I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


10. Help

Justin held me close as he continued to run his fingers through my hair.


Justin: Baby , I’m going to go take you to the emergency room… You don’t need to worry , okay? It’ll all be alright.


I let out soft cries and he leaned down to kiss my forehead. I tried to whisper to him.


Lexi: It h-hurts so b-

Justin: Lex , don’t talk… It just hurts you even worse. I’ll take care of you.


He carried me to the couch and gently set me down , propping me up with a pillow.

Justin: I’ll be right back.


Justin walked over to the counter and picked up his phone , calling Pattie.


Justin: Mom? Hi , uh… I found Lexi… She’s really hurt and I need to get her to the hospital-


I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and let out a shrieking scream.

Lexi: HELP!!!!


Justin hung up the phone and ran to my side. He tried to pick me up but it made me scream in pain even more.


Justin: I’m calling the ambulance , don’t move baby.


He had a look of worry on his face as he paced back and forth with the phone held up to his ear. I saw a tear drop from his jawline.




Justin: They’re coming baby. Just stay calm , I’m right here.


I lied there with tears streaming down my face. I was in so much pain… And it was right around my stomach area. I couldn’t even explain how I was feeling. It was almost as if someone was stabbing me over and over again.

Justin sat right by my side , trying to dry my face. You could tell he wasn’t sure of what he was supposed to do… But he was trying his hardest.




Justin stood up because of the loud siren noises coming from outside. He opened the door , and the paramedics came running in.


Paramedic: Okay , so where’s the most painful area? Has anything else gotten worse since you called?


Justin looked at me with a worried face and I pointed at my side , still wincing in pain.


Justin: I don’t know what I’m supposed to do , she’s in so much pain , sir. Please do whatever you have to do to make her feel better… I care about her more than anything.



I started to feel light-headed because of the medicines and ivies they were hooking up to me.


Paramedic: We need to get her to the hospital right away.


As they rolled me out on the stretcher , Justin followed right by my side , holding my hand.


Paramedic: Sir , are you immediate family?

Justin: Uh , no… Boyfriend.

Paramedic: Then I’m sorry...


The two men and woman started to roll me up onto the ambulance , making me let go of Justin’s hand.

Paramedic: Family only.





Justin’s POV:


Lexi let out a loud cry as they made me wait outside of the ambulance.


Lexi: No , J-Justin!


I leaned my head into the back while a tear rolled down my cheek.


Justin: It’s gonna be okay baby , I love you. I’ll meet you at the hospital.


I ran inside to grab my keys and I was disturbed by a noise coming down from the stairs.


Justin: Uh , hello?


I was shocked to see a man around 40 to 50 creepily walk down. I stepped back , dialing 911 into my cellphone.


Justin: Who are you?


The man got closer to me , holding up a fist.


Man: Kevin , Lexi’s dad… And I’m assuming you’re… Justin?

Justin: Get out right now. I’m calling the cops , look… GET OUT.


The front door opened , and I saw Ryan walk through holding Lainey’s hand.


Ryan: Bro , what’s going on?

Justin: Call the cops Ry , call the cops.


Kevin swung at my face , making  a small amount of skin break open on my cheek.


Justin: What the hell?!


Ryan came running up behind him kicking him in the leg , causing him to fall over.







The police were handcuffing Kevin , while my mom and Michelle walked in.


Michelle: No , no , no. Where’s Lexi? What happened?

Justin: The ambulance just came and picked her up… I was on my way out the door and Kevin came downstairs-

Michelle: That’s why Lexi’s hurt…..


I stood there watching the police walk Kevin out the door. Michelle brought her hands to her face and let out a cry.


Michelle: I-I told her I would never let this happen to her a-and I’m- I’m a terrible mother.

Justin: There’s nothing you could’ve do-

Michelle: We need to go to the hospital. Now.


Ryan , Lainey , and I ran out to my car and were on our way.







When we pulled up , Lainey and I hopped out and Ryan went to go park the car. We walked up to the front desk.


Justin: Alexandra Johnson… I need to see her. Please.

Woman: Alright , you can take a seat in the waiting room. We will bring you back in a second.


I nervously walked back and forth , thinking about how I let Lexi down. I told her I would protect her , but instead I let her go.


Ryan: J , chill. She’ll be okay , you didn’t do anything wrong.


I broke into tears , which is very unusual for me… Especially in front of girls.


Justin: Ryan , you just… You don’t understand. I let her down , I told her I would be there right by her side and look at me now.


Lainey got up and walked over to me , pulling me into a hug.


Lainey: Justin , it’s alright bud. She’s gonna be okay.


The nurse walked into the room and I shot my head up.


Nurse: Is anyone here for Alexandra?

Justin: Uh , yeah. We are.


I pointed to the three of us.


Justin: And my mom and her mom should be here soon… I’m her boyfriend.

Nurse: Okay.. Well , can I speak to you for a second?


She pulled me off to the side with a concerned look on her face.


Nurse: Look , she needs to go into surgery. She has three broken ribs and it has caused internal bleeding around her stomach , that’s why she’s in so much pain. It's almost as if she fell off something and landed really hard. It’s very serious , so we have to have an emergency operation to stitch up the areas , but while they are hooking her up… You can go see her.


Another tear slipped from my eye and I shook my head in disappointment in myself.


Justin: Uh , well can I please see her now?


She nodded her head and she took me up to the room.

Lexi was asleep because of the pain medicine but I leaned down and kissed her forehead , gently holding her hand.


Justin: Everything’s gonna be alright beautiful , everything’s gonna be alright.







*Can it get any worse for Lexi? )':*




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