Can you see me?

Hi my name is Sarah. I'm from Canada, I go to prince alemart. I'm 15 years old and I'm in grade 10. Many girls bully me for no reason.. They call me ugly, fat, whore, slut, bitch, smells, fatass, hobo, fish, skank, hoe, tramp, and many others.. I don't know why they call me these things.. But I believe them.
I always cut myself.. wear black and never show my face anymore.. I try to play it cool but I just can't.
My parents always say tell a adult at your school and they will stop.. they doesn't understand an
Then this guy named Cameron came into my life.. I liked him ever since grade 4. Hes one of them.. But he always treats me different than they do.


1. Julie and Eric..

Sarahs POV

"Sweetie you have to get ready for school today?" my mom yelled up the stairs. I slowly open one eye then the other. Rubbed my eyes and slowly sat up. Looked at my alarm clock it said '7:52 A.M'. School is in a hour, can't wait.. I walked over to my bathroom and looked into the mirror. Put on mascara, black eyeliner, and some light black eye shadow.. I'm not really into make up.

I brushed my hair, grabbed 2 pony tails and put my hair up. Brought my hand over to pick up my tooth brush and tooth paste and put some on, brushed my teeth.

Walked out of my washroom and went over to my closest.. Grabbed a pair of jeans and a black sweater.. Looked down and brought out a pair of black uggs.. Walked over to my dresser and grabbed a black T-shirt. Put on my T-shirt and jeans looked at my arm. Cuts from middle of my arm down.. It never really hurt. But no one cares about it. So I just do it.. But now I stopped for now.. Anyways I put on my sweater and brought my uggs downstairs.

"Hey mom.. Whats for breakfast" I asked sitting at the table.

"Pancakes" she brought some pancakes over. I picked up one pancake and ate it..

I heard the bus honk. I kissed my mom and waved goodbye, and my dad is at work. I smiled at her as I put on my uggs grabbed my bag and left for school.


*After School*

School was fine.. I guess.. None of the bullies, did anything..

"Oh hey theres miss ugly pants.. Wearing her all black outfit..." Eric said. I just turned around and started to head for the bus.

"Awh look at the baby.. Shes walking away from us because shes scared" Julie said. I try to keep my cool.. but I can't anymore.. I turned around and faced Julie..

"You shouldn't be the one that's talking. I'm not being a baby. I'm very strong but I don't show it around you people" I stopped and saw that everyone was looking at me.

"Well I'm not the one that cuts herself like everyday" she grabbed my arm and showed everyone my cuts on my arm.. I took her hand off and punched her right in the face..

"Baby!" I heard Eric yelled. Grabbed her before she hit the ground and sat her up. He looked at me.

"You whore!" he got up and punched. I fell to the ground and he started to punch me coastally in the stomach. I begged for him to stop but he didn't. Nobody helped me.. I was all on my own.

"Hel-help me..." I cried.. Starting to tear up.

Finally someone came over and moved Eric off of me. And it was my mom and dad. I guess someone called them or something.. My mom helped me up and brought me to the car..

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