A Dream Come True

It's Febronia and Ereni's Birthday and they get tickets to MOVE to the UK. They go and see a poster saying that none other than Lou Teasdale needs 2 assistants. They right away go to help Lou... See what happens!


5. Surprise and SURPRISE!

Christie  P.O.V.

For Febronia we got:

I bought her 1 pair of high heels, a pair of skinny jeans, tank top, sandals, scarf, and jewelry.

High Heels...

Skinny Jeans, Tank Top, Sandals, Scarf, and Jewelry...

That is it... She loved it. YAY! "I love this thanks so much! It's amazing!" She told me. "Your welcome! Happy Birthday!" she just smiled.

Merna got her Converse. She actually loves converse...

and she got this for her...

Cute right ok

Liz got her a full outfit

For Ereni:

I bought her...

Merna bought her...

Liz got her...

:) They were so happy! Haha that was our surprise!

Ereni P.O.V.

"Come On I wanna go home" I said.

"Me too let's go!" Febronia yelled out.

We walked out of the car and we entered the house it was dark so I turned the light and all of a sudden my family, friends, and parents came out and yelled surprise! It was amazing our second surprise party, TODAY! Me and My twin were so surprised I'm guessing Liz, Merna, and Christie were in on this.


"Happy Birthday, Honey!" our mom told us

"Thanks mom" we said.

"No Prob..." our dad walked up to us. We just smiled.

"Hey dad" I told mah dad.

"Hey sweetheart happy birthday girls" our dad said kissing our cheek.

"Thanks dad, this is amazing" Febronia told them.

"Oh.. we have a surprise for you to girls" our mom said.

"What is it" we said our eyes wide open.

"Ok we know how you guys always wanted to live in UK so we uh..." Dad

"Yes?" I asked getting excited.

"We bought you tickets to live in the UK... yes we'll miss you but it's your dream and your 19 so..." Our dad continued and we screamed.

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