Truly, Madly, Deeply Falling

Heyyy! My name is Katrina, you can call me Kat. I'm 16 years old now. However, this story starts off in my second year of high school, thus I was 15. I can be described as...well, let me put it this way. If this was some kind of stereotypical teenage movie, I'd never really be the snobby popular girl. I'd pretty much be the nice girl who's friendly, nobody really hates (yet), and has a life I'd never give up for anything. I have a loving family, wonderful friends and all that I can ask for. But then in the second year of high school, my life took a rough turn on to crazyville. Crazy right? Ha. I hope you enjoy my story and trust me, when you think it just stopped getting weirder, it gets weirder. So don't stop reading ;)


4. Runaway Friend

Isabel's POV: I guess I was crushing on a guy that's already taken. But time to make it obvious that they like each other. Don't worry i'm not insane. This is just so i can test their love. If one of them doesn't like the other, it will be all awkward and they'll probably never talk again. If they both do like each other they'll find a way to confess it. Isabel- GUYS! You know what, you guys look perfect together *i took a chalk and started writing on the chalkboard next to me and behind them. There. K+Z=<3. Come on it's so obvious! Wait..I hope I'm not making things worse for myself... Zayn's POV: K+Z? Oh. Katrina and me. I guess I'm fine with it... Isabel's POV: They just looked at each other I could see Kat (my nickname for Katrina) blushing. She was so loving him. I was so mad. I felt like smacking the love right out of her pretty little face. But I had to keep my cool, my crush was there and he can't think of me as some psycho. Zayn's POV: I have no idea what's going on in Katrina's head right now. Who's this new girl...she seems nice and she's pretty... I wonder why Katrina never introduced me to her..? Zayn- ok I'm just gonna break this awkwardness and hey Katrina wanna hang out after class? Isabel's POV: I was so pissed like how could he. He was totally crushing on her too. Ugh my life sucks. I'm just gonna leave and go find a friend. Katrina's POV: Katrina- Isabel don't leave! I ran after Isabel but I was too late. She ran out the door and disappeared into some other room. The hall looked so short yet so confusing. What's wrong with me? I've been coming here almost everyday for the past two years. Since when do I get confused in this hall...? Ugh how could I let my old crush on Zayn take over. For gods sake i liked him 2 years ago! She totally hates me now. This sucks. Zayn's POV: Why'd she run away from me? Does she hate me for asking her to hang out right after Isabel said we made a good couple? I just really like Katrina and want to get to know her better and what am I saying! I like Katrina?! What! Oh my god I like Katrina. But she liked me two years ago and I completely rejected her by saying I like someone else. Why does she have to be so perfect. Isabel was right. We would look really good together. What do I do now?
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