Baby I...

It was the beginning of a new school year and Ashley is planing to change her personality and style she was tired of getting bullied and she had enough of it until she saw the new boy Justin and they both fell in love at first sight


4. Falling in love

He stared at me the way I was staring at him but all of a sudden him eyes were moving up and down. Was he checking me out? I guess he was cause it looked like it. He walked over to me and looked at me for a while before speaking

"My names Justin" he said

"I'm- I'm- ummm-Ashley"

was I falling in love so quick I mean I barely even knew him but... But those eyes of his.

"well Ashley I know we just meet but umm... I was wondering do u wanna go out some time"

I wasn't gonna say no I mean the guy was just sooooooooo cute and I was into him the way he was into me.

"YES! why not"

"how about after school"

he said. 

"Yeah but I need to drop off a friend at home after school so give me a call"

He handed me his phone and I put my phone number in it 

"ill call" he said while licking his lips.

"K" I said and then I walked away. While I was walking I heard my phone buzz 

J:just wanted to make sure u don't give me a fake number 

A: well know you know that it was real (; 

J: never doubted it 

A: sure u dint know bye Justin I have to get too class 

and with that he stopped texting me and I went to class all day I was thinking about him. I couldn't even pay attention in class. Which it's not like I ever do. 

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