I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


28. Happiness

I buried my face in his white v-neck as I tried to catch my breath. I had been waiting for this moment so I said nothing but continued to let the tears flow. For minutes, I lied there, curled up, as he tried to steady my breathing with his soft words.


Justin: I should have never let you go. I'm here.

Justin: Lexi-Lu, It's okay.

Justin: Shhhh...





I slowly opened my eyes and looked up. I was laying on Justin's lap and his eyes were staring down on me. I traced my fingers along his jawline and looked into his eyes.


Lexi: It's really you...

Justin: I-I'm so sorry for everything. I let you go, I said I never would. How could I just let someone like you leave so easily? You mean everything to me... And I was stupid. Hell, Lex- you know I've always wanted kids.. It's been my dream but if your body doesn't allow you to, there is nothing we can do about it, but it doesn't change the fact that I wanna be with you for the rest of my life.



I sat up and hugged him again. He then stood up and held his hand out to pull me up. We walked out the door and down the stairs until Justin stopped me again.


Justin: I have an idea....


He took my hand and led me to his car. We drove for about a mile and slowly came to a stop. I recognized where we were, but it took me a second to actually realize what we were doing. Justin opened the door and again took my hand, leading me to a gate. He popped open the lock and we ran through the door of the wired gate.


Lexi: Oh my God.... Justin.


We walked up to a tree. It wasn't just any tree, but the tree we'd used to climb every day after school. Justin hopped up in the tree first, then pulled me up under him. We sat, staring out at the children on the playground, reminiscing the days when we were the ones on the red and white see-saw and we were the ones playing tag in the grassy area. I leaned my head on his shoulder and took a deep breath.


Lexi: Can we talk about something, please?

Justin: Of course. What is it?

Lexi: Look... I love you, more than anything... And you know that. I'd die for you. You make me happy and you taught me the true meaning of hope and happiness when I thought I would never find it. But I miss the days when you were my best friend, and I was yours. The days where we didn't have to worry about our parents finding out something romantically stupid that we did. The days it was all just jokes and games. I miss that. I wish there could be some way we could make that work with you being my boyfriend, but I think we need a break to figure things out, ya know? I just want my best friend back.


Justin pulled me tight and smiled down at me.


Justin: That would make me the happiest boy in the world... I love you, bestie.


We spent hours, talking about the days when we were apart, how everyone was in California, Lainey and Ryan, my dad, and just how we wish we were kids again. It was nice actually, knowing that we could talk about anything and everything again and we didn't have to worry about the drama. It was nice knowing that something could one day work out between us but we just needed a break to let out our feelings. It was nice knowing that at this moment in time, we had our best friend back, and all we cared about was eachother's happiness.








Hiiii guys(: Awh I missed you so much! Thank you for still reading and supporting us. We lovelovelovelovelove y'all. Sorry about the short chapter and major plot twist but *hinthint* it gets better(: Stay tuned and you know what to do! Comment, and recommend to your friends. Stay beautiful. Love you<3 

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