Free at last

Ameilia is a typical 14 year old girl in search of her father who went missing at sea... will she find him? Or will she get more than she bargained for?


8. Can this be the end?

We walked into the room, scanning the room with our torches. There was a door on our left and straight ahead there was a staircase which spiralled upwards.  The smell was vile and the sight was worse. Blood and bits of flesh everywhere, flies surrounding the small pieces of flesh. The sight and smell got the better of me, my stomach twisted and turned. I turned away from Lee and violently vomited all over the wall and floor. Covering my mouth and cringing in disgust, I told Lee we had to move on. I looked at him, his face was as white as chalk, he nodded in agreement and off we went into the door on our left.


The room was small, but yet it felt massive. I assumed this was the kitchen as there were cupboards and what looked like a stove. All the knives were in the wall, and on the wall there was a message, written in blood. I couldn't understand what it said, I assumed it was in a different language. On each and every cupboard door, there was a different symbol carved into it. We decided there wasn't anything for us in here, and we left and headed for the stairs. We stood looking up the staircase for quite sometime. Then we heard a scream.


Without even thinking, I darted up the stairs, running as fast as I could. I then came to a small opening, there was a door on either side. I just ran into a random one, which just so happened to be a dorm. I screamed. Lee ran ahead of me, I shouted at him to stop. But it was too late... it had got him and was now tearing him apart. The blood curdling screams, the look of fear and pain in his eyes. I couldn't look away, my eyes were fixed on this creature ripping him apart.


It had finished with him. It then looked at me, determination in it's eyes. I tried to run, but my feet were glued to the ground. It ran at me, and dragged me into the other room. It slammed me on the table and tied me down. I had a couple of seconds to look around the room, skinned corpses hanging from the ceiling by their hands. I saw the creature lurking over me, a butchers knife in it's hands.


The creature stripped me of my clothes and started skinning me alive. I cried out in agony. I closed my eyes, the sound of my flesh stripping and blood squirting everywhere. Crying out in agony, I took a quick glance and the sight of my skinless legs make me faint. I awoke hanging from the ceiling, dripping of blood. Hanging there helplessly, I just wanted it to all end.



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