said hugging me too. 

"Hey Jade. Hey Natalie." I said. "I have to go now. But hopefully I'll see you soon. Can I have your number" I whispered the last part to Jade and she nodded. She took my phone and added her number. 

"I'll text or call you" I said standing up. I waved goodbye and followed the boys in to the airport we showed our tickets and then walked through security. Once we walked into duty free we all went to star bucks and got ice-frappes. I took my phone out and we all circled round to take a slefie. This boys were the best. You could get your phone out and they wouldn't mind taking a picture. I put it on instagram captioned.

Starbucks in the air port. Twenty minutes till we board. See you all in Hollywood!!!! xxx :)

I posted it on twitter too then switched my phone off. We all ran around the air port playing tag. It was really funny. Eventually we boarded the plane. First class. When the plane took off  I pulled out my phone. We took another selfie but with the people behind us as well. An old couple who were really sweet. I got my books out and Liam helped me by quizzing me. 

"Okay say, 'I like chocolate but it is really fattening' In spanish" He quizzed. 

"Oh I know this. Is it 'Me gusta el chocolate, pero es realmente engorde'?" I asked. 

"Yes!" He cheered. I smiled then he helped me pack it all up. I pulled out my laptop and put it on messenger. My school has a website but there is a link to a messaging site for the students. I went on it and saw that Ella was online. 

Hey Ella!!! What you doing? xxx

On the plane to Miami!!!! You? xxxx

On the plane to Hollywood. I'm going to Miami in three weeks. How long you there for? xxx

Five weeks. We can meet up!!!! xxxx


We HAVE to. Sorry got to go. Plane about to land. I'll message you tonight. xxx 

Ella: Byexxx

Me: See you in Miami xxx

I quickly shut down my laptop and put it in my bag. The plane rattled. Ugh I hate turbalance. I gripped onto the arm rests of the chair. 

"You okay sweetie?" The old woman behind me asked. I turned to look at her and smiled. 

"Yes. Just hate turbalance" i said. She nodded and then the plane landed. I was the first one off the dang plane. Dad and the boys came out last laughing. 

"That was the fastest I ever saw someone run of a plane" Niall said. 

"Haha. Just hate planes." I said. 

"Come on let's get our bags." Liam said. We walked to the spinning thing that gives you you're bags. I sat on it and it took me to the other end. It was really slow though. I ran back to the boys. I helped them with the bags and then I got sat on top of all the bags by Louis. I sat on the trolley. Harry was running with it then jumping onto the back so we were zooming round the place. Louckily no one was really in the air-port. The boys caught up and big men in suits escorted us out of the air ports. We waved to fans and then climbed into the car. I looked out the window at Hollywood. We pulled up at our hotel. I climbed out and it was massive.

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