I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


30. Beach Day

Months passed, we went back to Canada to be with everyone just a few days after the most recent incident. Justin decided to take a break and live at the house with us. At some points it was awkward between Justin and I, but we still had as good of a friendship as we did before. We didn't in the same room like we were originally supposed to. Justin let me have the master room and he had an extra room across the hall from mine. Today was July 6th. I rolled out of bed, sliding on my slippers and putting my hair into a messy bun. I walked out of the door and into the long hallway that squared all the way around the living room, just above it. I walked down the spiral staircase and into the kitchen. Ryan and Justin were being idiots as usual, cooking breakfast but meanwhile throwing food at each other. Lainey, who was now really pregnant, (and when I say "really pregnant" she was so pregnant that she could have the baby any day now), sat on the large couch in the living room which was connected to the kitchen. Being as hormonal as she was, she sat there yelling at Justin and Ryan.


Lainey: You guys stop! Grow up! You're making a mess!

Ryan: Babe... It's okay, we will clean it up. 


Justin laughed and managed to throw another piece of bacon at Ryan's head.


Lexi: Justin stop being a dick.


I sat down close by Lainey as she sighed and buried her head into her arms.


Lainey: This baby can come out any day now....


I rested my hand on her stomach while she yelled at Justin and Ryan yet again.


Lexi: She's gonna be so spoiled. I can't wait.


We laughed with each other and Lainey agreed.


Lexi: So have you thought of any names?

Lainey: That's what Ryan and I were talking about last night. I think we have a few. But Ryan insisted that we can't tell anyone until she's born.


Justin ran over and jumped on the couch.


Justin: But you can't even tell us... Your best friends?


Lainey shook her head and ignored him, because she knew that's what she had to do, otherwise he'd keep begging. Justin was a lot different ever since we broke up. He's always been immature but it seemed like it got even worse right after the break up. It was like he was always trying to make jokes and be crazy and sometimes it got to the point where I'd want to smack him.

Ryan brought over coffee to all of us and sat down.


Ryan: So, what do ya say? Beach day?


I awkwardly clapped because of my excitement.


Lexi: Yes!!!


Justin and Ryan laughed at me and then looked over at Lainey, waiting for a response. She rested her hand on her stomach, making an odd moaning noise.


Lainey: Nah... I'll just stay here. I'm not feeling very well today. But you guys should go. It's a great day for it.

Ryan: But i'll miss you, my sexy lady.


Lainey playfully smacked him on the cheek as he tried to get closer to her.


Lainey: Not in the mood, Ry.

Justin: So I guess it's just a Ryan, Justin, Lex day.. huh?


We nodded our heads and Ryan tried to be all lovey dovey with Lainey, which she obviously wasn't enjoying. 

This. This is when it got awkward. Whenever Lainey and Ryan would do something cute and romantic, Justin and I would just sit there, hopelessly staring at the two of them doing their mushy romance. He never said anything to me about it, but I knew we both knew what was going on.




After chatting for awhile, I walked upstairs to get ready for the beach. Justin followed behind me and did the same. Once I got into my room, I changed into a white bikini and threw a grey "Geek Chic" tank top over it. I picked up my glasses and phone in one hand, meanwhile trying to get my flip flops on my feet. I walked out of the room the same exact time Justin was walking out of his. Go figure. We walked downstairs together.


Lexi: I'm kinda worried about leaving Lain here all by herself.

Justin: I was thinking the same thing. We just gotta keep our phones on us and I think it'll be all good.


We reached the living room where Lainey and Ryan were sitting on the couch as Ryan tucked a blanket around her and turned on the t.v. Ryan stood up.


Ryan: Call or text us if you need anything, hun. Love you.

Justin: Bye Lain

Lexi: Have fun!


The three of us walked out the back door with our towels draped over our shoulders. Once we got to the beach, we lied them out and sat down. I lied in the middle and Justin and Ryan were on both sides of me. We got some sun for around 45 minutes and shortly after I felt Justin and Ryan pick me up and start to run me to the water.


Lexi: Justin!!! Ryan!!! No! Stop!


The two laughed hysterically at me and before I knew it, I was being pulled under the water. After Justin pulled me back up, I clung to him like a baby.


Lexi: Is there fish?? Oh my God you guys you know I hate this. Is there any fish around us?!

Justin: Hahaha Lex, chill. We got ya.


Ryan and Justin loved to harass me. And that's exactly what they did to me for the 30 minutes we were in the ocean. I finally decided to let go of Justin and walk back to shore by myself. The two boys were laughing at me but I honestly didn't care at that point. I lied down on the towel and pulled out the book I had been reading. I read for a little until I decided to check my phone. All of the sudden there were texts and missed calls all showing up on my phone from Lainey. The worst part of it was the first missed call was from 50 minutes ago. I immediately panicked and screamed.


Lexi: Ryan! Justin! Come back in!!!! Lainey!!!!


I looked through the texts.


'Ryan isn't answering his phone. I'm getting contractions. Come back pls'



I panicked again and called her back as I picked up all of our towels. Justin and Ryan came sprinting in from the water. No one answered the phone. I ran as fast as I could and Ryan ran ahead of me looking worried as ever. I wasn't even thinking about my steps or if I dropped anything; I just kept running, and that's when I tripped. Everything flew everywhere. I quickly tried to pick it up, but then I noticed Justin picking up what was left and then throwing me on his back. I gripped tightly to his shirt and held my other stuff close to my chest.


Lexi: Thank you, Oh my God.


Justin said nothing and kept on running. We got back to the house and flew open the door. Ryan was sitting on the couch with Lainey. She moaned into a pillow in excruciating pain as Ryan rubbed her back. 


Ryan: Babe, they're here now. J and I will bring you to the car. Stay calm.


Justin and Ryan quickly picked her up and ran to the car, with me following behind. Justin drove and Ryan and I sat in the back seat with Lainey, trying to calm her down.


Lainey: I. Can't. Do. This.

Lexi: Take deep breaths. We're almost there.




We pulled up to the hospital and ran through the doors. The nurses checked us in and brought Lainey to a room. Justin and I sat in the chairs on the side of the room and Ryan held Lainey's hand. The doctor felt around and then described to her everything she was going to have to do. I squeezed Justin's hand just because of how anxious I was.


Lexi: Oh my God, I'd never be able to do this.


I whispered to him. Lainey screamed out in pain as the doctor made her try to push. I then buried my head into Justin's shoulder because the whole thought of Lainey being in pain and everything that was happening, made me want to throw up. 


Doctor: 1,2,3, push!


Justin stood up, but still holding my hand. I stood up after him and he squeezed my body near him and we waited to see if we could hear anything. After about 3 minutes, we were all in tears. Lainey held the tiny baby to her chest as we heard the first cry of their new little girl.








Awhhh yayayayyayyy!

What did y'all think? (:


And to everyone who has been giving me their opinions and telling me how much they love this book, thank you thank you thank you. You guys make my day. ily all.


ok so it's 1:30 in the morning here and I've been writing all night for y'all so i need to sleep(:


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