I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


3. I Miss You

Once my mom walked out of the room I buried my head in my pillows , trying to prevent me from screaming. What was I gonna do? I haven't seen Justin for an entire 3 years. Would he finally agree to talk to me? Maybe he wasn't a jerk anymore? 


I reached over to my night stand , turning off my lamp , trying to dream of happy thoughts.

The next morning I woke up and picked up my phone. "One New Text Message From: Ryan Butler" appeared. You could say he's one of my friends , nowhere near as close as Justin and I were , but whenever I needed a good laugh or someone to talk to , he was there.

From: Ryan Butler - sent @ 7:23 a.m. Hey , Lex! haven't seen you in awhile... Mind meeting up before Justin's concert tonight? You're going , right?


To: Ryan Butler - sent @ 7:45 a.m. Hey , miss you! And im pretty sure my mom is making me... Bring on the awkwardness...


From: Ryan Butler - sent @ 7:51 a.m. Chill , it won't be awkward , you guys are more mature now , just pretend like nothing even happened.


I clicked the lock screen button and got out of bed. I went downstairs to the smell of eggs and bacon , my favorite.

Mom: Morning sleepy. Ready for some breakfast?

I nodded slowly and sat down at the table. My mom walked over and handed me orange juice , bacon and eggs.

Lexi: Thanks.

Mom: Anything for my girl.. By the way , what I was trying to say last night , Pattie got us tickets to Justin's show! I'm so excited to finally see them again.

My half-smile quickly faded to a frown.

Lexi: Oh , what time?

Mom: You should be ready around 2 , the show starts at 7 but we still have to drive into town and get to the arena , maybe get a bite to eat.

Without saying anything I stood up and brought my plate to the sink. My mom gave me a confused look but I just kept walking , trying to ignore her. I went up-stairs and turned on the shower. I then unlocked my phone and texted Ryan.


To: Ryan Butler - sent @ 9:56 a.m. I'm getting ready right now , meet me at the park at 11. See you then.


After I got out of the shower I changed into a purple hoodie , black leggings , and white vans. I don't usually care if I have the cutest clothes or not , I'm not one to beg for attention. I zipped up my hoodie and thought of Justin. Purple was Justin's favorite color and this is what I was wearing to the concert so might as well. I brushed my teeth and combed through my long , dirty blonde hair and ran down the stairs and out the door.

Once I got to the park I saw Ryan sitting by a tree. I ran up tapped on his shoulder.

Ryan: Lex!! I missed you!

He wrapped his arms around me and swung me in the air. After he set me down , I stepped back. Ryan was way too touchy for me , only if Justin were here to say something.

Lexi: Uh , I missed you too.

We started walking. We tried to catch up on each others lives since we hadn't talked in so long , but time got away from us and I noticed it was already 2:30.

Lexi: Ugh , my moms probably wondering where im at.. I'll see you tonight!

Once I got home my mom was on the phone with who I was assuming Pattie. She waved her hand towards the door signaling me to get in the car. After getting dinner , we pulled up to the arena about 3 hours later. There were crowds of people all waiting behind a giant gate. We saw Pattie sneak out behind a car and she led us in through the back entrance. Once the door closed behind us Pattie jumped into our arms and gave my mom and I a warm hug... I missed seeing her every day.

Pattie: My two favorite girls , we missed you!

Lexi: We missed you too!

This time I jumped in her arms giving her another big hug.

Pattie: Justin's in sound check right now , you ladies wanna come and watch?

Mom: Of course , I've missed that little guy.


Little guy? She's making him seem like he's some innocent child. I turned my back and looked at my phone while my mom and Pattie started walking away.

Pattie: Coming , sweetie?

I stared up and shook my head awkwardly.

Lexi: Uh no it's alright... I gotta go to the bathroom.

I ran in and slammed the door behind me. My heart was beating faster than it ever had before. I couldn't go out and see Justin. I started to pace back and forth. I shouldn't be this nervous or upset , but this is just what my anxiety does to me. Once I start thinking of something bad that might happen , it never escapes my mind and basically haunts me in the back of my head.   I looked in the mirror , tucked my hair behind my ear and reached into my purse to find my lip gloss. After I calmed down , I flew open the door and walked with my eyes glued to the floor.

Voice: Lexi! Lexi-lu , wait up!

