I haven't had these nightmares until we started going out a few years ago. Should I split off?

*Guys,this Movella talks about self harm. If you self harm,please stop. It's not worth it. You're all beautiful to me. Every single one of you.*


5. Chapter 5

*Louis POV*

I jogged up the stairs towards the Bathroom. As I reached the top,Jade stepped out. "Come cuddle." I whine,knowing that if I beg,she'll say Yes. If these Nightmares really mean something...I need to spend every moment possible with her,and figure out what it means. "I'll meet you downstairs." She smiles,so I nod. I step in the Loo,closing the door behind me. I notice that the weird digital scale that she bought was on. I kneeled next to it,reading the number. 105 LBS. Damn. I use the toilet quickly,clean my hands,and run down to the couch. 

*Jades POV*

Lou jumped onto the couch,immediately laying down. He pulls me onto his chest,wrapping his arms around me. "This is the first time I've seen you in a tank-top for a while." He says,causing the panic to trigger. I completely forgot. Luckily,my arms were to my chest,invisible to him. "Yeah.." I say,resting my head on his chest. He was so warm,so comfortable. "You're like a...pillow." I whisper,causing him to chuckle.

"So I'm squishy?" 

"'re a muscley,warm,protective pillow." I say,and he just laughs. "The boys are coming over to see you tomorrow. They miss you." He says,drawing small circles on my back. "So Niall's gonna complain about no food?" I ask,smiling. "Actually,we might go clubbing or something." He shrugs,then pulls my face closer to his. "I'm not even allowed to Legally drink yet." I say,and he shrugs. "Harry and Niall drink just about whenever they can. And they're 19." He reasons.

"How do you deal with hate? Like on Twitter?" I ask,looking up at him. "Easy. I just ignore it." Louis answers simply. 

I trace his tattoos,making him shiver once or twice. Suddenly,he pulls my face to his,pressing his lips to mine. My eyes flutter shut as I kiss back. Things get a little heated,our cuddling turning into a makeout session. After a little while,he flips us,pinning me beneath him. He kisses the spot behind my ear again,making me gasp a little. He moves slowly to my neck,placing a wet kiss. He blows cold air to the kiss,making me shiver,a small sound escaping my lips. Louis holds his body above mine,his arms above my head for support. His warm breath tickled at my neck. "Will you go to the club with us?" He whispers in a raspy voice,his eyes locked on mine. "Y-yeah." I whisper,trying to look away. He lowers himself,his face centimeters away. Instead of a kiss like I expected,he licked my cheek,then started laughing hysterically.

"Ew! You're nasty!" I squeal,wiping his spit off with a throw-pillow.

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