love never ends

the story is about a girl called mia who gets in a tragic accident the day after her wedding and forgets everything that happened for the last 5 years fiance harry styles aka boyfriend for 5 years. what will happen next will get her memory back or not?
this story is kinda based on the vow. xx


2. flashback

The car ride was loud and cheery mary was the one driving and i was in the passengers seat while the two other lunatics were at the back dancing about. While we were getting to are destination i was thinking about the time harry proposed to me it was just magical. 


"Can i please take the blindfold off my eye is starting to itch?" i complained halfway through the ride. "No you cant stop fiddling we will get there soon," harry replied. "Can i at least get a *making a kissing face*," i said. "What do you mean? i swear mia you make no sense at all sometimes," harry said chuckling a bit."You know what i mean we could pull over and the go in the back seat  to have some fu-" i was cut off by harry screaming we are here. Harry jumped out off the car and jogged right round the car to my side to open the door."Can i take it of now?" i questioned harry hoping he would say yes."No!" harry exclaimed. "Argh!!" i moaned as loud as i could. I could feel that we were walking on sand and harry's hand holding mine. We came to a stop i was definitely sure we were at the beach cause i could feel the smell the salty sea. Harry spun me around so i think i was facing him he suddenly took of the blindfold and i was looking deep into his green orbs. "Whats all this harry?" i asked him clearly had confusion written all over."Turn around," harry said."What?" i said sounding dumbfounded."You heard me" harry said with a smirk on his face."Your so demanding" with that i turned around was astonished of i was looking at. The lads were standing there with huge surf boards clearly showing will you marry me. I instantly turned around and hugged harry. Tears were threatening to fall but i held for as long as could but eventually falling.We pulled apart  "so is that a yes?" harry questioned with the biggest grin on his pale face. I was too happy to speak so i answered with a small nod reconnecting to hug. "Could you please just kiss her already." louis and niall screamed. I giggled a bit and stood on me tip toes while harry placed his large hands on my waist. I cupped his face with my hands and we both shared the most  passionate kiss we had yet. I heard the boys cheer and scream this moment is when me and harry knew it was just the beginning for the both of us

A/N: hope you guys enjoyed this chapter new updates will be in tomorrow xxx


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