Lexi-Lu? Only one person has ever called me that... Justin. I looked up and saw Justin running behind to catch up with me. I froze instantly. No no no this couldn't be happening. I crossed my arms and tried to hide my face. I felt a tug on my arm.

Justin: You know you don't have to be scared of me , I won't hurt you.

I looked up , staring right into his caramel eyes.

Lexi: What about our promise?

Justin: That was when we were kids , Lex. Can't we at least try to work things out?

I shook my head remembering every rude thing he did to me , I just couldn't forgive him. I turned away and started to walk down the hall to find my mom.

Justin: Lex , wait.

I wasn't going to turn around , he already caused me too much stress and I couldn't handle any more. Once I found my mom , Pattie took us behind the soundboard where we all were going to watch the show. The crew invited us , Ryan , and some of Justin's family to sit with them. I took a seat in a nearby chair and stuffed my hands in my pocket , finding a small slip of paper that read:


Lexi-Lu , I know you may be mad at me , and I know I completely screwed up. I can't stand another day without talking to you. Even if you still decide not to talk to me , just know that you will always be my best friend and I 100% regret all of the rude things I have ever said to you. I hope we can put the past behind us and be friends again because I truly do care about you and miss you like crazy. Hope you enjoy the show and I hope you can come to my second show here again tomorrow. Stay beautiful , xox.

Love, J

I quickly folded up the paper and slipped it back in my pocket with a smile on my face. Maybe he actually did care about me.


Justin's POV:

Finally seeing Lexi again made me happier than I ever have been. I cared about her , a lot actually. Every day I wake up wanting to punch myself because of what I said to her. No best friend should ever treat the other the way I did to her. I really hurt her and I'm not sure if I will ever be able to forgive myself. Every day in the halls I would keep an eye out for her. She never knew it , but I did. We made a promise and I'm usually never one to break them , so I never said a word. It was my job to protect her , I did for a full 10 years , even when I was dating Brooklyn. You could say I was trying to get over my feelings for Lexi with Brooklyn... After all , I've been in love with her ever since 1st grade.


Lexi's POV:

After a couple minutes , Pattie , my mom and Alfredo came to sit by me and we waited for the show to start. Once the countdown started , the whole stadium was going crazy. The energy was more than i have ever experienced. The timer got to 00:00 and fireworks started going off all around us. We stood up and walked closer to the sound board and I watched as Justin came out on the huge wings above me. I was so proud of him , even though he wasn't at the top of my list at the time , I still cared , I've always cared. He jumped into "All Around The World" and Pattie and I started dancing and singing along. I could already tell it was going to be a fun night.

After going through a couple songs it got to "One Less Lonely Girl". Justin stood up and looked like he was searching for something in the crowd.

Justin: You know , every where I go , every place I travel , I always gotta find that one special girl , my One. Less. Lonely. Girl.

I smiled and looked at all of the girls screaming and waving their hands back and forth , until I was in shock of what I heard.

Justin: I just wanna say before I start this song... I care about you , I love you , and you will always be my one less lonely girl. You know who you are.

He winked and pointed back to the sound board.

My heart immediately dropped and I stood there with the biggest smile on my face.

Alfredo: Damn , you could say someone's in love.

He laughed at himself and pointed at me acting like he was some comedian. I just shook my head and kept smiling.

I'm pretty sure it's obvious by now that I've almost always had feelings for Justin. Yeah he was my best friend , but it always felt like something more. I've never had a boyfriend before , never kissed anyone , or never even partied... I've been too afraid and  I'm not sure if I'll never get over it. Whenever being with Justin , it felt different. He treated me like I was a princess , he acted like I was the only girl in the world and he would do anything to make me happy. Of course it made me fall for him , I mean , who wouldn't? But every time I'd think of the good things , the way he acted towards me these past couple years would always reappear in my mind.

Stop it Lexi , stop. You aren't falling for him again. You can't , it can't happen.

Later in the show , one during one of the last songs , "As Long As You Love Me" , the crowd started going crazy. I looked up from my phone only to realize Justin walked on stage shirtless. I started to mumble words to myself not thinking anyone would hear.

Lexi: Well dammit Justin , someone beat the shit out of puberty.

My mouth was dropped wide open. Alfredo nudged my arm and kept chuckling to himself because of what he just heard come out of my mouth.

