Home and away

All I can say is will she keep it?


3. Out of control

As I walked in to Nialls house I knew something was out of control because no one was there I felt a push behind me and Liam was pushing me into the Living which is the hugest room in the house and when I got there there was a mini party a few people left when they saw me walk in but I dident care and the rest just booed me on then I heard nial shouting out SHUT UP because he was always sticking up for me.i greeted everyone but they dident seem to care so I sat in the corner and a year escaped. I thought to my self I need something I thought I'm sick if every one bullying me so why don't I just stop being stupid and woke my self up I finally realised they dident like me because they jealous I stood up for my self and yelled out to the ACCEPT ME OR GET out they all went silent and left Niall and Liam said I did the right thing and knew I did Niall asked "would you like to stay over" I replied yes and just rang my mum and she said it was ok. I said to the boys "where do I sleep" Nialll replied "in my parents room" Liam followed me in to  the bed room and said goodnight love and with his big hand he rubbed my cheek I dident know what to do so at the heat of the moment I kissed him luckily our lips rolled in sync I was in a dream when we stopped we said goodnight and shut the door.ahhh that felt so good as I went to bed .

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