A Turn Of Events - Kevin's Story

Second in the series of A Turn Of Events, and as I have mentioned all these characters I have decided to follow each character and tell the story from their point of view about all these different situations. So this is Kevin's story.

Warnings or some scenes you may find upsetting


4. Part 4 - An Unexpected Exit

Me, Ellie, my best friend Charlie, our other friends James, jack and my two sisters were all on holiday together.

We were driving along a road together in two separate cars.

Me and my sisters were in front and James, Jack, Charlie and el were behind.

We came to a traffic jam that ran over the train line.

The man in the train conductor box on the sign waved me to go through so I did.

We were sat there for a couple of minutes when the conductor man started to wave his hands, a second later the barriers had gone down and we were trapped.

Panic started to bubble and my heart started to rapidly beat.

My sister started to cry. I shushed them and pulled our car to the side of the train line and began to cry softly.

I had to pull as far over which blocked us against a wall, we couldn't get out and the train was too close to get out of the drivers side.

We were trapped.

I held my sisters hands and we all said I love you.

I could hear the train coming so I closed my eyes and tried to block out the sound.

I could hear Charlie in the background but el was the loudest, my beautiful girl screaming we had started going out 4 months before and everything was perfect.

I prayed that Charlie would keep her safe. I was going to miss them so much.

Then the train came and that's when everything ended.

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