Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


37. Hanging with Romeo Beckham and co.

Kendall's P.O.V:

I fixed my top as I stood in-front of the mirror. I was wearing some black jeans with a red top that says 'Cheer '14' on it with a blue varsity jacket. I then put on some red all-stars and a white beanie. BUZZZZ

Romeo xxx

Outside now! xxx


on my way xxx

I shoved the phone in my pocket and grabbed some money from my desk drawer. I walked through the empty house. Everyone left last night so it was just me but Lou came and checked up on me so it was fine. I made sure the back door was locked and then ran out to the gates. I saw Romeo standing there and gave him a hug. 

"Brook and his 'girly' friend are at the cinema. They got tickets for a cartoon thing." He said. I nodded and we walked off. We talked and laughed about random things. 

"So um, you're friend Zac. He um doesn't seem to like me." He said scratching his neck. 

"He does like you, it's just, I don't know." I said.


Romeo's P.O.V:

"He does like you, it's just, I don't know." She said. 

After that it was really awkward. I looked down at our hands. They were close and they kept brushing against each other as we walked. I looked up and took hold of her hand. i saw her smirk out the corner of my eye and smiled myself. We got to town and some people started to notice us. 

"Where's Brooklyn?" She asks standing on her tip toes trying to find him. I shook my head. 

"He said meet us by the cinema. If they are not out already then they should be inside." I said and she nodded going back to normal height. We made our way towards the cinema and noticed that they weren't out. I dragged her into the little hallway thing and we stood trying to find them. Kendall again stood on her tip toes and then came back down again. She dragged me towards  the pop-corn stand thing and we saw Brooklyn, Cruz and Brooklyn's girlfriend, Chloe,  sitting down on the steps by the screening room. 

"Kendall!" Cruz said happily while hugging her legs. 

"Hey Cruz." She said tickling his neck. 

"Romeo what took so long?" Brooklyn asked standing up. 

"Hey Brooklyn nice to see you too" I replied. Chloe laughed and stood up. 

"Romeo. How are you?" She asked. 

"Good. You?" I asked. She said 'same'. Cruz started punching my back. I turned towards him. 

"I'm hungry" He whined. I sighed and walked towards the pop-corn stand. I ordered two large pop-corns then walked back to the others. Brooklyn handed me Kendall's, Cruz's and I's tickets then took a pop-corn. 

"Right. After the movie we can go do what we want. So call or text us when want to meet up. Do you want us to take Cruz?" He asked. Cruz shook his head and clung to Kendall. 

"It's okay. We've got him." She said. He nodded and Chloe and him walked into the screening room. I got hold of Kendall's hand and she took Cruz's before we followed. The screening room was the one with armchairs instead seats, since it was really expensive. Kendall sat on one chair in the back and Cruz climbed onto the one to the right. I sat on the one to the right. 

The movie started and it turned out we were watching 'Epic'.


The movie ended. It was really funny. Not only that but Kendall and I ended up in a popcorn fight. She threw me a piece of popcorn and I caught it in my mouth. 

"Impressive" She said nodding. I smiled and we stood up. I picked Cruz up and Kendall held my hand. We walked out of the movie and there was paps everywhere. 

"Are you too going out?" One asked. We both ignored them and carried on towards the park. We got there and Cruz ran towards the swings. Kendall and I sat on the grass so we could keep an eye on him. She was sitting on her butt and her soles of her feet were in the middle of my feet with her knee caps in the air. She stole my white snap-back and turned it backwards on her head. 

"Oy, that's mine" I whined. 

"But I like it" She whined back. I laughed. She pulled her phone out and put the 'selfie' camera on. She positioned herself in-front of me. I quickly kissed her check when she took it. She looked at it and smiled. Then we did the same thing but she was kissing my check. 

"I'm bored" Cruz moaned running up to us. 

"You wanna go swimming?" Kendall asked. He nodded eagerly. She laughed and I stood up. I looked at her. 

"You getting up?" I asked. She held her hands up and I grabbed them hoisting her up. She laughed and she ended up crashing into my chest. 

"I'll call Brooklyn. Why don't we just meet them at the yours" I said. 

"Sure. But TELL them" She said. Damn she can read me. "The RIGHT address" She said. Damn it.










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