Free at last

Ameilia is a typical 14 year old girl in search of her father who went missing at sea... will she find him? Or will she get more than she bargained for?


6. Planning ahead

I spent the next day planning out what I was going to tell my mum.


I ended up telling her some crap along the lines of  "I'm staying at Cindy's before she goes to America" Fucking hell, she's gullible.

So I then arranged the boat.. Luckily, my friend's dad owns a fishing boat and she said I could borrow it at any time I wanted. As long as I was responsible, didn't crash it, and her dad never found out of course.  So I gave her a phone and luckily enough, her dad was on holiday and she said she could drop the keys off with my if I wanted her to. Roughly five minutes later, she came to my bedroom window and slipped them through the gap.


I then packed my bags. It took me three bags to pack until I felt like I had everything I needed and I wasn't forgetting anything. One of which, was just filled with food. It wasn't until I checked roughly five times and then checked again until I was fully satisfied with everything I had packed.


The last thing I had to do was message Lee again and make sure he was still up for it. I told him that we were leaving first thing tomorrow morning and miraculously, I managed to convince my mum to let him stay the night. On the condition that he slept on the floor and not in my double bed with me. Hah. Fuck right off.


After sitting up all night, talking and having a laugh, we went to bed at roughly midnight. We then a woke at 5:30 A.M. on the dot, setting off for the journey ahead...


*Authors note*

Hey guys, sorry this one isn't too long. I'm away to write another book so I will work on the both of them! :D I will hopefully get around to writing another few chapters of this one tonight. Cya

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