Charlotte Moore was a typical high school student.
Very body liked her and she was very nice and kind to every she meet including Marcel.
But everything changes when Charlotte sees a side to Marcel no one has ever seen before....


1. This Is Where It All Started

" Marcel - the nerd boy "

" Little geek "

" Punk "

" Nerdy boy "

" Smart ass "


That's all I hear in the hallway as I see Marcel passed by.


Why did everyone not like Marcel ? I know he is kinda geeky and nerdy and all but I know behind all that he is amazing guy and all but people just need to sit down with him and talk to him. I have know Marcel ever since 2nd grade we were best friends before but then ... time changes and people grow up ; I still remember the first time we saw and talked to each other :

It was at the swing set and I was sitting down on top of the monkey bars but I was soon join by a boy with glasses and I remember our conversation we had " Do you wanna bite of my pb and j ? " I said to him and he grab my sandwich out of my hand and took a big bit out of it " I'm sorry I didn't mean to take a big bite " I started to laugh at him and he soon join with me " It's okay I have another one if you want " I grab my sandwich out of my bag and gave it to him and he took a big bite again " Do you wanna be best friends ? " he asks me and I nod my head " Yeah I would like that " I smile at him and we high fived " Oh and by the way my name is Marcel " he smirked at me " Mines is Charlotte "

I got my stuff out of the locker and headed to my first class " Good Morning Mr. Astin " I said as I walked in the classroom and took my seat " Morning Ms. Moore " I had the best seat out of the whole classroom it was right next to the window . I really loved the window seat cause my school was right next to a beach and I would watch as the sun peaked out of the ocean horizon and makes it way into the sky - it was really beautiful. 


Marcel was the second one to come into the classroom and his seat was next to mines at first it was really awkward to sit next to him but then ,  you get use it like a daily face routine yeah - kind like that really " Hey Charlotte " I turned to see Marcel looking at me I couldn't help but smile at him and nod I don't know why I just did that I'm gonna say hi " Hi Mar- Madison " I said to my best friend Madison as she walked into class and I got up to hug her " Hey Char " That's what she called me as a nickname but as we were going into our conversation about her date last night I couldn't help but look at Marcel that just stared at me with these sad eyes ; I felt guilt in my stomach I sat back down and took out my book and pencil and as a bunch of people begun to arrived the Mr. Astin begun his lesson " Okay settle down , class has begun "


We were at the end of class and Mr. Astin told us not to get up yet " You guys have a new assignment to do for this course of the year " everyone in the classroom let out a loud sigh       " But I think you guys would like this one though to keep your sighs at the end of the speech okay " I couldn't wait for this assignment " You guys have to be partner with someone of my choice but it gets better ! " he says while he claps his hand and hands out a piece of paper to everyone in the room " The assignment is to write about your partner , about there life and what you think you could relate about that one person based on a topic I have given you " he walks back to the front of the room and stands there with a smile on his face " Okay class I have written a topic on top of your papers please find the other person with the same topic " 


The topic I was given was Life really Mr. Astin ? out of all topic you give me this one. I get up and try to find a person with the same ridiculous topic I was given ; I felt a tap on my shoulder and see Marcel again " I believe you have the same topic as me " he says and lifts up his paper I froze in place I couldn't believe it .... " Excuse me if you mind " I ran up to Mr. Astin desk and slap my paper on the desk " Ummmm ... Mr. Astin you made a mistake you had put me with Marcel you do know that right ? " he nod his head at me " I did know that why is there a problem ? " I nod my head no " There's no problem its just that if you could  switch me with another person or something like that " He stood up and grab my  paper and handed me back the paper " Trust me Charlotte you'll thank me for this " he smiled at me and turned me around but I soon see Marcel standing there with a big smile on his face I lift up my head stared at the teacher then back at Marcel.


It was the end of the day and I begun to walk over to my car when Marcel comes behind me      " Hey Marcel " I said while still getting to my car " Hey umm... I wondering if maybe I could get you number so we have some way to contact each other for the project " He says while walking backwards in front of me I stopped and give him my number and continue walking towards my car but I turned around to see Marcel standing there with a smirk on his face and he started to dance a little but then stops and begins to walk away.



Marcel has never change.




Hey guys I'm new to this so if you could please just give me feedback based on my book it would really mean alot :) thanks .

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