Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


34. Hanging with Romeo Beckham.

Romeo's P.O.V:

Kendall and I followed this lady who I learnt was Lou. Kendall was actually really pretty and smiled a lot. We walked into a clothing studio and we got taken into a living room kind of place. 

"please pick any outfit you like." She said handing us a binder. We each flicked through it before we found the perfect page. It had two outfits. One for me. One for her. My outfit was was a plain black top with a blue denim button up. It also had cream Cheenos. Toped off with silver Nike hightops and a snap-back. 

Her outfit was Denim high waisted shorts with a batman shirt that was tucked in. With red Van's and loads of bracelets. 

"Okay. Here. Go put them on." Lou handed us the clothes and showed us the dressing rooms. I put them on and walked out. Lou fixed my hair and my hat. Then Kendall walked out looking STUNNING. Her hair got fixed. 

"Okay Kendall, sit down. Make up." Lou squealed.

"No. No make-up. Romeo let's go!" She said grabbing my hand and running out the room. 


Kendall's P.O.V:

I grabbed his hand and we ran out the room. We slowed down and started to walk. I looked at our hands. He was holding on to me and I was holding onto him. 

"So". I said sitting down on the floor and looking up at him. "Tell me about yourself" I said flinging my arms onto my lap. He looked at me and chuckled me before joining me. 

"Um My name is Romeo James Beckham. I love football. I'm 12 like you. I'm a model. I love my baby sister Harper. I love Basketball too. That's pretty much it. What about you?" He asked. SO I told him about me. We ended up talking about random stuff and getting along really well. 

"KENDALL, ROMEO!!!" We heard. We turned our heads to see Simon poking his head round the door. We sighed and got up. We walked into the meeting room again and sat down in our original place. "Okay Kendall, you will be staying the night at the Beckham's and going to a basketball game with them tomorrow. Okay?" He asked. I nodded and smiled at the Beckham's. 

"Okay. Kendall Lou has already dropped off your bag with the clothes in at their house. SO we'll see you tomorrow." Simon said. We got up and I said goodbye to everyone. We walked out towards their car. There were fans outside. Brooklyn put Romeo's arm around my shoulder. We looked at him and he winked and smiled before running towards the car. We walked out and the fans were going crazy. We got to the 4x4 and we climbed in. David and Brooklyn in the front, then in the back was Romeo and I with Cruz in the middle in his little car booster. Cruz tugged at my arm and I looked at him. He pointed his finger at Romeo and whispered into my ear, 

"He has fluffy hair today!" He giggled and I laughed.  He started playing with my bracelets. 

"So Kendall. What's it like living with One Direction?" David asked looking at me in the mirror. 

"Hectic. You know Louis woke me up two days ago by pouring freezing cold water on my head?" I said and  everyone burst out laughing. 

"Isn't he playing for the Doncaster Rovers?" Brooklyn asked. 

"yeah. He was fan-girling yesterday because he got asked to play in a match" I said making everyone laugh too. 

"Do you play football?" Romeo asked. 

"I can't actually" I said. David almost choked and stared at me shocked. "Romeo if she is staying tonight she needs to learn how to play football today!" He said. I laughed and we pulled up at a mansion. I stared at it. 

"You like?" Romeo asked. I looked at him. 

"You can run away and still be at your house" I said matter of factly. He nodded his headed and held his hand out. I took at it and we both hopped out the car. Cruz jumped onto my back. For a six year old he is very light. Usually they are really heavy. I held onto his legs with my free hand and we walked up the really long path. When we got in Cruz jumped off my back and hugged my legs before running off to God knows where. Romeo dragged me towards the back-garden and got out a football. He did a few kicks in the air then gave it to me. 

"Now remember, Steady and straight" He said helping me guide it. 

3 hours later 

"Stop it I swear Romeo. Stop it. No put me down. NO" I was thrown in the pool. Romeo and I had changed into our swimming costumes. Well I was wearing a pair of his trunks with one of his vest tops. I swam up to the surface and saw Romeo laughing his ass off on the side of the pool. I swam under water to him and grabbed his hands. I dragged him and then went back up. I was laughing so hard that I didn't notice Romeo splashing water at me. It ended in a water splash fight.

"Romeo, your father tells me you have a gue- Oh Hello." We turned around and saw Victoria. 

"Hey Mum. This is Kendall." Romeo said. 

"Hey" I smiled at her. She greeted me back and said that dinner was going to be ready so we should dry off. We climbed out and wrapped some warm towels around us. We walked back into his room. I changed in the bathroom while he was changing in his room. We've gotten pretty close in the past three hours. 


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