I Don't Believe In Love

Luciana Green, daughter to the Prime Minister Green, is moving in with her father.

Your non-typical rich girl is about to make a drastic change in the life of people. Girl who doesn't believes in love, and keeps her life to herself.

What happens when five boys cross her path? But one of them makes her fall in love?


9. Lazy Day



"Welcome to another show for Luc's Vlog!" I said to my camera whilst I snuggled on the couch. "I am so tired." I yawned to the camera. "Yesterday after the concert we decided to have a small party of our own and lord that was the best party ever!"


I kept rambling about how amazing both the concert and party were and how much I was waiting for my father to come back home. I was halfway through my video when Harry showed up on my room.


"Luc!" Harry sang as he entered my room.

I rolled my eyes. "Guess we have an unwanted intruder." I said to the camera. "What do you want Harry?"

"Hello people from the internet." Harry said sitting by my legs.

"Get off my couch!" I said pushing him off. "What do you want?"

"Came over to tell you that I am having a movie night." Harry said. "Care to join us?"

"Who's us?" I asked. "Your teddy bear and yourself?"

"Ha ha great joke Luc." Harry said. "The lads and I."

"I'll considerate it." I reply. "Back to the video!" I exclaimed. "Next week I'm heading over Paris." I winked. "I'm gonna eat baguette." I laughed and saw that Harry was still starring at me. "Sorry guys! It'll have to be a short video cause Mr. Styles doesn't know what respect to privacy means..." I rolled my eyes and sat up. "I'll see you next week!" I blew a kiss and turned off my camera.

"You change when you make your videos." Harry commented.

"And?" I asked. "The people who watch my videos don't know." 

"Why do you pretend?" Harry asked.

"I could ask you the same question." I attacked back. "You come here all 'I'm amazing and you'll fall for me' when in reality you're scared off people rejecting you. You're an act Styles. So don't question why other people do the same." 


I left the room and left Harry in there. I was sick and tired of his appearances inside my house, my personal space. People were starting to believe that something was going on between me and him, and that is just plain gross.


I moved to the kitchen and stole some cookies with a lemonade and sat on the living room watching some Tv. I flickering through the channels when one caught my eye.


"Yeah that's right." Louis said to the interviewer. "We personally know Luc."

"Are you good friends with her?" The interviewer asked.

"Yes we are." Niall replied. "She's our neighbor."

"Is it true that she sings?" He asked.

"Yes she does." Liam responded.

"She did a cover and invited me and Liam to help her out." Zayn said.

"So the rumors of you considering her to become your opening act are true?" He asked.

"We hope so." Harry explained. "We asked management and they'll tell us."

"But you are hoping for it?"

"We are." Harry replied with his stupid cheeky grin.



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