Home and away

All I can say is will she keep it?


6. HSC

I asked what the boys name was he said it was Louis and I thought this would be a new relationship. I had lots to drink so I wasent my self Louis asked If I would like to do this again sometime I said follow me so I held his hand  dragged him to bad I was having sex for the first time but I new what I was doing our lips rolled in sync . I woke up the next morning and looked at the time I then said 9 I looked at left and there was someone next to me I dent even know I looked back at the clock and it was 9 SHIT I screamed and ran to school.....when I got to school I had my HSC on my desk it was in a big brown envelope I opened it slowly and saw a big fat sloppy D+ my life was over and I hated it. When I got home I saw my sister and mum they asked me what I got I lied and said a B+ my mum said good thing it wasent d and my sister said yeah I heard as I was walking to my room I cryed and went to bed.

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