Alfredo: And about what I was saying earlier... Was I right or was I right?

He kept smiling and laughing at me but I just shook my head and covered my face with my hands. It was so hard not to be attracted to Justin , he was gorgeous , and I'm pretty sure half of the earth could agree with me. But every time , I would go back to what was behind the perfect face , the jerky high school guy that seemed to care about nothing but himself.

The concert was over and the arena started to clear out. Pattie took me and my mom's hands and led us to backstage where Justin was. It was extremely hectic and crew members were running everywhere trying to dissemble the stage.  Next thing I knew , Pattie and my mom let go of my hands.

Mom: My little Biebs! What an amazing show , im so proud of you sweetheart!

She pulled him into her arms and gave him a tight hug.

Justin: Thank you , thank you so much Michelle , I missed you.


I'm pretty sure he could tell I was staring , because he looked over and gave me a cute grin. I gave him a quick smirk back , then turning my head the opposite direction. I wasn't going to just forgive him that easily. and the worst part was , I wanted to so badly , but there was something in my gut telling me not to. As I started to walk to the bathroom , his voice stopped me again. 

  Justin: Lex! Wait! Please.

I turned around and folded my arms across my chest , scratching my shoulder to pretend like I was actually doing something. He gave me a big smile and also crossed his arms... It almost looked like he was up to no good. I giggled to myself.

Lexi: What do you want from me , Bieber?

Justin: A hug......

He started giving me the puppy face. Did he really think I'd just forgive him right away? I just simply ignored the question and started to walk away.

Lexi: Good job at your show tonight by the way , you put on some pretty good entertainment... See you tomorrow.

He started walking towards me and opened his mouth acting like he would say something , but no words came out. I walked through the exit and out to the car , waiting for my mom.


Once we pulled up to the hotel I hopped out of the car and started to bring my bags in. My mom followed after , talking on the phone with Pattie.

Mom: -Yeah , yeah we are just walking in , have you guys left yet? ~ Oh okay great , see you then ~ alright , bye!-

Lexi: What'd she say?

Mom: They just pulled out of the parking lot , should be here in about five minutes.

We got our key and made our way up to the room. As we walked in , I flew myself on the bed and looked at my phone , trying to find something to do.

Mom: Sweetie? I'm gonna walk back down to the lobby , Pattie just texted me that they are here.

Lexi: Oh , uh okay , I'll be in the shower and then I'll probably head off to sleep.

I heard the door shut and I got up from the bed , walking over to turn the shower on.

After I got out of the shower , I combed through my tangly hair , brushed my teeth and got dressed. I picked up my phone and pulled the comforter over me , then turning off the light. A couple seconds later my phone made a "ding" noise. I looked down to see I had received one new message from 'my best friend for lifeeee<3'. That was Justin. I was actually shocked to see what his name was in my phone because I haven't texted him in forever , I guess I just didn't really care to change it.

Why was Justin texting me? How did he still have my number? I was sure he deleted it once he got his new phone , I guess not. I started getting a weird feeling in my stomach , almost a feeling of guilt , just because of how nervous I was to see what the text would say.

I swiped my finger across the arrow and unlocked my phone.

From: my best friend for lifeeee<3 - sent @ 11:54 p.m.

Hey Lex , I wish we could've talked longer... I really do miss you. I'm sorry for everything and I'll never be able to apologize enough. I'm with your mom right now and she said your coming to tomorrow's show? Meet me in the arena like an hour before sound check? I have something special for you. Sleep tight , xo.

- J

I smiled at my phone and then started getting distracted by what the surprise might be. I locked my phone and closed my eyes.


Justin and I were sitting on the steps of what it seemed like to be the Avon theater. I saw him get down on one knee pulling out a huge diamond ring.

Justin: Lexi , will you marry me?   I jumped into his arms and nodded my head , crying tears of joy. All of the sudden we looked to the side of us and each store was being lit on fire. People running out of their houses screaming , trying to save their most special belongings. Justin and I stared at each other and started running for our lives. The town was getting covered in smoke and people were dropping one by one. Justin took off his hoodie and covered my face with it and whispered in my ear.

Justin: I'll protect you , I promise.








Ahhh. Ya'll are so sweet... Hope you're enjoying it so far! Keep letting us know what you think.<3  

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