They Don't Know Us

Fifteen-year-old Isabelle grew up in California with her famous parents. Recently her parents decided they would move back to her mothers home town. Belle doesn't know what to expect from the small town. How will she an her family adjust to the move? And how does the town react to their presence?


1. Good Morning

    Alarm clocks. Probably the worlds worst inventions. I mean who wants to wake up to the sound of random beeping? To add insult to injury, that beeping meant it was six in the morning, and the first day of school. 

    I hit the snooze button and settled back into my bed. Suddenly my room is flooded with light. 

    "Time to get up our big high schooler." My mother sings and I throw a pillow over my head and groan. 

     "Aww come on darling." My father's accent rings in my covered ears. My security pillow is pulled away from me, and my arms flail about in a desperate attempt to get it back. The brightness of the light burns my pupils and I pull my hands back to cover them.

    "My eyes!" I cry in a foreign voice. I cough to clear my voice. "Turn off the lights. My eyes need to adjust!"

     My mom's chipper laugh slices through the morning air. "No need to be dramatic. Time to get up and make yourself even more beautiful than you are now." I peak through a slit in my eye at her to see her blonde hair falling down in perfect curls and her features perfectly accented with a little makeup. She is wearing a black tank and skinny jeans with a purple cardigan and a smile, showing off her beautiful teeth. My dad stands close to her, his dark hair styled and he wore a grey sweatshirt and jeans.

    Only my parents would look this amazing at this unnatural hour.

    "Now Belle." Dad commands with a light sigh. He whispers something to mom that makes her smile. "You know Belle, the boys are going to be here in hmm..." He checks his wrist. "About forty-five minutes."

    I jump out of bed and run down to the bathroom, leaving my parents to eat my dust. 

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